• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #2

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    Alpha Flight 2
    Date: Sep-83
    Story 1: Shadows of the Past (17 pages)

    Feature Characters: Mac, Michael, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter, Snowbird, Judd, Marrina

    Regular Characters: Gary Cody, Sgt. Douglas Thompson

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: The Master (of the World)

    Other Characters: Chief Inspector Hamilton; Mary D crewmen including Captain Tom Smallwood, First Mate Angus, Tom's wife Gladys and son Dan

    Synopsis: The team plays war games in the Albany River Proving Grounds in Ontario. Mac struggles with taking over as team leader from Wolverine.
    Suddenly, Marrina falls ill, attacks Judd, and flees into the water. Michael rushes Judd to the hospital and operates. The rest of the team goes after Marrina in their Omni-Ship.
    Mac relates Marrina's origin: in a storm off Newfoundland a ship's captain was washed overboard. Drowning, he picked up a glowing object that buoyed him to the surface. It proved to be an egg, from which Marrina hatched. The Smallwoods raised her until she became a teenager and displayed super-human abilities. She then joined Department H.
    Marrina is summoned to a lab under the ice near the North Pole, where the Master welcomes her home.

    Story 2: The Origins of Alpha Flight: In the Beginning... (5 pages)

    Feature Characters: Mac

    Regular Characters: Heather McNeil

    Guest Stars:


    Other Characters: Jerome "Jerry" Jaxxon/Jaxon

    Synopsis: Mac protests that Am-Can Petroleum Company is turning over an invention of his to the US military. The suit, intended to facilitate exploration, will be used instead in the Vietnam War. He uses the suit to destroy the blueprints, taking back the cybernetic helmet, which was his own property.