• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #11

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 11
    Date: Jun-84
    Story 1: Set-Up (12 pages)

    Feature Characters: Mac

    Regular Characters: Heather McNeil Hudson

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Delphine Courtney, Jerry Jaxxon; Omega Flight: Roger Bochs (Box), Lillian Crawley (Diamond Lil), Flashback, Alec Thorne (Smart Alec), Kyle Gibney (Wild Child)

    Other Characters: La Pierre

    Synopsis: Courtney approaches Bochs with an offer, and he is unable to warn Mac.
    Heather moves from Ottawa to New York.
    Courtney has assembled former Dept. H members in the World Trade Center using a mind-influencer and introduces Jaxxon, who wants them to destroy Mac.
    Mac fails to meet Heather at the airport and realizes that she has been taken by Jaxxon, his old enemy (see iss. 2), who contacts him and sics Omega Flight on him.

    Story 2: Unleash the Beast (9 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter, Snowbird, Michael, Mac

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Bruce Banner (the Hulk)


    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Walter conducts experiments on himself, based on Banner's research, and is transformed into Sasquatch. Snowbird checks on his lab and follows a path of destruction to Walter, unconscious in the snow. Michael doctors him, and he joins Alpha Flight.