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Thread: Some old fanfic from my days of "Alternate Marvel"...

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    Default Some old fanfic from my days of "Alternate Marvel"...

    A little back story... Alternate Marvel was composed of a bunch of writers who wrote in a "shared universe" of Marvel. The time line for Alternate Marvel breaks off from regular Marvel in their battle against Onslaught. In Alternate Marvel, they defeat Onslaught in a big epic fight. There's casualties on all sides. The first issue of this fanfic I wrote for Alternate Marvel was all about "cleaning up and fixing" Alpha Flight, since it was left in a broken state by the time the series ended in RMU (Regular Marvel Universe, because at the time I don't think there was even a VOL2 yet for the series in RMU, I can't remember now)

    Alpha Flight #1: "To Rise Once More." Fri Oct 25, 2002
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    He sat in the center of the cabin room, his eyes closed, lost in meditation. He hovered, magically, three feet above the ground, his legs crossed, sitting Indian style in fashion. It's appropriate for this man, for he is Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen. (1) Though he floats quietly, that peace is soon to be disturbed,
    as his eyes flash open. He felt it. A magical barrier had been shattered. Many of Earth's defenses against magical attacks were suddenly sundered. (2) His jaw set, knowing this could only bring ill
    tidings in the future. Almost instantly, he felt the touch of something in the bank of his mind. It was faint, like the fluttering of butterfly wings. Michael Twoyoungmen stood up now, and took a deep breath. As he feared, only ill would come of the shattering of Doctor Strange's spell. But he didn't expect it to be so quickly – so sudden. He approached his shelf, which was lined with books dealing with
    practical and mystical things in nature. He did not reach for any of them; rather, he reached for the box sitting atop of it. Pulling down the metal box, he slowly opened it. Contained within there, was a sight that would startle anyone else. A skull, decorated with elaborate ornaments and headpieces. "Speak to me," he whispered to the skull. "The son of your son awaits…"

    Meanwhile, at that very moment, at Resolute Bay…

    The land below the water's gentle surface slowly cracked open. From that crack, bubbles slowly drifted to the surface. As the fissure slowly grew, the bubbles floating upward increased in size. Just off the shore, a little boy pointed emphatically at the increasing bubbles. "Mommy, mommy!" he exclaimed as he bolted to his mother's side. "Do you see? Do you see the bubbles in the water? They are big! As big as me! Maybe as big as you, mommy!" The mother stood to see what her son had been pointing at, assuming his overly active imagination had gotten the best of him once again. By the time she was on her feet, the bubbles in the center of the bay were the size of a minivan. She grabbed her son, and picked up her belongings as quickly as possible, screaming to others to do the same.

    He sat in his office, observing the vial of red fluid. "If I did this right," he smiled, "it should be able to displace and refract light so that it will actually make this rat invisible to the human eye." Gently pouring the red liquid upon the rat, he sat and watched with amazement as the rat's body shimmered for a moment, as if composed by crystals, and slowly faded out of Walter Langkowski's view. Quickly putting on the infrared goggles, the rat suddenly came into view again. "It worked!" he exclaimed. "It actually worked! It can still be seen with infra-red, because of the body heat it generates, but to the human eye, he's quite invisible!" He smiled. "Now to write down everything." He slowly walked over to the table where all of his calculations had been spread about. Writing down specific notes, he suddenly let out a scream and fell over, toppling to the ground, motionless.

    She sat on the end of the pier, one leg pulled close to her body, as the other swayed back and forth, just over the water. "Do you ever wonder, Jean-Paul, about our past?"

    "All the time, sister of mine," Jean-Paul replied, coming to sit next to her, Jean-Marie.

    "We are mutants," Jean-Marie said, staring out to the ocean that stretched before her. "Our parents were killed in a car accident, at which time we were separated, and reunited later by Mac." She turned to Jean-Paul, "We never truly looked into the rest of our family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews."

    Jean-Paul paused. "I had… never given it much thought," he admitted. "Life has been hectic to say the least."

    "Perhaps it is time we find these things out," she smiled at her brother. "To see that we are more than just heroes. That we have a family. We have roots."

    Jean-Paul smiled, "Yes, perhaps it is time." He turned and faced the sunrise. And what would they think of him? He had come out and professed his sexual orientation both within a newspaper article (3) as well as a live television broadcast. Discovering their family tree – would that endanger them as being targets to those that wished the members of Alpha Flight harm? Was it such a wise idea? He turned
    to look at the sparkle in his sister's eyes, and knew he could not deny her the pleasure of learning her own family background.

    At Corky's Tavern, Eugene Milton Judd returned to work. New patrons or people passing through, just to be asked about his time with Alpha Flight, often surrounded him. He spoke highly of his times as a part of the team, talking about the heartaches, the pains, and the victories that Alpha Flight had managed to accomplish, even when the odds were greatly stacked against them. Sitting inside the tavern are James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson and his wife, Heather Hudson. They listen to Eugene's tales and smile. Many know Eugene is a part of the team known as Alpha Flight, but what many do not know is that James Hudson and Heather Hudson are a part of that team as well – they are Guardian and Vindicator respectively.

    Eugene returned to the table, to rejoin James and Heather. "Pretty popular, eh?" He smiled, quaffed a large pint of beer, and wiped it with the back of his hands. "Make me wonder how we ever got disbanded."

    "Things happen," James smiled. "Besides, it's given us all a chance to really do something we have not been able to do."

    "What's that?" Eugene asked, looking up.

    "Enjoy life," James replied.

    "It's nice though," Heather, admitted, "that the government has realized there are more and more mutants being born everyday. They've created Department M, to help not only mutants – but also
    anyone with super human powers. It reminds me of Charles Xavier's School." (4)

    Eugene raised his mug, "Here's to the future, eh? No matter what it might bring!"

    The three of them clanked their glasses together.

    There was a sharp pain. Throbbing in the back of the mind, drilling away like a thousand meteors striking the land. Life – there was a certain blackness to it, like memories lost. Eyes settled on a rat that might be invisible to the human eye. Then those eyes looked in the mirror. Long, soft, beautiful blond hair flowed to her shoulders. Her white eyes stared back at her. "I should have known this would happen," her voice was soft. "This can only mean one thing… they have returned."

    The face staring back at her was none other than… Snowbird. Giving it little thought, she took the form of a giant owl and departed through the window, knowing her destination – for it called to her from the blackness beyond. But then – that begged the question – where was the Spirit of Walter Langkowski? (5)

    At Resolute Bay, shortly after midnight…
    A huge beast, composed of mud, dirt and soil, rose from the waters. It's mouth, composed of moss, stone and wood opened to a roar as it raised its enormous hands. The creature stood well over forty feet in height. Slowly, its chest began to swirl. Stone and rubble fell away and seemed to create a perfect circle, with five points, creating a perfect upside down pentagram. From the left top point of the star, came forth Kariooq, The Corruptor. From the right top point of the star, came forth Kolomaq, the
    Storm Bringer. From its bottom point of the star, stepped forth a large orange figure, Tanaraq, the Sasquatch. To the left of that, the star point delivered, Tolomaq, the Fire Beast.

    And to the right of the bottom star point, an human, barely that – possessed by the power of Ranaq.
    And from the centerpiece, none other than Somon, The Artificer stepped forward. The hole slowly sealed itself once more. Somon looked around, "We have returned! Not only has the spell of the mystic named Stephen Strange been shattered (6), but there is something that has shattered all magical barriers!" (7)

    "Your return will be brief, Great Beast," came a voice from the shadows of night.

    Somon turned, holding his staff in his hand. "You," the word fell from his lips with a disgusted hiss. "I thought you were dead."(

    Snowbird stood on the edge of cliff side. "I will always return to send you back to the land of banishment." Snowbird took to the air. "Heather may have slain me then, but Michael Twoyoungmen
    called upon Nelvanna, Hodiak and The Shaper; they brought me, along with my husband and son, into their realm, with the understanding I would return if the Great Beasts returned." Snowbird spread her
    cloak, as she hovered. "My physical body remained in the form of Sasquatch, and was resurrected and possessed by Pestilence!" (9) A smile spread across her face as she saw the distinct disappointment of the Great Beasts. "Walter at this time had escaped by means of possessing Smart Alec, and escaping through Shaman's bag. (10) Then he took possession of Box, and battled my body, which was possessed by Pestilence still. Using Box's energy, he expelled Pestilence from my body. Heather then used Shaman's bag to capture the spirit of Pestilence within the bag itself. Water then moved into my body. However, we he transformed himself back into a human, he took my human form – a woman, with blond hair! But as you well know, this is not the first time I returned to face you again after my death!" (11)

    Snowbird heaved a deep breath. "I returned to Earth once more after that – when Walter took the Talisman and tried to use its magic for himself – to restore himself as a man." (12) She looked among the Great Beasts. "Admittedly, when I returned this time to face against you all – I thought it would be in my spirit form. Why my mother, Nelvanna and my grandfather Hodiak returned me to my original body,
    once again female, I do not know! And where Walter's soul may currently reside, is unknown to me! But these are things I will look into after I defeat you!"

    "You," Somon pointed his staff at Snowbird, "have never been able to defeat us alone!"

    "And today will be no different," came a second voice.

    Somon looked and saw the familiar yellow and green outfit of the Indian known as Shaman, also known as Michael Twoyoungmen. "And they're not alone," came a female voice that belonged to Heather Hudson, better known as Alpha Flight's Vindicator.

    Next to her, James Hudson, also known as Guardian, was carrying Eugene Judd, also known as Puck.
    Behind them, Aurora and Northstar. "So you have all returned," Somon sneered, "how pleasant." (13)

    At that moment, elsewhere…

    Lilian Crawley slowly walked into the kitchen, her eyes scanning the counters. She saw the knife and slowly approached it, grasping it softly in her hands. She stared at the blade for a moment, her thoughts still retracing the idea of her skin being `unbreakable.' Only the alien technology they had found, allowed her skin to be cut, and uncover the cyst that had been growing within her breast. (14)
    Madison Jeffries walked down the stairs, noticing the light on within the kitchen. With sleepy eyes, he rubbed them and allowed the light to slip between his eyelids. He walked downstairs to see Lilian holding the knife. He paused, "Everything all right?"

    She turned, half a smile painted gently on her face. "I'm," she paused for a moment, "just thinking."

    Madison wrapped his arms around her waist, "About?"

    "About next time," Lilian replied.

    "Next time?" Madison asked.

    "Next time there's a cyst," Lilian answered.

    "Then we will deal with it then," Madison shrugged, kissing her gently on the cheek.

    "Will we?" she turned and frowned. "Will Department H help us?"

    "If they don't, I will try to make something that will," Madison nodded. "It's what I do."

    "I am completely immune to injury," Lilian Crawley looked at Madison. "A armor piercing bullet at point blank might," she emphasized the word, "might leave a very small bruise."

    "We will do what we always do," Madison tried to comfort her, as he drew himself closer to her. "We will do everything, anything, it takes to prevail." He kissed her again, "We have a new future. Our
    wedding." He looked at the monitor on the far wall. "And we're in charge of Beta Flight for now."
    Lilian looked at Madison, a thin, frail smile on her lips, cautiously painted there. "I'm glad that they have forgiven me," she whispered. "I was part of Omega Flight. I was responsible for Mac's apparent death so long ago." (15)

    "That's just it, Lil," Madison looked at her. "That was a long time ago. And Mac didn't die. We've all made mistakes, Lil. None of them," he gestured at the picture on the north wall that had the entire team of Alpha Flight, "is without sin."

    Lilian looked at Madison then nodded her head gently. "I suppose you're right. I just worry about the future."

    "Amazing, isn't it," Madison chuckled softly, "that the woman with the toughest skin on Earth, has the softest insides?"

    She punched Madison in the arm playfully. "And you're about to marry her."

    "And I'd have it no other way!"

    A white sheet violently covered the land. Howling winds brought down the massive snowdrift that hurriedly buried the land. "Michael," Guardian shouted over the howling winds. "Anything
    you can do about this?"

    Shaman, hovering over the ground, reached into his pouch. "I am trying," he shouted back, over the winds. "Kolomaq's power seems to have grown! Or, as my grandfather has informed me – the barrier of magic has been shattered!" (2)

    Snowbird took the form of a white Sasquatch. She rushed forward, driven by the wild, animalistic instincts of the savage beast, as she engaged into combat with Kariooq, who was weakened by Kolomaq's snowfall.

    A laughter suddenly carried over the howling winds.

    A laughter that Alpha Flight knew too well. The continuous dropping of the temperature now did not cause the shivers that danced down their spines.

    "I told you," the voice boomed victoriously. "My magic may have been undone, but not my plans. I told you that you would see your world become a living hell."

    Llan the Sorcerer stepped forward, raising his arms about him. "Talisman predicted that I would bring back the Great Beasts!"(16) He looked about him, tilting his head back in callous laughter. "Though it is normally every 10,000 years I arise! It would seem that the spell that Doctor Strange cast to entrap me, when he opened the Doorway of Light, has been undone!" (17)

    "This is bad, eh," Puck grumbled beneath his breath as the wind howled passed him. "The Great Beasts are enough, but Llan too?"

    "Leave Llan to me," Shaman replied, approaching them.

    "Michael," Guardian shook his head. "You can't. I have read up on all of the files that Alpha has fought. Llan is a sorcerer bent on the corruption of mankind. He will corrupt you."

    Shaman turned. "I assume you read the files where I failed. Failed to save my wife. Failed to save my daughter. Failed to save Snowbird. Her husband. Her child." Shaman clenched his fist. "I'm not that person anymore, James."

    "He's our only chance," Puck admitted. "Without Talisman here, we have no means of fighting his magic, eh?"

    Llan stood behind the Great Beasts; his red eyes glowed like fiery embers of Hell itself. His long, flowing black hair, in the form of a Mohawk could be seen like a ripple through the snow, into a void of utter blackness. Shaman sat down, closed his eyes, and called gently for his grandfather to guide him…

    Kariooq swatted Snowbird away. "I know not who you are, one who takes form of our greatest foe – but you will find that even weakened, Kariooq the Corruptor is more than a match for you!"

    "Behold!" Snowbird shouted, as she took her true form once again. "I am indeed daughter to your ancient enemy – my mother! Daughter of Nelvanna of the Northern Lights, made flesh again!"

    "Flesh corrupts," Kariooq boomed. He appeared to be a giant, skeletal figure, towering over forty feet tall. Flesh, composed of rotten meat, turned green from disease and decay, clung to the bones, held together by the sickness that formed Kariooq the Corrupter. His teeth were yellow fangs of death, carrying thousands of diseases, and a million more ways to die ever so painfully. His yellow eyes were the color of the sun, yet somehow seemed to lack the light of it. His skeletal hand fixed itself around Snowbird. "And flesh that I can touch, I can corrupt!"

    "Not now," Snowbird howled. A white light formed around her, and Kariooq howled, releasing his hold upon her while grasping his wrist, staring at the burning of his decaying flesh.

    "How is that possible?"

    Snowbird smiled, "The purity of my son flows through me! His power is mine! I know who I am! What I am! And my purpose! I am Daughter of Nelvanna of the Northern Lights – and I am your destruction!"

    "Come sister!" Northstar shouted. "If we can do nothing against Somon, then let us find use elsewhere!"
    "Que ferons-nous le frère?" Aurora asked, taking to the air. "With our speed, sister, we can bring the snow up and about Tolamaq the Firestorm!"

    Twins, separated at birth, Northstar and Aurora could not be further apart when it came to personalities. Their parents had died in an automobile accident when they were young infants. Their mother's cousins, who sadly also passed away, had adopted Northstar. Northstar was then moved into a foster home.

    He grew up a lost and very bitter child, more so when his mutant powers began to show themselves. It wasn't until Northstar met Raymonde Belmonde that Northstar finally found peace. Raymonde had been a good friend in the beginning, but their relationship developed to be so much more. Within one another's company they found something in common. A bond stronger than friendship formed, as they became intimate lovers. As an infant, a hyper-religious school in Quebec raised Aurora. Extremely nervous and introverted to the point of suicide, she found her mutant powers of flight, which she believed to be a miracle of God. When she had tried to explain her powers back then, she was severely beaten and disciplined. Unfortunately, in order to deal with everything – this incident created a separate identity within Aurora's mind, and created a split personality within her. One was prim, proper, repressed while the other was an uninhibited extrovert, who exuded sexuality. Each persona seemed to hate the other, and it often switched during times of great anger, fear or stress.

    World apart when it came to personalities, for being twins; but when it came to matters of the heart, there were few as close as these two.

    With blinding speeds, they circled around Tolomaq, the Fiery Storm. The Great Beast howled in protest, hurling balls of flame that hissed against the white snow.

    Rising higher and higher, the twins created a controlled tornado, the vacuum within the center pulled Tolomaq's weakened form apart.

    Kariooq the Corrupter batted Snowbird away. "Away from me half goddess!"

    Vindicator and Guardian swooped in, emitting their electro-magnetic blasts, assaulting Kariooq, who like Tolomaq, hated the ice, for it weakened him. Portions of rotted flesh blasted away. "Curse you humans," Kariooq boomed. "One touch and I will rot you away!"

    "Touching us," Guardian smiled beneath his mask, "is the problem!"

    "You are like gnats to me," Kariooq boomed. "Eventually I will hit you, and when I do, death will my touch bring!"

    Snowbird flew past Kariooq and struck Kolomaq. Kolomaq turned, angered, and unleashed a massive downpour of snow, which Snowbird evaded all too easily.

    However the snowfall found a new target.

    Kariooq screamed, then fell silent, as the snow buried him, silencing him.

    Tundra advanced forward on Northstar and Aurora who were preoccupied fighting Kolomaq. However, Tundra's movement did not go unnoticed.

    Guardian pointed. "He's heading for the others. We have to stop him."

    "How?" Vindicator asked. "He's so massive."

    "We both have our suits, which operate on electro-magnetic pulses," Guardian explained. "If we fly within the center…"

    "Then create opposing magnets," Vindicator finished Guardian's sentence.

    They clasped hands, for the idea sounded as if it would work – but against such magical beasts, the simple law of physics did not always apply to them.

    Together they entered Tundra's massive form. Immediately they were cloaked in the blackness of dirt, mud, grime, and fungus that made up Tundra's form. With a squeeze of their hands, they give the signal, for they knew, submerged within Tundra they would be unable to speak.

    And within Tundra's form, there were suddenly two opposing magnets of incredible force.

    The result.

    An explosion of sand, mud, grime, and fungus.

    When it all settled, Tundra stood no more.

    "We're doing it," Guardian smiled. "We're doing it. We're acting as a team and we're winning!"

    Snowbird landed in front of Somon. "It's over. The battle is done. You are defeated."

    "Both Tanaraq and I still stand!" Somon boomed.

    Snowbird reached into the chest of Somon and pulled out a black sphere, which quickly faded.
    Somon's shocked gaze looked at Snowbird, as he collapsed to his knees. The essence of magical life ebbed from his eyes, until they were empty sockets of blackness.

    Snowbird took to the sky and threw this at Kolomaq. Slowly the blackness over came the Beast, who howled in protest, before collapsing forward, lifeless as its leader.

    All eyes turned to the orange beast, Tanaraq, who resembled the orange form of Sasquatch. Several thundering punches from Northstar, and the Great Beast toppled forward.

    Llan boomed with laughter as he faced Shaman on a magical plane.

    "You have no hope of defeating me," Llan boasted. "I am all that is evil and corruption!"

    Shaman traced the ceremonial painting on his cheek. "I have faced the likes of you and others who have made that claim." (1

    Shaman stood. "Llan, you terrorized the world once. I will see to it that you will never do so again. If a spell can not contain you, then I shall place you somewhere, for which there is no escape for you." (19)

    Llan's fiery fists seemed to grow in brightness. "Shaman, you are half the power of your great grandfather."

    Shaman looked up with a carefree smile. "Your taunting shall not prevail this time, Llan. I am well aware of what you are capable of. I shall not be coaxed into making a mistake."

    "You already made one, Shaman," Llan boomed as he advanced, "the moment you foolishly challenged me one on one!"

    "Alone?" Shaman reached into his pouch. "I never made any such claim!" Within his hand he pulled out a staff, with small carvings.

    "A totem pole?" Llan laughed. "What will you do? Keep me at bay with your Indian magic?"

    "No," Shaman smiled, as the totem pole expanded and came apart into five individual pieces. The first piece was a humanoid hawk, which took to the air. Its wooden claws raked at Llan's eyes.

    The second and third pieces were men with giant weapons. They attacked Llan's legs, battering them with might far beyond their small demeanor.

    The third and fourth totem seemed to be made up of a rope like substance, continuously entangling Llan's legs. The fifth totem was what appeared to be a shark; however, it burrowed into the ground, as if it were water. With a small pinch of dust, Shaman brought upon Llan a storm made of sand, gravel and pebbles.

    "These are annoyances!" Llan shouted, his fiery fists clutching one of the totems and igniting it.

    "They are just that," Shaman admitted, "but they have served their purpose. They have bought me time."

    "Time?" Llan laughed. He encased Shaman within a circle of flame. With a gesture of Shaman's hands, the flames dispersed as if they were nothing more than sparks.

    "What?" Llan shouted. "That's impossible!"

    "Not really," Shaman smiled. "You spent all your magical energy fighting the totems and the sand storm. Boasting of your powers, as you have often done. But all the while, you were growing weaker. Your magic is bound to the Earth. Outside of it, just as I had surmised, you were growing weaker. Wasting your magical powers showing off and fighting the totems, you have expended most of your magical energy. Your body is a host of magical energy, for which there is no way for it to regain its charge. You can't even leave this plane now, for you're too weak. Your boasting kept you from realizing you were quickly weakening." (20)

    Shaman made a gesture. "Do you recognize this place now?"

    Trees bent over backwards, as if made of rubber bands. Llan's eyes focused on the door. "What? You? You teleported us here? Damn you Shaman! Damn you."

    "You first," Shaman smiled, as the door opened and light from beyond poured in. "The Gateway of Day!" (21)

    Llan shouted, screamed, but when the blinding illumination was over, Llan was gone. All that remained was a small, stone, statue with a circular head, small red fangs and a tooth necklace, sitting in a chair.
    Shaman took the small figure, snapped the head off and threw it into the Gateway of Day. Sitting in front of it, he closed his eyes, muttered the words of magic, and the door sealed itself once more.

    He looked at the remaining portion of the statue, and placed it in his pouch, where it would be lost forever within the dimension within.

    Shaman clenched his fist. "And so it ends with you."

    Northstar landed in front of the orange, unconscious form of Tanaraq. "I don't understand," he looked up. "Why is he here when the others have disappeared?"

    "My magic," Shaman replied, as he suddenly stood up, "locks him here, rather than returning him to the Realm of Banishment, where the others have been cast."

    "What do you plan to do with him?" Northstar asked, itching the back of his head. "Surly we can not keep him caged."

    "We won't need to," Snowbird replied, as she landed next to Northstar, followed by Aurora, Vindicator and Guardian. Puck itched his chin, thoughtfully, "Have something in mind, eh?"

    "My mother," Snowbird began, "has returned me to the mortal flesh, yet retaining my powers of a demigoddess. That leaves Walter unaccounted for, his spirit held right now by my mother."

    "You mean to place Walter's spirit within the Great Beast?"

    Puck asked, shocked. "Isn't that what happened before, when Tanaraq took over Walter's body?" (22)

    "No," Shaman touched Taranaq's forehead. "This time we will expel Taranaq's essence to the Realm of Banishment, with the other Great Beasts, but we shall use his body to house Walter's soul."

    "Sort of the way we did with Box, eh?" Puck asked, recalling those memories. (23)

    "Yes," Shaman replied, looking at Puck.

    "Will he be able to transform back into Walter?" Aurora asked, horrified at the idea of Walter stuck in the massive orange form.

    "If everything goes according to plan," Shaman replied, "then yes."

    "I don't understand how?" Puck admitted.

    "Come, you will see," Shaman replied and sprinkled soft, blue dust.

    In a blink of the eye, the team of Alpha Flight slipped through time and space. The eyes adjusted to the raging storm.

    "We're here again?" Puck asked looking around.

    "Yes," Shaman nodded. "The Eye of the World." (24)

    The preternatural cold shivered their bones.

    "Mon Dieu," Aurora gasped. "And look, the rubble form of Walter's body still lies here!"

    "Like a policeman's outline," Northstar added under his

    breath. He turned to Shaman, "I don't understand how this will help any!"

    "You will," Shaman nodded, as he crossed his legs, and slowly floated into the air. "In due time."

    Shaman slowly floated upward and above Walter's rubble form. Taranaq was placed next to Walter's former body. Shaman raised his two hands upward. "Shakak, who rules this realm so cold; god of ancient winters, god of ages old; I cast you aside, and grant passage to Yanauluha; first shaman of the people of the land; I grant him permission to pass; and the consequences of those gathered, understand; come Yanauluha, and raise the spirit of one lost, into the body of one gained; so that order may be sustained!"

    A light poured out from Shaman's hands and raced towards the heavens.

    A golden arch, a bridge between the mortal world and the heavens.

    Slowly, a figure emerged on the bridge.

    "What do you seek, Shaman?"

    "To fix that which was unjustly destroyed through deception," Shaman replied.

    "Injustice?" the spirit asked. "And how might I help?"

    "You are a priest of the gods," Shaman replied. "With your help what was done wrong, can be right again."

    "And why would I do such a thing?"

    "Because in your heart, you are good," Shaman answered.

    "And what might you have to offer?"

    "A portion of our own lives, in exchange for correcting one who lives, yet without a body," Shaman nodded to the spirit.

    "And have you provided a body for this lost soul?"

    "We have," Shaman looked to the spirit. "One of the Great Beasts. With the importing of Walter's soul, we shall cast out the Great Beast's soul forever more, as we did earlier this eve."

    "I sense you speak the truth," the spirit replied. The spirit looked among Alpha Flight. "And each of you are willing to give a portion of your life for Walter?"

    There was no answer, but the determination in their eyes painted a clear portrait.

    "Then so be it," the spirit replied. "What is it you shall do?"

    "The spirit of Walter is currently being held by Narya's mother," Shaman explained. "When she returned Narya's essence into her original body, which Walter was inhabiting, she catapulted Walter's soul from the body and held tightly to it. She informed Snowbird that her time on Earth was not yet done, as they had first believed, and with much sadness cast her daughter back to the realm of mortals. During the battle with the Great Beasts, she informed Narya of her plan – that if we could capture Taranaq, who was once bonded with Walter – that we might be able to expel Taranaq's soul and replace it with Walter's. However, in order for it to work, we needed something with Walter's essence… something strong and powerful, to overwhelm and force Taranaq from the body. So we have returned here, where you can see the rubble form of Walter's body. We plan to use it, as well as our own life force, to drive Taranaq out from the body and replace it with Walter's."

    "Then let it begin," the spirit replied.

    Shaman closed his eyes and began chanting the recital.

    The spirit stood above Shaman, waving its arms, joining Shaman in the chorus of the chant.

    Below, the other members of Alpha Flight formed a circle around the two bodies, hand within hand. Slowly, a light slipped from their eyes, and spiraled around Shaman and the spirit.

    Shaman tilted his head upward, and shouted, "Now!"

    Beams of light shot forth from Shaman's eyes, piercing the dark heavens.

    For a brief moment, it appeared as if all existence ceased.

    There was nothing but a white light.

    Then the rubble body of Walter began to shake and shiver, crumbling to dust.

    The dust caught up in the spiral, entwined itself with the ebbing life force of the members of Alpha Flight. Then suddenly skyrocketed straight up, then straight down into Taranaq's body. The Great Beast howled, its back arching upward, then collapsing, and all there was after that… was silence. The members of Alpha Flight collapsed, and the darkness resumed.

    Snowbird was the first to awaken. She moved to Shaman's side and gently awoke him. "Did it work?"

    Shaman turned to Taranaq's body. "We won't know until he regains consciousness."

    As if on cue, the orange form stood and roared, falling quickly to its hands and knees. "What," the voice behind the orange beast stammered, "what happened to me?"

    Shaman smiled. "Walter?"

    The orange beast looked up, "Michael?" He looked at his hands. "I'm orange again! I'm not some ball of light! That's twice that's happened to me!" (25)

    He paused. "But if that's Snowbird and she's in my body, then whose body am I in?"

    "Taranaq," Shaman explained.

    "The Great Beast?" Sasquatch blinked.

    "Yes," Shaman answered with the gentle nod of his head.

    "Can I shape back to my human form?" Walter asked.

    "With the dust of your former body, implanted within Taranaq's," Shaman gestured to where Walter's body had formerly laid. "In time, yes. It will take much practice, like a babe learning to walk again."

    "I suppose that's better than nothing," Sasquatch cheered. He looked around, "So what did I miss?"

    The other members of Alpha Flight slowly awoke; the first to hug him was Aurora. "Walter, I am so glad to see you!"

    Shaman looked at Snowbird. "We are whole once again, Narya."

    "Yes, Michael," Snowbird smiled. "We are."


    1. There have been a number of errors to Shaman's last name. Per Marvel's Alpha Flight #1, Volume One – his last name is Twoyoungmen, not Twoyoungman as it is sometimes referred to.

    2. What he is feeling is Doctor Strange's spells being shattered, due to the events of Alternate Marvel's Defenders #10-12.

    3. Marvel's stunning tale in Alpha Flight #106.

    4. Department M now houses the members of Beta Flight (Goblyn, Pathway, Manikin, Persuasion, Talisman, and Witchfire, being trained by Windshear, among other possible super humans from Canada. They formerly trained Radius and Flex, both of which disappeared – see Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #347 and #353 for more on their fate!)

    5. Yes, true believer! That was Walter… but now it's Snowbird? Confused!? Don't be! Keep reading… all will be explained – not enough room down here to go into its lengthy history!

    6. Once again, see Alternate Marvel's Defenders #10-12!

    7. This is in reference to the Devil's Night cross over!

    8. Snowbird was killed in Marvel's Alpha Flight #44

    9. Not to be confused with Pestilence who served Apocalypse. This Pestilence was far more evil and twisted. The events Snowbird is talking about happened in Marvel's Alpha Flight #45, when her body in
    the form of Sasquatch rose from the grave!

    10. Another fine reference to Marvel's Alpha Flight #44 (get the feeling this issue will be reference a lot?)

    11. And of course she would be right. Snowbird returned once more in spirit form to protect the Earth, when the Great Beasts appeared during Marvel's Alpha Flight #64.

    12. Sure enough this happened as well, in Marvel Alpha Flight #68

    13. Thought all she could do was take artic animal form? No! Snowbird also possesses the psychic ability that enables her to `replay' a recent past (up to 6 hours, postcognation). She also has a mental ability to compel others to aid her in her struggle against the Great Beasts! Now you know why she was buying her time talking so much – she summoned Alpha Flight to aid her! Most notably the power of suggestion to aid Snowbird was used on Northstar in Marvel's Alpha Flight #24.

    14. Lilian Crawley discovered a lump in her breast in Marvel's Alpha Flight #94. The operation took place in Marvel's Alpha Flight #101

    15. Lilian Crawley, as Diamond Lil, was a part of Omega Flight; a team formed by Mr. Jaxon, seeking revenge on James Hudson.

    16. Llan the Sorcerer indeed made that prediction upon his defeat in Marvel's Alpha Flight #86.

    17. Doctor Strange helped defeat Llan the Sorcerer in Marvel's Alpha Flight #86. The break in magic Llan is referring to is due to injuries Doctor Strange received in Alternate Marvel's Defenders #10-12. (Not that I keep hinting that you should read that, or anything!)

    18. One such person would be Pestilence (not to be confused with the Pestilence from Apocalypse's horsemen). See Marvel's Alpha Flight #37 for the Origin of the Pestilence that brought so much trouble to Alpha Flight!

    19. Llan terrorized the world during Marvel's Alpha Flight #71 thru #86.

    20. Llan the Sorcerer, as Talisman noted in Marvel's Alpha Flight #86, tends to overly boast about his power, as if he always has something to prove.

    21. The Gateway of Day was the same thing that Llan was defeated with original in Marvel's Alpha Flight #86.

    22. This happened in Marvel's Alpha Flight #23, in which Snowbird was forced to rip out the heart of Walter while he was in his Sasquatch form.

    23. This happened in Marvel's Alpha Flight #24, true believer!

    24. Ironically, Alpha Flight traveled here to try and save Walter's body in Marvel's Alpha Flight #24, however they failed, and the body crumbled.

    25. When Walter was killed by Snowbird, he was trapped in the Shattered Lands of the Great Beasts as a ball of light in Marvel's Alpha Flight #24.

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    Alpha Flight #2: "Down to the Wyre." Sat Dec 28, 2002
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    Sasquatch jumped through the hopes, dodged the blasts of flame, and tumbled with the punches with all too much ease. Those things he could not get above or around, he simply ripped it out of
    his way.

    The sight of Sasquatch through the training room lacks any way of properly describing his grace, strength, speed and agility. From the upper room, protected by a glass that was as hard as
    steel, Heather stood behind James Hudson. "How are the readings?"

    James turned around and smiled at his wife. "He's actually operating above peak condition. His agility and speed both seemed to have increased, as well as his strength. His strength was formerly
    capped at approximately 100 tons. Now we have seen him lift an upward of several tons over that limit, and still doesn't look to be his maximum."

    "That's incredible," Heather blinked. "Any explanation for it?"

    "Michael says that he detects a lot more magic surrounding Sasquatch in his new form," James shrugged. "That may be what allows his limits to exceed his previous standard."

    "What is Puck doing in there?" Heather pointed to Puck crouched behind a metal pipe.

    "Well, we have seen that Walter's new limits in speed and agility," James looked at Heather. "He can anticipate the machines. He's been through this before. However, what he can not predict is
    the human mind."

    "And who better to test his speed and agility than Puck?" Heather asked.

    "Exactly," James nodded. "Now while Northstar and Aurora are both faster, Puck has his agility, and his speed is much faster than an average human's when it comes to combat. He's a close combat expert, and being a smaller target for Walter's bigger form should present Walter with a significant challenge."

    "Has he been able to shift into human form?" Heather asked.

    "Not yet," James shook his head, "but Snowbird promises that the ability is there. It will just take for his body to accept the changes it has gone through. After all, it's partially his body, and also the body of the Taranaq. After all, while the Taranaq is exactly like Sasquatch's original beast form – Taranaq was never able to transform itself into a human – or anything for that matter, other than its original form."

    Heather smiled at James and patted him on the shoulder. "You know, a simple no would have done."

    James chuckled, "I am sorry."

    She kissed James on the cheek. "That's why I love you, Mac."

    She walked passed him, "I am going upstairs to freshen up."

    She halted in the doorway, raising on leg on the door and winking at James flirtatiously.

    Sasquatch ripped a three-ton anvil from the ground and threw it into the pipe ahead of him that blocked his way. Much to his surprise, Puck leaped out from the shadows.

    "Nice throw, eh?" Puck smiled. "Made a mess of the training room, like you always do. Mac says you're doing great against the machines. How about a real person? Up for the challenge, eh?"

    Sasquatch smiled and cracked his knuckles. "Sure thing, short stuff," Sasquatch swung, only to have Puck rolled out of the way, "your funeral."

    Puck landed on the broke pipe. "Well, then I should get some rest then, because looks like my funeral is a long time away, eh?"

    Sasquatch swung again, his fist slamming against the metal pipe, as Puck easily tumbled to the left. Sasquatch ripped the pipe that Puck was on, throwing him off balance.

    But Puck wasn't one to be off balance for long. He was quick on his feet, even before Sasquatch leapt to his side. Puck charged Sasquatch, who watched in amazement as Puck rolled between
    Sasquatch's legs. Sasquatch turned around. "Nice trick, runt."

    "You'd be amazed at what I can do," Puck chuckled.

    Sasquatch charged, "You're in for a world of pain!"

    "Pain?" Puck jumped up and proceeded to leapfrog over Sasquatch's head. "I know all about pain. I have spent my life dealing with it."

    "Well short stuff," Sasquatch laughed, "when I get a hold of you, I am going to bounce you around this training room!"

    Puck dodged to the left, easily avoiding Sasquatch. Sasquatch then faked a punch to the right, for which Puck rolled to the left, right into Sasquatch's hand.

    Heather's voice crackled over the speaker. "James, we're getting a report from Department H."

    "What do they want?" James asked, turning to face the monitor. "We have nothing to do with them anymore, unless they have detected another mutant in Canada that they'd like us to fetch and
    bring to Department M for them?"

    "They've detected a mutant," Heather replied. "But it's someone we know."

    James' brows came together. "Who?"

    "Wyre," Heather replied.

    "Wyre?" James replied, somewhat startled. "We haven't heard from him since Alpha Flight disbanded from the government." (1) He paused for a moment, "So what do they want us to do?"

    "Rescue him," Heather reported back.

    "Rescue him?" James stood up. "From who?"

    "Desert Sword," Heather replied.

    "Who?" James shook his head.

    "Getting the information now," Heather answered. After a moment's pause, she finally said, "Here's what's come through. Desert Sword, an Iraqi Super team, consisting of the following members: Arabian Knight – no longer a member (2); Aminedi, deceased from Legacy Virus; Sirocco – Current Member; Veil, deceased due to Pyro," she paused, "and there's Black Raazer."

    "Raazer?" James asked. "The same one that has ties with Puck?" (3)

    "One and the same," Heather replied.

    "So what's there to worry about? Wyre can take care of himself, especially if he's only facing two people," James shrugged.

    "But there's more," Heather's voice returned. "They've picked up some members. There's a female mutant named Dust – who's able to, well, turn to dust."

    "No worse than Iceman turning to ice, I suppose," James commented.

    "This is true," Heather smiled. "Another named Black Tiger."

    "Black Tiger?" James looked at Heather through the monitor. "I thought he was an Avenger?"

    "That's Black Panther, love," Heather shook her head. "Two very different people."

    "Right," James shrugged. "Black Tiger, Black Panther," he shook his head. "So what's his – or her – story?"

    "No powers to speak of," Heather replied. "He's just an expert at unarmed combat and an excellent horseman."

    "So he's a John Wayne?"

    "John Wayne was a gunslinger," Heather replied.

    "I mean about the horse riding thing," James replied with a smile.

    "I suppose," she rolled her eyes. "There's little know about him, except for the fact he's not one person. He's existed for hundreds of years, possibly a millennia. How successive representatives are chosen remains unknown."

    "Another by the name of Scarlet Scarab – something that's interesting is his history."

    "What about it?" James asked, turning for a moment.

    "He fought Captain America and the Invaders during World War II," Heather replied. (4)

    James spun around. "What? He's got to be old then."

    "No," Heather replied. "He has the ability to absorb energy.

    Apparently this has allowed him to maintain his youth."

    "So what's Wyre doing there?"

    "Apparently Department H sold something to the Middle Eastern government that Wyre found out about. Now he's in there wreaking havoc, and the Middle East is accusing Department H of selling
    whatever it is they sold – and then trying to recover it so that they can keep the money without having given anything up."

    "What would they have sold that would have sent Wyre over there to try and recover it?" James asked.

    "Department H said, now that we are no longer officially connected with the government, that the information is classified," Heather replied shortly, clearly showing her frustration.

    "Of course," James replied. "Let's get everyone else and do this by the numbers."

    The jet that Madison Jeffries had created for them worked like a charm. Silently it landed in Cairo airport.

    "Notice anything?" Sasquatch pointed out the window.

    "All their planes," Vindicator replied. "They've been cleared off the runways."

    "Sounds like we're in for a fight," Sasquatch cracked his massive orange knuckles.

    Vindicator turned, "Aurora, Northstar – both of you – as soon as that door opens, fly out and scan the area. Report anything you find immediately."

    With a gust of the wind, Aurora and Northstar were out of the plane.

    Vindicator turned to the others. "Keep your eyes open for anything."

    "Anything like that, boss?" Sasquatch pointed out the left window as a red bolt streaked toward the plane, striking it with incredible force.

    Vindicator tumbled to the side, slamming against the wall, his hands slipping from the controls. "We're going down," he shouted as he regained the controls and saw it had no response to what he had been doing.

    "Oh," Sasquatch winced, "this is going to hurt."

    The plane landed flat on its belly, its twin engines exploding into fire as the plane itself cracked in half.

    Sasquatch leaped from the fire, holding an unconscious Puck, while Vindicator and Snowbird each carried a dazed Guardian and Shaman.

    "You have trespassed on these lands long enough, Americans," Sirocco shouted, as he stepped out of the darkness.

    "Technically we're not Americans," Sasquatch pointed out. "We're Canadians."

    Vindicator shot Sasquatch a scolding look, then turned back before the members of Desert Sword standing before him. "We've come for one of our own," Vindicator countered as he landed on the ground. "We have reports that you have taken him prisoner."

    "Then your reports are wrong," came the haunting voice of Black Raazer.

    "Turn back," came the female known as Dust, "before this turns into an international incident."

    "It already is," Vindicator retorted. "Your government is holding someone from Alpha Flight against their will."

    "If you are indicating Wyre," Black Tiger replied, "he is being held legally."

    "He attacked a government facility," Scarlet Scarab added. "He endangered hundreds of lives with his ruthless attack."

    "He came to recover something that should have never been sold," Vindicator replied.

    "Whether it should have never been sold or not, it was," Sirocco replied, "making it our property now."

    "Now if it was never Department H's to begin with," Vindicator retorted confidently.

    "Well, it seems we are what the Americans call, a Mexican Standoff," Scarlet Scarab growled. "And those, of course, can only be resolved through violence." As the words fell from his lips, a
    crimson bolt flew from his hands and struck Sasquatch in the chest, slamming him against a portion of Alpha's shattered jet.

    "L'idiot vous osez l'assaut?" (5) Northstar shouted as he zoomed by Scarlet Scarab, striking him repeatedly with blinding fists. "We came hoping to resolve this peacefully! We even radioed in, before arriving! Yet you had no intention of discussing this peacefully! You even shot us out of the air before we could make our landing!"

    "Long time no see, eh?" came a voice in front of Black Raazer.

    Black Raazer's haunting eyes looked down. "You!"

    "Yeah," Puck smiled. "Me."

    "How is that possible? You were cast into the Dream Realm!"

    "Same way you got away from Svartalfheim," Puck answered as he easily cart wheeled around Black Raazer's furious swings. (3) "If I can not hit you, then I will find another target."

    Black Raazer's sword found a new target indeed. There was a woman's scream, and Guardian crashed to the ground, the circuitry of her armor sparking wildly.

    "Heather!" Vindicator shouted. He landed next to Heather, relieved that she was still breathing. He turned his clenched fist at Black Tiger and blasted.

    Black Tiger tumbled out of the way, only to find himself caught in the firm clutch of Sasquatch. An orange smile spread across Sasquatch's face. Towering ten feet tall, it was something else, when he held Black Tiger by the throat and held his outstretched arms above his head. Black Tiger tried to kick his way free, to little avail. "First, I was upset that you guys attacked us. Then I was annoyed to be blasted into the jet. Now I am extremely upset."

    Sasquatch slammed Black Tiger's head against the metal jet fragment. "Now give it a rest."

    Snowbird dove at Dust, who used her mutant ability to turn to her namesake. At that moment, both Northstar and Aurora began furiously flying at speeds that quickly reached, and began to exceed Mach 10 – over 7,700 miles per hour, creating a vortex around Dust and Black Raazer's gaseous form.

    Puck jumped into Sasquatch's hands, "Lets do that X-Men thing!"

    "Fastball Special coming up," Sasquatch smiled. Winding up his arm, he threw Puck with incredible force, who slammed into Sirocco, knocking the wind out of him. A side effect of Puck's condensed size was a thick layer of skin that proved to be extremely durable.

    Alpha Flight turned and faced Scarlet Scarab, the only remaining member of Desert Sword standing.

    "Now," Vindicator rose, helping Heather. He pointed his fist at Scarlet Scarab. "I am giving you a choice. Fight and lose or hand over Wyre."

    In a plane provided by the Middle East, Alpha Flight flew back, heading home only a few short hours later. Vindicator allowed Puck to take the controls as he walked to the back, and stopped next to Wyre's seat. "So what did we just risk our lives for? What were you doing in the Middle East?"

    "I came for these," Wyre pulled out a folder that contained well over three hundred pages of code within.

    "And what," Vindicator took the folder, "is this?"

    Wyre looked at Snowbird, "They're Nayra's DNA sequence code."

    "What?" Vindicator flipped through the pages, and immediately recognized them. "But where did they get this?"

    "Department H," Wyre replied.

    "What were they going to do with it?" Snowbird asked.

    "Create super soldiers," Wyre replied, "using her DNA. Being a half goddess is a nice thing to try to isolate when it comes to DNA." Wyre looked away for a moment. "The Secret Empire created super soldiers out of me," he whispered, "I won't let it happen again."

    Snowbird sat down. "Where did Department H get my DNA?" (6)

    "Someone must have given them the DNA sequence," Wyre replied. "Probably the same person who spliced mine down and gave it to the Secret Empire."

    "Makes sense," Vindicator looked at Snowbird. "We noticed during Devil's Night that Nayra was able to cross the Canadian border – something she was not able to do previously, due to Shaman
    binding her to the land of Canada."

    "So what next, eh?" Puck asked.

    "Who knows," Vindicator replied, looking over his shoulder at Heather, who was now out of her Guardian armor. "Who knows…"

    1. At the end of Alpha Flight's original run, Alpha Flight broke all connections to the government. For that tale, see Marvel's Alpha Flight #130. Sometime between then and Alternate Marvel's Deadpool, Alpha Flight signed up with the government once more, only to break those ties yet again.

    2. Arabian Knight departed from Desert Sword and joined Alternate Marvel's X-Factor! Check out the heart pounding issues!

    3. Indeed! Raazer first manifested himself within Puck, and was revealed why he was a dwarf. When Raazer was freed from Puck, Puck returned to his normal height of 6' as well as his proper age. Raazer was defeated and contained within Puck once more. For all of that, see Marvel's Alpha Flight #32. However, while being tricked by Loki, Raazer was once more released. Puck and Raazer were separated, as Raazer was trapped in the Nether Realm known as Svartalfheim and Puck was transported to Tibet. Confused yet? Give me a chance! In Marvel's Alpha Flight #60, Puck fought the DreamQueen and pulled her back into the Dream Realm, both of them vanishing. Wait, it gets better! Puck returns in Alpha Flight #89, completely deformed. Apparently, still at 6' when he entered Dream Realm, Puck's body was kept alive by magic. Upon returning to Earth, he found himself dying once more.

    Master stumbled upon him, injected him with healthy DNA, which he had obtained during Puck's time at the hospital (see Marvel's Alpha Flight #5). Since the DNA had been while Puck was still a dwarf, it returned his body back to dwarf size, including his age. And that is how Puck is a dwarf, and free of Raazer at the same time! Now where were we again?

    4. Don't believe me? Check out Marvel's Invaders, Volume 1, issues #23 and #25.

    5. "L'idiot vous osez l'assaut?" translates to "Idiot, you dare attack?" (French)

    6. Want to know more? You should pick up Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #355 for more details and this… Sinister connection!

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    Alpha Flight #3: "10,0000 Leagues Below." Mon Jan 6, 2003
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    "Defeated?" he laughed as he sat in his seat. "How," he stood and turned to those gathered around him in shadows, "do you defeat a man without a body?"

    He lifted his clenched fists to the heavens. "I have said it once, and I shall say it until the end of time. I am the Forever Man. I am the Master of Time. The Master of Life. And soon, the Master of the world!" (1)

    He looked at those who still stood in awkward silence around him. "You all failed me last time," he looked over each one of them, "Bile, Brain Drain, Ms. Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, Tech-noir." He shook his head. "But now you will play another part. You will be decoys to keep Alpha Flight busy."

    He paced back and forth for a moment, before sitting down once again. With a flick of a switch, his monitor hummed to life, and data began streaming in. "Ah yes," he looked at the monitor as he thoughtfully itched his chin. "It seems Alpha Flight has successfully recovered Wyre as well as Snowbird's DNA." He shook his head, and turned towards yet another monitor. "Department H," he seemed to say the words with disgust. "In a failing economy they sought to make quick money by selling Snowbird's DNA, and create the notion of a super army." He leaned back, "But I couldn't let that happen, so I had to drop a line to Alpha Flight and let them know." He chuckled more to himself, than to those gathered around, "Though I am thoroughly surprised that they did not create an international incident. But I knew I couldn't trust anyone else to go after it. Now, with those files in the possession of Alpha Flight, I know they will be destroyed so that no other can ever use them."

    He turned to yet another monitor where information was being downloaded. "Nathaniel Essex," he smiled broadly. "You prided yourself in genetics, didn't you? Thought you were the best when it came to it? And why? To save your son, because he was born with the mutant ability to kill mutants through germs, and ended up slowly killing himself." The man touched the monitor. "And you wanted to save your son."

    With a clenched fist he smashed the screen, and glass shattered upon the ground. "I could have helped you, Nathaniel. I could have easily saved your son with my knowledge." (2)

    He stood, "I possess knowledge that would feeble your mind. One equation that would stump even the legendary Reed Richards."

    He turned back towards the shattered monitor and watched, as the glass seemed to heal itself. "But now," the man stepped forward, "I am in the same boat as you were, Nathaniel. I am searching for my `daughter' and I believe I have finally found her."

    He turned to the monitor to the left which was tapped into every database online, all across the world – and downloading information at blinding speeds, to be stored on a device without limits; and that information, transferred directly into the mind of the man known as…

    The Master.

    "So you're still Department H's errand boy?" Sasquatch asked, sitting down on the newly customized couch, made for his mass and size. Vindicator and Shaman both looked at Walter, then to Wyre. The other members of Alpha Flight were in the other room. This was a special meeting with Wyre, which included Walter's scientific mind, Shaman's mystical mind and Vindicator's mechanical mind.

    Wyre shook his head. "It's not like I had anywhere else to go… anywhere to turn." He looked at the other members of Alpha Flight. "Each of you had lives to return to when Alpha Flight ceased. But Wildchild and I – what did we have? We had nothing. Before Alpha Flight, Department H contained Kyle while Mac tried to `redeem' him after he had been injected with my DNA; and I was a test subject of the Secret Empire, who had used my DNA to create super soldiers like him! (4) That's why I had to stop what they were going to do with Narya's DNA."

    Wyre took a deep breath. "When Wildchild and I parted ways with Alpha Flight, we had worked together a number of times, taking jobs from Department H. We even ran into Deadpool a time or two." (3)

    Wyre sat down. "It's been so complicated. But even Kyle," Wyre looked at the others, "even Kyle knew he had to face the music. He left Department H when Val Cooper approached him and asked him to help with X-Factor." (5)

    "Shortly after Onslaught," Wyre continued, "Kyle left X- Factor. He said he had to sort things out about Aurora." (6)

    Wyre took a deep breath. "I didn't know all the details, except what he told me … about how he and Aurora had grown very close, very quickly. Too quickly, it seemed." He set his jaw firmly. "So I did some digging around. Hit a few sources. Found out that Mesmero had tampered with their minds. So Wildchild and I went after him, and it took everything I had to stop Wildchild from killing Mesmero when we found him."

    "After that," Wyre paused. "Wildchild and I parted ways. He said something about finding his true mind and his true heart. He needed to find out who and what he loved. Because Mesmero messed with his head and his heart." (7)

    Somewhere, deep beneath the surface of the ocean, a ship moves completely undetected. "In genetic engineering, a set of foreign genes is spliced -inserted - into the middle of the DNA 'code words'," Master began to explain to the person lying on the table. "This splicing can mess up the normal coded instructions in the DNA. And that can go on to mess up how the cell works. No one can know in advance what might happen and whether it might be hazardous. It is unpredictable. The insertion or splice could make the chromosome behave in a quite unexpected way. "But not for me," Master went on to say. "I have mastered each and every cell; each and every gene; each and every chromosome, down to the smallest portion. When I manipulate and splice DNA, I know the cause and effect that it will bring. I know the changes and when and how they will happen!

    "Through the union of the Plodex vessel," ( Master continued, "I gained knowledge beyond that of anyone on this planet! There are so many things I know," he looked down at the man on the table, "and you have made the right choice by coming to me. I can cure you of your mutation, just as I will cure my `daughter.'"

    "Just get on with it," the blond hair man replied, as Master tightened the straps. "So I can get on with my life."

    "Your life?" Master replied. "Your life will belong to me!"

    "If you say so," the blond man replied as he closed his eyes and felt the laser burn into his skin.

    Master allowed the machine to work its preprogrammed design as he walked away and turned on yet another monitor. A man rocked back and forth, "I'm a dead man, I'm a dead man, I'm a dead man…"

    Master shook his head. "Gardner Monroe," he shook his head and smiled. "A man who knows death is just right around the corner, and his mortal mind is unable to bare it. He shall join you," Master turned to the man on the table, "as some of my new additions to Omega Flight. But that shouldn't be a problem for you, should it? You two have worked together before…"

    Master turned to the monitor to the right as it beeped gently. "Ah yes, there it is. Just as I suspected. Alpha Flight's villain Llan the Sorcerer had confirmed what I believed. That she is still alive." (9)

    "So," Sasquatch placed his hand behind his head, scratching it lightly. "Where's Mesmero now?"

    "Had it not been for a young girl named Arlette Truffaut," Wyre explained, "he would probably be dead right now. She seemed to spring out of the air itself, screaming and shouting that we had to help him. Something tells me she had witnessed everything – and that there was more to the two of them than first met the eye.

    "I couldn't bare for this young girl to watch him die," Wyre heaved once more as he ran his fingers through his short, brown hair. "So I went to his side to help. It was there," he looked at the rest of Alpha Flight, "that a lot of my memory fails me. I remember her touching me softly and saying, `Help me.' And I did. Kyle was furious with me. He and I had it out, and that's when he left. (7) I ended up helping the girl get Mesmero to a hospital where he was taken to the emergency ward. When I talked to the girl I found out that she was a mutant, like Mesmero. She shared a power similar to his – but her own was limited to touch," he looked again at the members of Alpha Flight, "which explains my impulse to help her when she touched me. Apparently, Mesmero had been trying to train her how to use her powers from a distance – the way he was able to do. So what he did was seek out the two most fragile super hero minds he could think of."

    "Aurora and Kyle," Shaman nodded.

    "Exactly," Wyre made a gesture towards Shaman. "He took control of each of their minds and `made them fall in love.' This way they would spend plenty of time away from Alpha Flight, and more time together. This decreased the chances of being caught or noticed. During this time, he would have them go to the mall – where the girl, Arlette, would try to control them first by bumping into them, and using touch. They did this for quite sometime until her hold on them both was firmly secure. Then they tried doing the distance, which she was never able to master."

    Vindicator itched the back of his head, his brows together in confusion. "So Mesmero took this girl, another mutant, under his wing – actively sought out two people who were mentally unstable and purposely manipulated them, so the girl could learn her powers?"

    "Exactly," Wyre nodded.

    "And, the two of them are where?"

    "Right now," Wyre admitted, "probably long gone."

    "You let them walk away?"

    "No," Wyre admitted. "She touched me and said, `Walk for six days, without coming back.' And I did." He shrugged. "Which of course, gave them plenty of time to get out of the hospital once Mesmero was patched up the best he could be. Of course when I went back, he had used his power to have someone delete all the medical information on him. There was no trace of him that he was ever there. And without Wildchild there to help me track him, he was as good as gone."

    "When did this get so complicated?" Vindicator asked, shaking his head.

    "Right around your seventh or eighth resurrection," Sasquatch smiled.

    "Oh aren't you funny Walter," Vindicator turned towards Sasquatch and laughed.

    He touched her skin and smiled. "Thick, rich and almond brown," he passed her, and touched her hair, "Long, thick, like the midnight skies." He paused. "You'd almost be worthy of being my mate," he turned and looked at her directly, "but I care little for such tainted trash."

    She did not move or say a word, just as he knew she wouldn't.

    Her only concern was for the one man who cared after her – the man known as Mesmero.

    He was lying there, bandaged now but still wounded.

    "He's all you care about," Master touched Mesmero on the forehead, "isn't he?"

    "Jes he is," she finally spoke with a thick French accent.

    "Good," Master replied. "I can bring him back to full health." He chuckled inwardly. "I could probably even make him in better health than he ever was. But," he turned to her, "you will have to serve me."

    "In doin'?" she asked.

    "Distracting Alpha Flight," Master replied as he gestured to the small woman behind him.

    The laser finished the last of its surgery – what would have taken perhaps three years, and over fifteen operations had been done in less than six minutes, and done with uncanny accuracy. He gestured to the red headed girl, "If you would stitch him up?"

    A needle lifted gently into the air, and slowly began sewing the wounds that Mesmero had acquired just over a week ago. Master pet the red headed girl as if she were an obedient puppy. (10)

    "We should find Wildchild," Shaman said, standing up. "He's gone too long without anyone knowing his whereabouts. I contacted both Charles Xavier Institute, and his former teammates, X-Factor, and neither is sure where he could be."

    "He could be suffering some kind of mental backlash to all of this," Sasquatch added. "I mean he left Alpha Flight because he and Aurora were an item. The two of them need space away from one another – I am guessing, around this time, Mesmero and this girl gave up on her being able to control people from a distance – so Kyle and Jeanne-Marie's true selves were emerging once again. So he goes to X-Factor. Onslaught happens, and he begins uestioning himself."

    Sasquatch turned to Wyre. "Then he runs into you again. The two of you investigate further into it; find out its Mesmero's doing, along with this girl. Wildchild nearly kills Mesmero – probably something he'd never want to do, because that'd show he was slipping into his animal side. Then you," Sasquatch pointed at Wyre again with his orange, furry finger, "turn around and desert him, under this girl's power, and help Mesmero. Then he goes vanishing for over six weeks."

    "This could be bad indeed," Vindicator nodded.

    "Yeah," Sasquatch shook his head. "When indeed did this get so complicated?"

    Vindicator slid on his glove. "Around your fourth resurrection."

    Master approached the monitor as it made a soft "ping" sound.

    Each second, the "ping" seemed to grow just a fraction louder. He smiled as he touched the screen.

    "I have found you," he whispered.

    He watched as the data unloaded from the screen.

    Location: Wake Island. Oceania, atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to the Northern Mariana Islands Geographic coordinates: 19 17 N, 166 36 E

    total: 6.5 sq km
    land: 6.5 sq km
    water: 0 sq km
    Coastline: 19.3 km
    Climate: tropical
    Terrain: atoll of three coral islands built up on an underwater volcano; central lagoon is former crater, islands are part of the rim
    Natural hazards: occasional typhoons
    Population: no indigenous inhabitants.

    "Ironic," he chuckled inwardly, "that you would be sleeping here, in the bay of Wake Island." He laughed once more, this time much more loudly. "Wake, as in to watch over the body of a deceased… and yet, meaning also to awaken from a slumber… Sleeping death. Llan, Llan, Llan… I would have never guessed you for one with such witty humor."

    Slowly the ship plunged deeper and deeper, until finally it came into view.

    A soft cocoon, about the size of a small woman, floating at the bottom of the sea.

    He touched the monitor, "Time to awaken, my dear."


    1. Pretty much his exact words in Marvel's Alpha Flight Vol. 1 #96.

    2. See Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #341-350 for the tragic tale.

    3. Check out Lycan's tales of the Merc with the Mouth in Alternate Marvel's Deadpool.

    4. For more on that, check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #114, which details Wyre's first appearance, and what little information is known about his past.

    5. See Marvel's X-Factor #114

    6. Aurora attacked Kyle claiming that he deserted her in Marvel's X-Factor #116

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    8. See Marvel's Alpha Flight #4 and Marvel's Alpha Flight #16.

    9. Who is Master talking about? Perhaps for another clue if you want to know, you should check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #78.

    10. Don't recognize who that could be? Check out Marvel's Alpha Flight Special, which features Wolverine as the leader of Alpha Flight of old, when the team was merely known as "The Flight."

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    Alpha Flight #4: "Alpha Omega." Sun Jan 12, 2003
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    Vindicator leaned back in his seat, his fingers entwined within one another, and placed thoughtfully under his chin. "So what do you think?"

    Sasquatch shook his head, "I have to say I believe Wyre. I know my specialty is in gamma radiation, but I have had my fair share of genetics. Even managed to alter Aurora's own mutant abilities by manipulating the DNA." (1)

    Sasquatch paused and added, "I admit I am shaky on Wyre and Wildchild's past… but I know its there. I know Wildchild was injected with Wyre's DNA by the Secret Empire, which was hoping to make an army of savage killers and trackers to sell."

    Shaman nodded his head, "I agree with Walter. As a medical doctor, I have had the benefit of giving Wyre an exam. His DNA does contain a genetic code, which unleashes violence. I would have never found out myself, had I not known his previous history with the Secret Empire."

    "So should we question The Department? Ask them where they got Narya's DNA? And why they're selling it?" Vindicator asked of Shaman and Sasquatch.

    "No," Sasquatch answered flatly. "The Department and Alpha have finally split ways, yet again," he shook his head. "I can't count how many times we've left and come back – it's like a revolving door. What I mean," he said more firmly, "if we got back, we will probably end up working some assignment for them. Next thing we know, we're right back to working for Department H."

    "Again," Shaman gestured towards Sasquatch, who seemed to be nothing more than a large mount of muscular orange fur, "I find that I agree with Walter. We have cut our ties with The Department. We have recovered all of Narya's DNA samples, according to Wyre. We have no more business with The Department."

    "So what's the next order of business?" Vindicator asked.

    "I believe we should locate Wildchild," Sasquatch nodded. "Wyre seems genuinely concerned about his well being."

    "Okay then," Vindicator stood up and brushed himself off. "Let's get ready to find him then."

    Wildchild threw his legs over the table and let them dangle for a moment as he stared at his hands.

    "Yes," Master nodded his head. "I see that you've been granted Adamantium claws and teeth." (2)

    Wildchild looked at Master, his brows together, in silent question.

    "It made it difficult to adjust everything," Master smiled, "I could do it at the main base, but here," he gestured to the sub, "I am limited, considering."

    He walked around Wildchild. "I did notice quite a few things about your genetic structure that I have managed to `correct.' It would seem your DNA has been spliced and examined a number of times.

    Aside from that of your comrade, Wyre, it would seem you had also been injected with Victor Creed's DNA as well."

    He paced around the operating table that Wildchild had been laid upon, and paused at the screen that monitored Kyle's heartbeat.

    He tapped the screen, satisfied inwardly with the results.

    "It would seem that Wyre's DNA is what caused you to become so horrific in appearance," (3) Master smiled. "I was able to isolate the DNA strand that had come from Wyre's, based on the information I `obtained' from Department H's mainframe."

    Master returned pet Stitch as he walked passed her and turned to face Wildchild once more. "Wyre's DNA is what made you psychotic. It made you the perfect `hound.'" He raised an eyebrow. "Made you the animal that you were. The injection of Victor Creed's DNA puzzled me, since you were already a mutant with heightened senses and a healing factor. It is possible that you share a genetic bond, however."

    Master chuckled. "But with a few keystrokes I was able to shatter the `firewall' around Department H's most secure files and uncovered their reasoning. You were to be the replacement for Wolverine, after his departure from Department H." (4)

    "When Department H found you in the wreckage of the Secret Empire's base," Master continued, "with the help of Walter Langkowski, who buried your medical records, you were brought into Department H, under the codename of Wildchild."

    Wildchild stared at the gleaming claws. "So I am cured?"

    "Aside from the claws and teeth laced with adamantium, yes," Master smiled. "Just as I promised, for a price."

    Wildchild nodded his head, "Right. A price."

    Master smiled and gestured towards the man behind him. "I am sure you remember him?"

    Wildchild immediately saw the man, whose unique red irises surrounded by yellow marked him as the man Wildchild had nearly killed not too long ago. "Mesmero!" Wildchild sneered and leapt towards the hypnotic villain.

    However, one swift fist struck Wildchild from mid air and sent him slamming against the wall.

    Wildchild wiped the blood from his lip, and stared at his sleeve, then looked up at Master who had been the one who moved with lightning speed reflexes.

    "You'd do well to remember who the `master' is here," Master sneered. "He will be a part of Omega Flight, just as you will be. The two of you will work side by side, and bring me the destruction of Alpha Flight."

    "What's your beef with Alpha Flight?" Wildchild asked, his eyes never leaving Mesmero.

    "One of a simple mind," Master replied. "Revenge."

    "I thought you were above that," Wildchild sneered.

    "Yes," Master smiled, and shrugged slightly. "I am. But there's something about them… and how they've managed to stick their noses where it doesn't belong when it comes to me… time and time again. It's time that ends. With Alpha Flight out of the way, my domination as rightful ruler of the world, shall begin. I will bring this world peace. I will end pollution, starvation, cancer, everything! I will create a Utopia for this world."

    "And we'd all still be slaves to the `Master' I see," Wildchild shook his head.

    "Well, when there is but one ruler," Master began, "there is less chance of conflict with opposing interests."

    Master turned to Mesmero. "Between people `tinkering' with Kyle's DNA – and doing a horrible job, I might add," he shook his head in disgust, "and you messing with Kyle's, already fragile mind, I am surprised that he's still even able to be saved, even by me. But tell me, Mesmero, have you told her about her own past?"

    "What do you mean," Mesmero stammered.

    "Do not be coy with me," Master laughed. "I am the Master.

    When I took you both in, I ran bio-scans and learned a very interesting point."

    Mesmero's eyes widened.

    "Yes," Master nodded. "I know the truth."

    Within the room sat perhaps one of the largest collection of second-rate villains. Brass Bishop peered through the curtain and smiled. "We have quite a collection out there," he nodded. "Unfortunate though, Doom or someone along his lines wasn't here. That would really have gotten my name out there. But at least I see Quicksand, Mad Dog, Scarecrow, Unicorn, and Cottonmouth – probably here on behalf of the Serpent Society. There's Nitro, Will
    O' The Wisp! And quite a few of others as well!"

    The Brass Bishop turned towards Overknight, "Get ready, it looks like they're getting restless."

    Brass Bishop stepped upon the stage, "Hello, hello and welcome!"

    At that very moment, a shimmering portal opened beside Brass Bishop.

    He took a step back, "Overknight, what's going on?"

    "Nothing on our end, sire," Overknight replied.

    At that very moment, Goblyn, Pathway, Highbrow, Persuasion, Talisman, Windshear, Box, Feedback, and Witchfire stepped through the shimmering door.

    Highbrow looked around the room. "Well, certainly most fortunate that we have acquired all of our current staff for this engagement! The room is full of unsavory sorts! One of which I recognize! Mad Dog!" (5)

    "Not again!" Brass Bishop screamed. (6)

    "What's the meaning of this?" Cottonmouth shouted, as he looked around. "I will have to report to Sidewinder!" He quickly turned and bolted for the exit. (7)

    A blast from Nitro was deflected by Feedback, the blast shattered the south wall. Goblyn lunged forward at Mad Dog, who dodged her attack. Goblyn collided with Quicksand, who quickly turned to sand, to avoid Goblyn's razor sharp claws.

    Persuasion attempted to seize the mind of Mad Dog, who shook off the effects. "I don't think so, little girl."

    Mad Dog lunged for Persuasion, however, found himself blasted in mid flight by Talisman. "We watch over our own."

    Mad Dog sneered at Talisman. "I will have my vengeance." (

    He looked around and saw that the villains were clearly losing against the child heroes! He shook his head. They were acting like a team, while the villains were striking out on their own. He growled, and fled in the chaos. Overknight brought his sword down, so it struck Box's armor.

    "Sean!" Pathway called out.

    "I'm all right," Box replied. Box turned around and faced

    Overknight. "I actually felt that," he replied in a mechanical voice.

    Box grabbed Overknight's blade and used it as leverage to slam him into the already shattered wall. "Not very honorable for a knight, to be striking your enemy in the back."

    King Coal shaped his hands into two spears as he lunged at Highbrow who barely dodged. At the same moment, Killer Queen attempted to ensnare Persuasion.

    Persuasion took control of King Coal and used his hand to stab Killer Queen. Killer Queen screamed, and fell forward. The wound was hardly fatal, as it struck her in the waist. But it was enough to shock her and allow Windshear to hit her with solid air. Witchfire kept Dark Tower entangled with her magic. Beta Flight looked around them, the other villains had made their get away. "The rest of them, except Brass Bishop and Chess Set got away," Talisman sighed.

    "Well, at least they know that we're here, and if they come into Canada again, we will find them," Witchfire replied.

    Talisman nodded and turned towards Pathway. "Open up the doorway back to Department M, we will take who we have. I'd still call this a successful mission." She turned towards Box, "Did you find the weapon?"

    Box approached Talisman and handed it to her. "Yes," he smiled. He looked at the blueprints in his mechanical hands, recalling some distant memory from so long ago. "Yes, I did."

    "Good," Talisman smiled. She turned towards the shimmering door, "Then lets go."

    They stepped through the door and were welcomed by Madison Jeffries and Lillian Crawley.

    "Did you get it?" Madison asked, as Box stepped through.

    "I did," the robotic voice answered. Box handed the blueprints to Madison.

    Madison looked them over. "These are it. No idea how Brass Bishop got a hold of them in the first place, but glad to have them back."

    "What are they?" Laura Dean, better known as Pathway asked.

    "The design for the Groundhog armor," Box replied. "A powerful piece of armor that was only used once." (9)

    Box removed the helmet and shook his head. Madison smiled. "How does it feel to be back in armor, Sean?"

    "Different," Sean Bernard replied, "and yet somehow the same."

    "Does that mean you will be staying with us?" Lillian asked, as she slid her arm around Madison.

    "Yeah," he nodded. "Felt good. I still miss him though.

    Didn't know him long, but he was something special." (10)

    "He may yet come back," Lillian replied with a smile. "It seems you can't keep anyone from Alpha down."

    "Yeah," Sean nodded. "Maybe one day."

    "What does he mean, Mesmero? What `truth' does he speak of?" Arlette asked.

    Mesmero bowed his head and bit softly into his lower lip. "It's true, what your heart tells you." He looked up at Arlette, who he had dubbed Murmure, the fresh translation of the American word `murmur.' He signed, "When I first learned I had the mutant ability to hypnotize people, and make them do my bidding, I turned to a petty life of crime. I went into backs, hypnotized clerks, had them hand over all the money in their drawers, and I would walk out with no one the wiser. But then, when I tried the same thing on a young woman behind a convenience counter, little did I know she was a minor telepath and blocked my hypnotic suggestion. She sounded the alarms, not entirely certain what I was trying to do – and I heard the sirens of the police. I fled for my life, and a police officer found and cornered me. I was fortunate enough to be able to hypnotize him. I had him take me in his car, across the state lines into Canada, under the pretense that he was `delivering' me to authorities in Canada.

    Once in Canada, I lived my life there, once again picking up the petty crime spree. While there, I fell in love with one of the women at the bank I robbed. Her name was Lenore Elaine Truffaut. I returned and asked for her affection on a simple date, and she rejected me."

    He shook his head. "I returned and hypnotized her, and together we lived a life of bliss. We spent our time in Port Arthur, also known as Thunder Bay, and Oshawa, Ontario."

    "But," he continued after a long pause. "I knew I was living the life of a lie. If I really cared for her, I would not have hypnotized her and made her do the things I did."

    He heaved a sigh, "And so I released her from my hold and left. I returned to the states and began yet another career of crime, where I joined master roboticist, Samuel `Starr' Saxon." He shook his head, "Defeat after defeat, I tried to give up the life of crime. Even when I moved to New York to try and become a stage hypnotist, I ran into Spider-Man who fought with me and defeated me. Realizing I could never have a normal life in the United States, and too many memories in Canada, I picked up my bags and went to England."

    He sat down, "And there, I ran into Excalibur and Fenris. Uncertain what to do from there, I returned to the United States. It was there, the Dark Riders attacked me in Seattle, Washington. They threw me from the balcony, where I managed to catch the ledge. One of them named Barrage, I was able to hypnotize. It bought me precious few seconds, but allowed me to get a better handling. Then Gauntlet reached over, I managed to hypnotize him partially, but he pulled the trigger so fast. It struck me in my right shoulder. I made Gauntlet believe that I fell to my death. I did fall, but I fell into the balcony two stories below my floor."

    He sighed, "I laid low after that. Got out of the United States, and went back into Canada. It was there that your mother, Lenore found me. She informed me that she had been pregnant so many years ago, and had spent all these years looking for me. I was foolish, I should have hypnotized her to forget everything… but that would have been so damaging to her mind."

    Her looked at Arlette. "I agreed to meet you when you were but seventeen years old. I was glad to see you were not born with my skin… problem, of being green. Your mother always saw me with normal skin, because I kept her hypnotized every time we met face to face. I couldn't bare with the idea that she would reject me because of my appearance."

    "Then, three months ago, your mother died," Mesmero whispered. "She made me promise I would take care of you. So I came back and found you once more, only to discover that you too were a mutant. Since then, I have been trying so hard to train you, so that if you ever get in trouble like I did, that you could always protect yourself. The world is changing," he looked at his daughter. "It's growing darker by the day. There's so few lights of hope that remain…"

    "Touching," Master smiled, as he sat down, his hands folded before him. "That's what this is about isn't it? Reunions? Fixing things that have been wrong for so long? Soon, I will be reunited with my `daughter' as well."

    He took a deep breath. "Then we shall see Alpha Flight fall."

    1. Indeed he did! And it changed Aurora forever! Check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #17 (Volume One)

    2. See Alternate Marvel's Deadpool: Triple X #5-6 for more on Wildchild's adamantium!

    3. Indeed, Wildchild once looked very normal! Check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #117 (Volume One) for Wildchild's transformation due to Wyre's DNA.

    4. See Marvel's Giant Size X-Men #1 for more details!

    5. Indeed! Beta Flight fought Mad Dog during Marvel's Alpha Flight #111 (Volume One)

    6. Brass Bishop fought the full version of Alpha Flight in Marvel's Alpha Flight #121 (Volume One)

    7. Keep an eye out for the Serpent Society in the pages of Alternate Marvel's Defenders!

    8. Keep an eye out for Mad Dog who will also be bothering the Defenders in Alternate Marvel's Defenders!

    9. It's true! See Marvel's Alpha Flight Special "First Flight" for more details!

    10. He is referring to Saint Elmo, who gave up his life to stop a rocket in Marvel's Alpha Flight Special "First Flight."

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    Alpha Flight #5: "Reborn." Wed Jan 22, 2003
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    The pinging on the monitor grew, as did the smile on Master's face. "We're approaching my goal," he whispered. "At last, she will once more be mine!"

    Wildchild looked around, as he heard the high advanced sub whine and bend under the sea's depth pressure. He looked at Master. "How far are we beneath the ocean surface?"

    "We are about 32,000 feet below the ocean surface," Master replied, as he turned to Wildchild. "Amazing to think that anything could survive down here, under such harsh conditions and pressures. But you," he smiled, "or anyone with adamantium lacing would be crushed in a second, like a steam roller going over a block of butter."

    He paused, and thought not asked, continued to explain, "And this isn't even the deepest portion. The Pacific Ocean has the deepest ocean depths, on average, as well as the deepest recorded depth. The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is 13, 740 feet… the deepest portion of it being Mariana Trench, which is about 36, 200 feet beneath the ocean surface. The Atlantic Ocean average is only 12, 254 feet, while the Indian Ocean is 12, 740 feet. However, the Atlantic's deepest portion is deeper than the Indian Ocean, going down as far as 28, 374 feet in the Puerto Rico Trench. The deepest portion of the Indian Ocean is merely 25, 344 feet and is known as the Java Trench." He smiled. "The Artic Ocean's average depth is 3, 407 feet. Hardly anything compared to the others. Its deepest portion is 17, 881 feet and called Eurasia Basin." He gestured at the sonar map before him. "Isn't it incredible how deep the Pacific is? How far we have ventured down? If you could see the marine life outside, you would probably be startled, and believe in `sea monsters' for the creatures at this depth are indeed an incredible sight to behold in this area."

    Wildchild nodded, "Right. I will take your word for it."

    Master looked over his shoulder as Wildchild began to leave. "You don't want to hear the rest? About how the ocean contains every known naturally occurring element plus various gases, chemical compounds, and minerals? For example, the element chloride has 18, 980 parts per million. And the element sodium has…"

    Wildchild shut the door behind him and blinked his eyes. "Some people," he shook his head, "know entirely too much information for their own good."

    "And some people," Bile stood up. "Don't know where they're not welcomed."

    "Yeah well," Wildchild shrugged, hardly giving it much thought. "It's not like I can go anywhere else."

    "We could shove you through a torpedo shaft," Brain Drain suggested, stepping up from the table. "I think we could make you fit."

    Wildchild extended his hands, revealing his adamantium tipped claws. "If you'd like to give it a try, I more than welcome you!"

    Bile was the first to lunge forward. "One touch is all I need!"

    Wildchild jumped up, using the strength in his arm to leap frog over Bile and lung at Brain Drain. "One touch is something you won't get!" As he flew towards Brain Drain, claws ready, he added, "Adamantium cuts nicely through glass!"

    Brain Drain screeched in horror. It was Ms. Mass that stood suddenly between Wildchild and Brain Drain. Wildchild used his claws to strike at Ms. Mass, however her rubbery exterior prevented the claws from ripping into her.
    Wildchild sneered. "I can't scratch your flesh," he placed his middle fingers on each of her eyes. "But I can bet I can rake out your eyes!"

    Now it was Ms. Mass that was screaming.

    Sinew growled and leaped at Wildchild, however he sprung off Ms. Mass living a diving board, leaving Sinew to fly and have nothing to attack. Wildchild jumped on Sinew. "You're in every way inferior to me! And don't think for a moment, I don't recognize you! Wyre thought he killed all of his children, but you were there! You were one of them, injected with Wyre's DNA!" (1)

    Sinew growled, and swung at Wildchild – but each swing, Wildchild blocked with ease. "You were one of the first," Wildchild continued. "Before Wyre knew what exactly they were doing." Wildchild jumped off Sinew and let Sinew lunge. Wildchild dodged, sliding his foot against Sinew's ankles, forcing Sinew to fall. "But by the time they got to me, they had perfected it. You're weak, inferior. Master may have moved Wyre's DNA from me, so I am not a monster anymore – but that doesn't mean I have forgotten how to fight."

    "That will be enough, Kyle," Master said, as he stood in the doorway.

    Wildchild looked over at Master. "I didn't want this, they did."

    "I don't doubt it," Master looked over his original gathering of Omega Flight. "But be the better person and walk away from it now. These will be your teammates when we strike at Alpha Flight."

    Wildchild looked. "Why are we going after Alpha Flight?"

    "Because," Master explained again, "for once I want revenge. Normally I am against such petty feelings. But they've stood in my way too many times. And I know when I recover my daughter, that Alpha Flight will somehow be in the middle of it, trying to stop me once more."

    "Right," Wildchild sneered, and released his hold on Sinew's neck.

    "This is never going to work," Murmure replied, shaking her head. "Wildchild alone nearly defeated Omega Flight."

    Mesmero, who sat next to Murmure, had also watched it all unfold. "Indeed, it doesn't bode well. However, Master seems to think that we are mostly a distraction and that his daughter will be the one that truly defeats Alpha Flight."

    Meanwhile, at Department M, in Canada.

    General Birost slammed his fist on the ground. "Do you realize what you have done?"

    Vindicator removed his helmet, his features stern. "We've stopped you from making a big mistake and creating a super powered army in some foreign country to be used for the sake of war."

    "You have also ruined our last chance," General Birost shook his head. "Why did you even get involved? It did not concern you!"

    "It concerned Wyre," Vindicator began, "and it concerned Narya's DNA, which should have never been sold, let alone taken from her."

    "It was government business," General Birost screamed, his face growing as crimson as the Canadian flag. "And you made it Alpha Flight's business by using our people, the way you have always used us," Vindicator replied. He placed his helmet back on. "Next time stay away from us."

    "Because of your `bust'," General Birost explained, loudly, "The Departments have to shut down. We've run out of money."

    "A shame," Vindicator replied as he turned towards the door. "Really, my heart is broken."

    "Then consider this," General Birost replied. "Department H is going under, but so are the ones like Department M. Do you know about Department M?"

    "I do," Vindicator paused, standing in the doorway, his back towards General Birost.

    "Good," Birost replied. "So then you know you have ruined the future for young mutants here in Canada. We had a place to train them to use their powers, to learn to control them, so that they would be
    socially accepted. So that people – normal, every day people! – would have no reason to fear them anymore."

    Vindicator turned around. "I am sorry for the children. But I know you, General. I know how the Department works. You try to put an innocent spin on it, but I know your intentions for training them has little to do with them being `socially accepted.' It has more to do with becoming the next super powered beings to be used by the Department. I came here only as a curiosity when I received the message. Now, I part with a smile on my face, General, and with no regrets."

    Vindicator shut the door behind, and walked away.

    "There!" Master pointed at the sonar. "Llan was right. She is here, sleeping a false death." He turned to the controls, for the first time in a very long time, his hands trembling nervously. Mechanical arms, made of the same alien alloy that the sub had been made of, reached out and pulled a glowing white sack into a small compartment.

    A push of the button, ejected the water back into the ocean, and drained the compartment of its water. Another button and air slowly crept through the vents and into the room, as the compartment slowly pressurized itself to the same pressure within the sub, doing it ever so gently.

    The Master then walked downstairs and peered at the white cocoon before him. "It's her. It's really her."

    He leaned down and placed his hand upon the cocoon. Beneath his sensitive fingertips, he confirmed what the sensors did. She was alive. Master turned to the others. "Now it's time to awaken her."

    "Any luck on tracking down Kyle?" Shaman asked as he entered the room.

    Walter shook his head. "None," he answered, his frustration clearly present. "It's as if he has suddenly vanished. Or was dead."

    "Or someone or something has done an incredibly job hiding him," Shaman replied, sitting down. "Have you contacted Xavier, see if their machine Cerebro is able to locate him?"

    "Done that," Sasquatch replied. "Apparently during Onslaught, X-Mansion took a lot of damage. Most of the machinery within is Shi'ar Technology, which most of them don't know how to repair. And Professor Xavier apparently suffered a terrible head wound that's left him in a coma." (2)

    "My mystical search has also availed me naught," Shaman nodded.

    "Has James returned from the Department yet?"

    The door slid open and Vindicator entered the room, removing his helmet. "The Department is going under," he said flatly. "Apparently the reason for selling Snowbird's DNA was a last ditch effort to gather some money to keep the Department afloat."

    "Well that's a good thing right?" Sasquatch asked, turning his head slightly. "I mean, they were a very bad representation of the Canadian government after all. They were entirely too `X-Files' like."

    Shaman smiled at Sasquatch and turned his head. "All of the Department is closing?"

    "Yes," Vindicator set his helmet down on the table. "Including Department M."

    "I wonder how Madison will take that? He's the one who is basically leading the kids in Department M," Sasquatch turned. "If he doesn't understand," Vindicator replied, "then we will have to work it out with him. It is for the best. I think even he will understand." He took a deep breath. "Has there been any sign of Wildchild?"

    "None," Sasquatch replied.

    Vindicator was silent for a moment. "Someone's going through a great deal to hide him."

    "Or he's dead," Sasquatch added flatly.

    "I don't think so," Vindicator replied. "Something tells me he's alive and out there… and may be in over his head."

    "Closing us down?" Madison looked at the soldier. "Why?"

    "I'm not privilege to that kind of information, sir," the soldier reported back.

    "I understand," Madison nodded. "Thanks."

    Diamond Lil came up behind him. "I heard what he said."

    Madison nodded. "Not sure how I am going to tell the others."

    He turned to Diamond Lil, his fiancé. "Can you go gather them for me?"

    "Sure," she whispered, and softly walked away.

    Only a few moments later, Madison had Goblyn, Pathway,

    Highbrow, Persuasion, Talisman, Windshear, Box, Feedback and

    Witchfire gathered around him.

    He took a deep breath. "I just got word from a Department official that Department M has been shut down."

    "Shut down?" Pathway asked. "Why's that?"

    "I am not sure," Madison answered. "But from what I have seen, it looks like Department M isn't the only one. I took a brief walk around and talked to a few people, and it seems like everyone has gotten their termination notices."

    "I can't believe they're closing the Department down," Highbrow answered. "It must be from the economical standpoint."

    "It could be," Madison nodded. "And that seems to be what everyone else thinks as well. These are tough times. And the Department finally just ran out of money."

    "So what happens to us now?" Persuasion asked. "Where do we go?"

    "I don't know," Madison answered truthfully. "Lil and I have a home, and there's a basement there. But it doesn't have anything else. We could convert it to a training center. But it won't have anything that they have here."

    Talisman shook her head. "The two of you are getting married. (3) We are not about to make your home our new base for training." Talisman smiled, "I thank you for everything, Madison. You have always been here for us through these last few months, taking the time to take care of us all. Help us all improve. Perhaps it's time I look up my father again, and see if we can spend some time together once more, as father and daughter, not as Shaman and Talisman."

    Windshear nodded. "I guess I can go back to my business I had before."

    Madison turned towards Box. "I want you to keep the armor," he said, "if you wish, Sean."

    Inside the armor Sean smiled. "I'd be honored, Madison. Beta Flight may be disassembled, but that doesn't mean we can't keep fighting for what's right."

    Feedback looked around. "I don't have anywhere to go. This was all I really had."

    "We'd be glad to take anyone with us," Lil suddenly spoke up. "You have all been like family to me."

    Feedback smiled. "Thank you, Lil. Thank you very much."

    "Anyone else?" Madison smiled.

    "I," Witchfire paused. "I…" She turned away then bolted out the door.

    "What with her?" Box asked.

    "Her past," Madison answered. "She still hasn't dealt with it."

    "I know she recovered her memory once, and attacked Alpha Flight," Talisman replied. "But I thought that her memory was lost once again, when she rejected Belasco's plans?"

    "We've been working hard to restore her memory completely," Madison admitted. "Including using Deep Trance."

    "You mean sleep hypnosis therapy?" Talisman asked.

    "Yes," Madison replied. "Until she realizes and accepts who and what she is, she remains a threat. She needs to accept who she is and learn to control that power within her. If she goes on living obliviously, and suddenly `awakens' with the knowledge of who she really is and no ability to control it… well, you saw what has already happened once." (4)

    "Should we go after her?" Talisman looked at the now vacant doorway.

    "She needs time," Madison replied. "With Department M shutting down, she's afraid of what she can become… she's afraid now she won't get the training she needs."

    "Will she?"

    "If she wants it," Madison replied. "Only if she wants it…"

    At that very moment, there was a thunderous sound…

    Meanwhile back at Alpha Flight's base.

    Sasquatch suddenly jumped up, "Holy hooligans!"

    Shaman, startled, turned towards Sasquatch. "What is it?"

    "Wildchild just popped up on our scanner," Sasquatch pointed. "And you will never guess where!"

    The wall collapsed around them, Madison looked around, seeing that Windshear was blasting the fragments as they fell.

    Just as the dust settled, a familiar voice called out, "Where is Alpha Flight?"

    "You knocked on the wrong door," Madison growled, as Master came into view. "Alpha Flight doesn't train here. Beta Flight trains here."

    "I am well aware of that," Master replied. "But where Beta Flight is, Alpha Flight is not far behind."

    "They cut their ties with the Department," Madison answered.

    "Yes," Master replied back, snidely. "But this should bring them running right back. Omega Flight, destroy Beta Flight."

    Suddenly around Master, several figures appeared: Bile, Brain Drain, Ms. Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, Tech-Noir, Murmure, Wildchild, Stitch, and Mesmero. Madison looked, "Beta Flight," he shouted. "This is it. They're not going to hold back. This time we can't afford to hold back."

    The members of Omega Flight rushed past Master, shouting and screaming as they pressed forward to the attack.

    "Do not attempt to attack your counterparts," Brain Drain shouted, while across from him Highbrow shouted commands.

    "Diamond Lil, go for Strongarm. Persuasion, go for Mesmero and the other girl next to him. Goblyn, go for Wildchild and Sinew if you can. Pathway, keep an eye on everyone and try to teleport them should they get in trouble. Talisman, go after Tech-Noir. Box go for Ms. Mass and Bile. I will go for…"

    His words fell short, and suddenly he tried to scream but couldn't. A thin needle was weaving its way between his lips, physically sealing them! He stared in horror as the red headed girl known as Stitch telekinetically sealed his mouth!

    Diamond Lil and Strongarm wrestled one another. "You're tough," Strongarm laughed. "But hardly worthy of a match against me!"

    "You?" Diamond Lil laughed as he punched her, throwing her across the room. Diamond Lil dusted herself off. "All you got is super strength. I will give you that. But I've beaten Spider-Man before." (5)

    Strongarm threw another punch, which Diamond Lil dodged under, coming up quickly on the other side of his arm. "I have done more in my life, than you ever could, Strongarm," she sneered, grabbing his arm at the elbow and placing it under her armpit. "And I don't rely on cybernetics."

    She tried to snap it, but found she could not.

    "Made from the alien metal from the Master," Strongarm laughed and punched her once more. "Stronger he claims, then adamantium."

    Goblyn clawed violently at Sinew, her talons tearing deep.

    Sinew backed off a moment and sized Goblyn. Sinew growled once more and lunged. The two entangled with one another, arms and legs, locking as they tumbled and slammed against the wall.

    Each made a howling and hissing sound, equivalent to that of two ferocious mountain lions engaged in final combat.

    Sinew's claws raked deep into Goblyn's shoulder, who in turn, retaliated with claws raking down Sinew's eyes.

    Sinew fell backwards, holding his eyes.

    Box flew down and struck Bile. Bile's hands feverishly reached for Box, realizing too late that his metallic armor made it impossible to infect him. "Someone help me!" Bile screamed.

    Then, from nowhere, Wildchild jumped on Box's armor. "Tough metal, but not as tough as adamantium!" Wildchild growled. He brought his claws upward and then struck down, rendered Bile's hand off from the rest of his body. Bile screamed in horror and pain. "I missed?"

    Wildchild seemed puzzled.

    "You did," Box boomed, and threw Wildchild from his back. Box turned to Bile, who was now unconscious from the shock, and knew that he would no longer be a threat.

    Persuasion approached Mesmero and shouted, "Obey me!"

    Mesmero turned. "Child, you think you could control me? I am Mesmero! I have warped the greatest minds in the world!"

    "Perhaps not you," Persuasion replied. "But her."

    Two blasts struck Mesmero in the shoulder. In horror, he looked up to see Tech-Noir, save for her flesh was purple in color – a side effect of being manipulated by Persuasion.

    "There," Persuasion smiled.

    Suddenly, she felt her mind blank as Murmure stepped passed her, after gently touching her shoulder.

    Stitch smiled down at Bile who stared at his hand in shock. "You – you sewed it and the nerves back?"

    He blinked. "And you never had to touch me," he added. He smiled, and re-entered the fray, his first victim standing before him like a statue. "Welcome to the dying lands," he whispered as his hand
    clasped over Persuasion's face. Highbrow tried to scream in protest, but his mouth has still been sealed.

    At that moment, Alpha Flight entered the scene with Vindicator carrying Puck.

    "Master," Vindicator boomed, "Stand down, before this gets any worse."

    Highbrow ran towards Aurora and pointed at Persuasion, who was on the ground flopping about like a fish out of water. Aurora quickly flew to her side. "Mon Dieu!" she looked up at Highbrow. "She is burning up!"

    Highbrow gestured towards Bile who was already making his way into the battle once more.

    "I shall take her to zee hospital," Aurora picked up Persuasion, with little regard of whether or not whatever affliction had over come her was the least bit contagious, and in a gust of wind and light, Aurora and Persuasion were gone from the battle.

    Strongarm pulled back to land another punch on Diamond Lil, gloating all the while, "Sure, your skin is `diamond' hard! Just makes it so much more pleasurable beating on you, knowing you won't be dying anytime soon! Really lets me cut loose with this new cybernetic arm!"

    Suddenly his arm was caught.

    He turned around to see Sasquatch smiling at him. "Mind if I have this dance?"

    Sasquatch's massive fist slammed into Strongarm sending him across the room. "Not the way to be treating ladies," he chuckled as he kneeled down to help Diamond Lil to her feet. "Especially one who is about to get married. Good thing your skin is diamond hard," Sasquatch chuckled, once he saw that she was all right. "There are no bruises to be found."

    Tech-Noir, freed from Persuasion's control looked around the room. She saw that the rest of Alpha Flight had indeed shown up. She took to the air, and loaded her highly advanced gun. It hummed as it came alive. She peered through the scope, centered it on the back of Vindicator's head. It had the sheer power and force to go right through his armor and once and for all, end the life of James Hudson.

    Guardian saw that Tech-Noir was in position, and just as the trigger was pulled, flew in front of the path.

    The red beam struck Heather directly in the chest, sending her crashing into Vindicator, who then proceeded to slam into Master.

    Master shouted, "You missed, Tech-Noir! You hit Heather!"

    "Heather!" Puck shouted. "You worthless, motherless…" He turned, "Sasquatch! Now, fast ball!"

    "Coming up, runt," Sasquatch leaped over the fray to land next to Puck, quickly picking him up and throwing him at Tech-Noir.

    Puck, with his dense body, smashed into Tech-Noir, shorting her armor. As the two of them spiraled back towards the Earth at an incredibly velocity, Puck shouted over the howling wind, "You will have to forgive me, eh, for hitting you! But you have crossed the line!" And in a flurry of blinding speed, Puck's fist landed time after time after time on Tech-Noir's unprotected face, with a speed that might have made Northstar proud.

    Sasquatch turned to Northstar, "Northstar, down here. Heather needs immediate medical attention!"

    "Of course," Northstar did not even pause. Heather was simply suddenly gone from in front of Sasquatch with only a strong gust of wind to suggest that he had flown by at a blinding speed and picked her up.

    "Shouldn't turn your back on an enemy," Strongarm laughed, as his cybernetic fist crashed against the back of Sasquatch's skull.

    The impact alone would have shattered a steel door, six feet thick. Sasquatch did not even flinch. Instead, he turned slowly and stood up, towering well over seven feet tall.

    "I'm tired of this," Sasquatch growled. "I was having fun. But now people are getting hurt. This isn't a game anymore."

    Strongarm tried to punch again, but this time Sasquatch caught his fist within his own orange palm. "And I'm sick of you boasting. Maybe the metal can't be broke or bent. But it can be ripped from the portion of flesh it connects to."

    Strongarm's eyes widened with fear. "What? You wouldn't!"

    The next sound was Strongarm screaming, as he fell to his knees. His cybernetic arm clumped to the floor next to him. "I would," Sasquatch muttered. "And I did."

    Puck looked as he and Tech-Noir continued to fall. They were getting closer and closer to the ground. Even his own dense body would not survive this fall. And if he did, he wouldn't be walking away from it.

    Just seconds before impact, he felt a gust of wind, and felt the wind against his face.

    "Puck," Northstar's voice spoke softly. Puck turned to see that Jean-Paul had been carrying him now. "You always fall for the wrong women."

    "As opposed to the wrong men, eh?" Puck chuckled.

    Northstar only smiled in response.

    "And Tech-Noir?" Puck asked against the howling wind.

    "I could only save one of you," Northstar answered. "And you know me, I will save the men before the women."

    Puck looked behind him, but could hardly keep his eyes open against the pressure of the wind. "Do you think she survived?"

    "The armor undoubtedly allowed her to survive," Northstar replied, as he turned around, heading back into the battle. "What her condition is, I can hardly begin to guess."

    "Kyle!" Wyre shouted.

    Wildchild paused. "Wyre…"

    "We found you," Wyre ran towards Wildchild. "We've been hunting everywhere for you. What happened?"

    Wildchild paused. "You… you were looking for me?"

    "Of course," Wyre nodded. "We all were. You disappeared…"

    "Sentinels," Wildchild explained. (6) He shook his head. "Too complicated to tell. Then the Master…" (7)

    "Kyle, your face…" Wyre noticed. "You look…"

    "Cured," Wildchild answered.

    "That's great," Wyre smiled. "You're finally your own man once more."

    "No," Wildchild looked down. "I owe it to the Master."

    Wildchild looked into Wyre's eyes. "And I strike for him…"

    Wildchild raised his claws and paused.

    It had been no mistake when he struck Bile earlier. He had intentionally done so. As he had intentionally made "mistakes" during the battle that favored the heroes.

    He knew he could not strike down Wyre. Despite their history – Wyre had been the one who had tried to hunt down Wildchild and kill him. (

    But in the end, Wyre had been his only true friend. "Weakling!" boomed a voice. "I should have known you would never be reliable!"

    A blast flew from Master's gauntlet, aimed directly at Wildchild. Wyre quickly shoved him aside and let the blast strike him full force. The sheer amount of energy and impact of the blast threw Wyre across the room and against the far wall, where he slid down the wall, and remained motionless.

    "Wyre!" Wildchild snapped. He turned towards Master. "You didn't have to do that! This doesn't even need to happen! All of this," he gestured around him, "is because of your petty need for revenge!"

    "Do not speak to me of petty," Master shouted back. "You, who are no more than an animal! What do you know? How dare you of all people speak to me in such a manner? I am in so many ways your superior!"

    Wildchild growled. "Superior you may be," he shouted as he sprung into a lunge. "But that doesn't mean you have what it takes to win this!"

    Master blasted Wildchild from the air, and watched as he slammed against the ceiling, then down to the floor, like a discarded toy.

    "Yes, it does," Master replied. "My armor is equipped to counter every known power on this backwards mud-ball called Earth."

    "Well, lookie here," Ms. Mass growled, as she grabbed Snowbird by the hair. "You're very pretty, aren't you? You know what? I hate pretty girls. Because I ain't very pretty, wouldn't you agree?"

    Snowbird looked up, "The only thing I can agree on is that you have made a terrible mistake."

    "What's a thin, little, frail girl like yourself going to do against me?"

    "Make a change," Snowbird replied, as she suddenly took the form of a polar bear. She reared up and struck Ms. Mass, though doing no damage, it toppled her over on Sinew, who let out an animal's cry.

    "Nice!" Ms. Mass laughed, "but that didn't hurt. And once I get up, you can bet little girl, that I am going to show you a lesson or two!"

    However, before Ms. Mass could get up, Snowbird changed forms once again, this time into a giant sized artic owl, whose claws went straight for the only vulnerable portion of her body! Her eyes! Ms. Mass screamed, as she placed her hands over her bleeding eyes. Snowbird took form next to Ms. Mass. "Never underestimate me again. I had once torn out the heart of Walter, a fellow teammate, simply to assure victory." (9)

    Vindicator landed next to Shaman. "How's everything holding up, Michael?"

    "Straining," Shaman replied, beads of sweat pouring down his head rapidly. "I have erected a magical field to contain the battle within here, but there's something outside, trying to get in."

    "Any idea what it is?" Vindicator asked.

    "None," Shaman replied, grunting. "But whatever it is, it's strong."

    "Is it a magical attack?" Vindicator asked.

    "No," Shaman replied. "Something with a strong will… and sheer power."

    Wildchild, who despite the battle heard this, looked upward. Would they be ready for what was coming? Wildchild turned to Aurora who had been fighting with Murmure, simply taunting her by flying around her at a blinding speed – so fast that Murmure could not touch her, not even when flailing her arms around wildly.

    "Aurora!" Wildchild shouted. "You have got to listen to me. Before Master brings in…"

    Shaman flew backwards, the magical barrier shattered.

    Water crashed throughout the Department, nearly an impossible feat, since the nearest lake was miles away. From the water, in a surging spout, a female figure appeared. Vindicator, who had gone to Shaman's side, stared in wide-
    eyed wonder.



    1. For more about Wyre's DNA being passed around like free candy, check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #117 (Volume One)

    2. See Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #360 for that tale!

    3. Madison proposed to Diamond Lil in Marvel's Alpha Flight #103 (Volume One)

    4. See Marvel's Alpha Flight #122-124 (Volume One)

    5. Indeed she did, in Marvel's Alpha Flight #74. Not only did she defeat Spider-Man, she killed him in an alternate reality.

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    9. Indeed she did, check out Marvel's Alpha Flight #23 for that gory tale!

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    Alpha Flight #6: "New Flight." Thu Jan 30, 2003
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    Vindicator paused in mid flight. "Marinna?"

    "You look so surprised," Master laughed. "The man who has returned from death so often?"

    "How is it possible?" Vindicator asked.

    "Llan had made mention that Marinna might still be alive," Shaman replied, conjuring up a defensive spell. "Apparently, Master has found her." (1)

    "But why is she fighting us?" Wyre shouted, dodging Stitch's needles. "I thought she was one of the good guys?"

    "Master has undoubtedly tampered with her DNA," Wildchild explained, leaping next to Shaman. "Just as he did with mine to `cure' me, he has probably `awakened' Marinna's true nature of the Plodex."

    "Your DNA was altered?" Shaman turned. "That explains why my Mystical Search could not locate you. With your DNA altered, it's as if you're a new person! That explains it."

    Wildchild nodded his head. "Yeah, I'm cured of the `animal' side of me."

    A pillar of water crashed down into the base, sending everyone against the wall, with Marinna riding it. Shaman coughed and spit out the water that had attempted to settle within his lungs. "Incredible," Shaman gasped between coughing fits. "The lake that she's pulling this water from is miles away!"

    "So what do we do, Michael?" Sasquatch turned towards

    Shaman. "Do we try to fight Marinna?"

    "It seems we have very little choice," Vindicator replied. "Whatever Master's done, it seems to have made her completely devoid of any emotion, save for anger, rage and hatred."

    "No!" Puck shouted. "I refuse to believe she's not in there, somewhere."

    "She's mine," Master shouted. "Everything you knew about her is gone, Puck."

    "We will see about that, eh?" Puck shouted, as he cartwheeled out of the way of Ms. Mass' clutches.

    Northstar hovered in the air, next to Aurora. He looked at his sister and smiled. "I am sorry we haven't gotten a chance to find the rest of our family, as you had hoped." (2)

    "It is all right, Jean-Paul," Aurora smiled back. "I know how much you hate being a part of Alpha Flight."

    Northstar nodded. "It is true. However, the sooner we end this, the sooner we can begin finding family."

    Aurora nodded her head. "Who first then?"

    Northstar pointed at Bile. "Him. Since we are outfitted and covered, save for our heads, it is easiest for us to take him. Our blinding speed will ensure he isn't able to touch us."

    "High and low then?" Aurora smiled.

    "High and low," Northstar acknowledged.

    Bile slowly made his way towards Shaman, who had been preoccupied with deflecting Marinna's assaults.

    "No, no," a voice said, then struck Bile across the face at blinding speed, while another pair of fists struck him behind the legs. Bile shook his head and looked around. Once again the fists came, high and low. Bile fell to his knees. Fists across the face, fists across the chest. Bile was gasping for breath, when he stood up and tried to limp away. The fists came again, this time twirling him wildly, until he fell to the ground unconscious.

    Northstar and Aurora landed next to Bile and smiled at one another. It had been a long time since they had worked together, not just as a team, but also as brother and sister.

    Sinew ran blindly, his eyes clawed and bleeding. (3)

    Sinew suddenly caught scent of something, someone. "Wildchild is right, isn't he?" a voice asked. Sinew looked through the blood pouring into his eyes and saw Wyre.

    "You're one of the monsters the Secret Empire made using my DNA," Wyre shook his head. (4) Tendrils burst from Wyre's shoulders. "I swore I would kill each and every one of them. And until I got to Wildchild, I thought I had. But you were one of the first."

    The tendrils from Wyre pierced deep into Sinew's flesh. "You're fortunate," Wyre growled as Sinew flopped about like a fish out of water, "That I had run into Wildchild before I had learned who you were. Because of Wildchild, I am going to let you live."

    Brain Drain seized control of Windshear's mind. Windshear turned around and began blasting away at his fellow Beta Flight members.

    Talisman quickly put up a magical barrier. "He's been taken over!"

    "It has to be either Mesmero or Brain Drain," Box replied. "We have to take them out."

    Madison and Diamond Lil, despite the situation at hand, sat back, reserved and watched as Beta Flight took the lead.

    This is what they had been training for.

    To become functional heroes.

    This is what they were doing.

    This time, without Madison and Diamond Lil barking commands.

    Talisman maintained her barrier, "Pathway, open up a doorway to Mesmero. Box and Feedback, go through – take out both Mesmero and the girl with him, Murmure. Manikin, Goblyn, I am going to need you two to take out Brain Drain."

    A shimmering portal opened, and as quickly as it could happen, Box and Feedback ran into the portal, to appear behind Mesmero and Murmure.

    Another portal opened and this time Goblyn and Manikin entered, to take down Brain Drain.

    Ms. Mass turned around to see Snowbird in her artic owl form. "You think a bird is going to scare me?"

    However, as Snowbird approached, her form slowly changed into that of a white Sasquatch. Snowbird struck Ms. Mass several times, to no avail.

    "Ha! Is that the best you got blondie? Because if it is, I got something special for you!"

    Snowbird shifted forms once again, this time returning to her polar bear form, which she used to topple Ms. Mass over. Snowbird brought her snarling fangs close to Ms. Mass' neck. "Perhaps it would take some time, but I am sure my fangs could eventually render through your flesh and reach a vital portion within your neck!"

    "I surrender! I surrender!" Ms. Mass cried out.

    Box landed next to Murmure. "I hate to do this, because I am not one to normally strike a lady…"

    Murmure touched Box's armor. "Fight for me," she whispered.

    Box looked down at his arm, where Murmure had touched him. "Nice idea. But no." Box brought a clenched fist and slammed it into Murmure's gut, knocking the wind out of her. "Do me a favor and don't get back up."

    Murmure's only response was a coughing and wheezing sound.

    Box turned around to see Feedback creeping towards Mesmero.

    Mesmero remained unaware as he concentrated on controlling Windshear. Feedback charged up an electrical arm and used it to lunch forward and strike Mesmero from the back.

    Windshear hovered in the air for a moment, looking around, now free of Mesmero's control.

    Highbrow and Goblyn appeared behind Brain Drain who had been looking to make a quick escape.

    "Stop," Highbrow commanded. "Don't let it come down to us fighting. Just surrender. Omega Flight has lost."

    Brain Drain turned. "Insolent fool!"

    Highbrow felt the touch of Brain Drain's touch within his mind, and quickly shifted into his Proto self, which had no brain to control. Brain Drain cursed.

    At that moment, Goblyn lunged forward and attacked Brain Drain who toppled over. Goblyn placed her claws on the glass that contained the brain within, and let it scratch it lightly.

    "I surrender," Brain Drain muttered. "I surrender."

    Earth was not the first. Nor would it undoubtedly be the last. An alien ship came to Earth, over ten thousand years ago. The ship had been designed to draw in elements from the soil, water, the air – everywhere and everything. Within a hundred years or so, the ship was no longer just a ship – it was a living vessel of colonized machinery, living and feeding off the planet's fiber. The alien race, the Plodex created these ships to create eggs that could live and be created to dominate any world it had landed upon.

    Ten thousand years ago, the ship that had been bound to Earth did not land, however. It had crashed.

    The damaged ship fired off its precious cargo – the eggs, before they were ready. Before the genetic programming of the eggs to become dominate species actually ever occurred.

    One such egg had been found eighteen years ago off the grand banks of Newfoundland. The `Mary D' was a small fishing trawler and had no business being out on that dark and stormy night. Tom Smallwood was swept overboard. Entangled within the nets of the ship, and the violent churning of the sea made it impossible for him to free himself. He might have been able to easy break from the malicious tides, for he had always been an incredibly strong swimmer. Fate had something else in store for him. He seemingly plunged to the bottom of the ocean, where he found an egg – one that had been glowing softly. Once in his hands, and free of the mire of the depths, it quickly brought him to the surface, as if it were a buoy. He was saved that night, how he survived the depths a complete miracle beyond explanation. The wife of Tom Smallwood opened the egg, and revealed a small humanoid within. She was named Marinna and grew strong, and appeared, almost human. She was vastly accepted by all of those that had come to know her.

    What none had known was, as soon as Gladys had opened the egg, it had made contact with human cells and adapted itself, mimicking the form and functions of a human female. However, from the thousands of years left drifting on the bottom of the ocean floor, the egg had become water permeable, which is what made Marinna amphibious.

    Master believed, though he could not confirm, that her egg had been the only one to survive the impact on Earth. (5)

    However, the Master would uncover another egg. One that had gone unnoticed. It thrived at the bottom of the ocean, until it hungered. Earning the title of a "sea monster" it struck, taking a newborn baby from its mother. (6)
    Master used it to lure Marinna once more. In an event that led to a battle between the Master against Puck, Namor and Invisible Woman – all of them against Marinna and this mate of hers! (7)

    Marinna had been saved that night. She spoke with Puck briefly before departing.

    Her path would once again lead to Namor, where the two of them had fallen in love.

    But Namor's life is a tragic one, in which, once again, death would strike his most beloved ones.

    Marinna had chanced, yet again, this time into a giant sea serpent, deemed The Leviathan. However, Doctor Hank Pym created a device, which acted as a hypodermic needle that would inject a chemical that would revert Marinna back to her normal form, which would suppress her monstrous form. It had worked, but only for a short while. She reverted back to her Leviathan form after striking out brutally at Namor. In the end, it had been Namor who made the final strike against Marinna, using the blade of the Black Knight. He then took her to build a bier fit for a queen, where she would rest for all eternity.

    Namor had chosen Wake Island in the North Pacific Ocean. It had no indigenous inhabitants, more importantly no humans to speak of. It seemed fitting to place her here. The Wake of Marinna, Namor had deemed the ocean that surrounded her burial. But the same jelly substance that had been found in the egg with Marinna ( had been the same material that had slowly covered her, encasing her once again within an egg, where she healed over time, still barely alive. Until the Master found her, at long last, sleeping the "false death" as Llan had said.

    Marinna landed in front of Puck, her lips snarling. Puck raised his hands. "Come on, Marinna. Not this again. We've done this song and dance before, eh? I know it's within you to fight The Master. You have done it countless times before, you can do it again."

    "Wrong!" Master laughed. "I have turned her into what she was supposed to be all along! A walking, killing machine, meant for killing everything, and colonizing this world for the Plodex."

    Shaman quickly threw up a magical barrier against Marinna's violent attack. Shaman turned towards Vindicator. "I can't hope to keep this up for long. What do we do?"

    Master boomed with laughter once more. "I knew you would do this! That you would seek to save Marinna by applying to her good side! And despite me telling you that the DNA that made her compassionate has been removed, you would still try! Now I can watch as you die trying to save someone who can't be saved!"

    "Is there any way to shut him up?" Sasquatch asked, turning towards Snowbird.

    "Yes!" Snowbird took to the air. "Master, you manipulation of Marinna, of Alpha Flight – of everything defiles nature's course! It is time for you to come to an end once and for all!"

    Puck turned, "Leave Marinna to me. The rest of you take care of The Master."

    Vindicator followed Snowbird into the air. Pulses of energy flew from Vindicator's hand to strike Master, who deflected them with the palm of his hand. "Remember," Master replied, "I saved you once." (9)

    Sasquatch landed next to Master. "Whose life haven't you tampered with?" His orange fist slammed into Master, throwing him off balance. In that moment, in a blinding blur, Northstar and Aurora flew around Master, striking him repeatedly with their fists. Wyre and Wildchild, side by side, charged Master. Wyre's tendrils ripped off Master's helmet, while Wildchild used his claws to rake at Master's flesh. Master screamed, "Ignorant fools! Don't you see what you've done?" He slapped Wildchild away. "Like the helmet that I used to control the ship (10), this one is designed to control Marinna! Now she's beyond even my control!"

    Solid air slammed against the back of Master's head, toppling him forward. Windshear hovered, "I don't take kindly to being manipulated by you and your clowns of Omega Flight!"

    "Everyone! Pour it on while he's off balance!"

    It was a flurry of Northstar and Aurora's fists, combined with the massive fists of Sasquatch, mixed in with the blasts from Vindicator, Shaman, Talisman, Feedback and Windshear.

    "No!" Master screamed. "I won't be defeated! Not now! Not once again! Not when I was so close!"

    He threw out his arms and created a blast that knocked everyone back. When the blinding flash ended, Master was gone.

    Puck dodged Marinna once more. "Fight him," Puck shouted. "Fight the urge within you! Remember who you really are. Remember the people that love you!"

    Marinna only snarled, her talons raking deep into Puck's flesh. Puck held his bleeding shoulder. "We've been through a lot together, Marinna. Since we first joined Alpha Flight, you and I bonded together. We were both misfits when everyone else seemed to look normal – I was a dwarf, and you were a green humanoid. This is why you always strike at me first isn't it? Because deep inside of you, you know that it's me who can save you from becoming the beast that screams within you."

    Marinna howled in fury.

    "You can chose to be who you want," Puck said, firmly. "No matter what Master has done to you, your mind is still your own. You can choose to be the animal that is within you. You can choose to be a killer like Victor Creed. Or you can choose to be like Logan and Kyle – fight to control the beast inside of you. To be human. From time to time, you may feel weak, you may fail – but you know that we will always be right there for you. Whenever or why ever you might need us, eh?"

    Marinna paused.

    She suddenly fell to her knees, her hands over her face.

    Puck heard her weeping madly.

    When she looked up, she was Marinna once more. "Puck," she reached out. "Please… help me."

    Puck quickly rushed to her side. "I'm right here, Marinna.

    I'm right here. And you know, between Michael and Walter, we will do everything we can to help you."


    Mac stood next to Heather as she walked in crutches. Heather smiled back at Mac, "I just feel so foolish… being a bride's maid and being in crutches." Mac shook his head, "You still look beautiful. Doctor's orders."

    Heather smiled. "And I suppose I should question Michael's orders, after all."

    "How is Kara?" Heather asked.

    Mac nodded. "She's doing all right. Whatever it was that Bile infected her with, Michael was able to counter with a little big of magic and a little bit of medicine. She should be fine. She's supposed to be here tonight for everything. Whitman hasn't left her bedside, until she was ready to stand."

    "So good to see young love," Heather nodded, as her fingers traced Mac's lips.

    "Yes, it is," Mac kissed Heather softly. "But this isn't our wedding."

    "We could get remarried," Heather chuckled softly.

    "I would marry you a thousand times and never regret it," Mac replied.

    Sasquatch ducked his head under the door. "I feel ridiculous."

    Mac stifled a laugh, seeing Sasquatch, in full orange form, with a tux on. "Walter, you look astounding."

    "I appreciate the sarcasm," Walter chuckled.

    The wedding music suddenly came on, its soft, loving notes carrying themselves slowly into the air.

    Slowly Michael Twoyoungmen walked down the aisle, nodding at those seated on either side of him.

    Kara turned to Whitman and whispered, "I didn't realize he was an ordained minister?"

    "Who else but someone named `Shaman' is going to be priestly like?" Whitman smiled, just as surprised, but pleasantly so.

    Kara slid her arm through Whitman's as she placed her head gently on his shoulder. "This is so beautiful."

    Next down the aisle was Sasquatch. His width took nearly the entire aisle. However, unlike Mac who had stifled a laugh, others who watched as he walked, simply stared in awe and silence.

    … for all those times you stood by me…

    Sasquatch took his place beside Michael, and gave a nod of approval, and smiled broadly.

    … for all the truth that you made me see…

    Next down the aisle were Jean-Paul, Mac Hudson, Puck and Kyle.

    … for all the joy you brought to my life…

    One by one, they stood next to Sasquatch. Jean-Paul who looked stunning in his tuxedo, stole the breath away of both men and women present, who simply awed over his natural beauty.

    … for all the wrong that you made right..

    Mac who had seem so rigorous and uptight, now seemed to be smiling, proudly, looking around him as if his own children were graduating.

    … for every dream you made come true…

    Kyle, who had his long, flowing blond hair, pulled tightly into a ponytail looked stunning, as he looked out, to the audience before him.

    … for all the love I found in you…

    Next entered Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, Marinna Smallwood, and Jeanne-Marie.

    … you were my strength when I was weak…

    Talisman's raven-black hair was beautifully set, falling just lightly over her shoulders, each soft and sure step, causing the curls to bounce.

    … you were my voice when I couldn't speak…

    Marinna's bashful look seemed so uncertain, yet it was clearly seen that she was honored, despite all that had happened, to be a part of this event – a joining of two hearts, which made her think of her own past love, the man named Namor.

    … you were my eyes when I couldn't see…

    Jeanne-Marie's beautiful and shapely figure was only further accented in the beautiful dress she wore. Her hair fell on her shoulders, her eyes, so full of life, seemed to glitter.

    Now, Madison walked in.

    Everyone stood up to watch him as he walked down the aisle.

    … you gave me wings, and made me fly…

    Madison's hair was neatly done, his tuxedo so perfect, as if he was able to manipulate fabric as easily as he could metal.

    … I'm grateful for each day you gave me…

    Next was the bridesmaid - Snowbird, Narya – also known to many as Anne McKenzie. Her yellowish blond hair, pale complexion, and her eyes truly made her shine as a goddess this night.

    … I was blessed because I was loved by you…

    All attention turned to the back, where Eugene Milton Judd walked Lillian Crawly down the aisle. If there were words to describe Lil's beauty, it would surly fail to capture the moment accurately. Her white dress seemed
    perfect. Each ruffle seemed to capture the light from the moon. Her eyes seemed to glisten with joy, as if the stars themselves had been placed there.

    … you were always there for me…

    Eugene handed Lil off, then took his place next to Kyle.

    … the tender wind that carried me…

    Madison took Lil's hand into his own.

    … I'm everything I am… because you loved me…

    The song (11) ended, and after a moment Michael Twoyoungmen spoke up. "Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other. Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you. May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years, May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth.

    "Treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficult and fear assail your relationship - as they threaten all relationships at one time or another - remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part which seems wrong. In this way, you can ride out the storms when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives - remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there. And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight."

    "Traditionally, the marking of the passage to tile status of husband and wife is marked by the exchange of rings. These rings are a symbol of the unbroken circle of love. Love freely given has no beginning and no end, no giver and no receiver for each is the giver and each is the receiver. May these rings always remind you of the vows you have taken."

    Slowly, Madison and Lillian exchanged placing the rings on one another's fingers.

    "I, Madison Jeffries, take you Lillian Crawley, to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever. I will trust you and honor you I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will love you faithfully Through the best and the worst, Through the difficult and the easy. What may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold So I give you my life to keep So help me God."

    Lillian could hardly refrain from crying. "I, Lillian Crawly, take you Madison Jeffries, to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever I will trust you and honor you I will laugh with you and cry with you. I will love you faithfully Through the best and the worst, Through the difficult and the easy. What may come I will always be there. As I have given you my hand to hold So I give
    you my life to keep So help me God."

    In unison, with Michael placing his hand over theirs, Madison and Lillian spoke the vow, "Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you, For where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. May the Lord do with me and more if anything but death parts you from me."

    Everyone was silent.

    Then everyone wept tears of joy.

    1. Llan indeed made mention of this in Marvel's Alpha Flight #78, saying that Marinna slept a "false death" deep in the ocean.

    2. Aurora had made mention of wanting to find other family members in Alternate Marvel's Alpha Flight #1

    3. Sinew had his eyes shredded by Goblyn's talons in Alternate Marvel's Alpha Flight #5.

    4. See Marvel's Alpha Flight #117 for more.

    5. This is Marinna's origin – for more check out Marvel's Alpha Flight (volume one) #2 and #4 for more details.

    6. Unfortunately true, in Marvel's Alpha Flight (volume one) #14.

    7. See Marvel's Alpha Flight (volume one) #15 and #16 for more!

    8. Once again, see Marvel's Alpha Flight (volume one) #2 and #4 for more details.

    9. In Marvel's Alpha Flight (volume one) #129 & #130

    10. See Alpha Flight (volume one) #15 and #16 for more.

    11. The song is "Because You Loved Me" by Céline Dion.

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    Quick note, I returned back to writing ALPHA FLIGHT for Alternate Marvel (was also writing Uncanny X-Men and Defenders over there at the time).
    It's my love of ALPHA FLIGHT that brought me back.

    Alpha Flight #1: "Mind and Metal." Tue May 4, 2004
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    James MacDonald Hudson. In his life, he's done and experienced more than any could hope to comprehend. There are times, he awakes from nightmares that still plague him, wondering if he is truly alive; and that perhaps all of this was a vivid dream.

    Despite the ups and downs he has encountered in his young life, looking to his side, and seeing his beautiful wife, Heather Hudson, he knows he would never trade any of it away. Not even the darkest of times.

    It's all been a part of making him who he is today. The man he's become.

    At one time he worked for a man named Jerry Jaxon. He had worked for Am-Can Petroleum Corporation and had developed a suit of armor to be used in exploratory work.

    When he had discovered that Jerry Jaxon had intended to sell to suit to the American military, he had quit in protest.

    He had returned that night, donned the armor and used it to break into the safe and destroy the blue prints.

    It was then, his wife now, Heather McNeil had promised to help him cover his tracks, as she was Jaxon's personal secretary. At her suggestion, Hudson had met with numerous officials in the Federal Government at Ottawa.

    Realizing the potential asset a man of Hudson's genius would be, they used a number of legal techniques to declare that he had been "retroactively" working for them for six years.

    The government had set up Department H, named after Hudson, and set him to work doing research for the Ministry of Defense. It was shortly there after, he had wed Heather, and his life seemed to be moving along perfectly.

    His life would begin to change on their honeymoon, where they had met a beast of a man, who would later be known as Wolverine.

    They helped him they best they could. When Hudson had returned to work, something seemed to be missing. That was when he had seen an article in the paper about The Fantastic Four, which inspired him to form a team of heroes to protect Canada.

    Hudson had formed "First Flight." A team that unfortunately did not do as well as he had expected. During the battle, a novice hero named Smart Alec froze under pressure. Also, Sean Bernard, known then as Groundhog, had quit the team immediately after the mission.

    Each event though did not discourage Hudson; it only seemed to inspire him further.

    Firstly, Smart Alec's failure and inexperience, had inspired Hudson to create a "tier" of teams. One of active operatives, and the other team, in various stages of training.

    The tiers became known as: Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flight.

    The most motivating had been Groundhog's departure. Hudson had donned the armor he had built to act as a field operative, replacing Bernard.

    At this time, he had hoped that his closest friend, Logan, better known as Wolverine, would be the one to lead Alpha Flight.

    This is where, sadly, Hudson's life began to crumble.

    The intention to have Wolverine lead Alpha Flight was quickly dismissed when the American, Charles Xavier, sought out Wolverine and recruited him for the team known as The X-Men.

    Hudson had eventually refined the suit from the bulky armor to a highly, sophisticated and flexible suit of mail.

    He had then tried to "recover" Wolverine from the X-Men and failed, and in the process, wounded a civilian named Moira MacTaggert. He had adopted the name Weapon Alpha then, and promptly changed it to Vindicator, feeling he had needed to "vindicate" himself.

    Hudsen led Alpha Flight, which at the time included: himself, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird and Sasquatch, in another attempt to recover Wolverine from the X-Men, which resulted in Wolverine surrendering, only to escape as quickly as he had given himself up.

    On his close friend, Michael Twoyoungmen's advice, also known as Shaman, he had taken up the name Guardian; to represent himself as Canada's "Guardian" (and symbol, as Captain America had been to the United States).

    Department H was closed due to budget cuts, which forced Hudson to take up a surprise offer from Roxxon Oil in New York.

    Unknown to him, it had been set up by his former boss, Jerry Jaxon, who had organized a team calling themselves "Omega Flight."

    Jaxon had managed to damage Hudson's armor, and the result had been an explosion, that had apparently reduced him to ashes.

    In actuality, Hudson had managed to channel the blast to create a spatial rift. He plunged through the rift to Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter's moons, and was found by an alien race known as the Qu'wrlln.

    They had managed to save his life, but unknown to them; the armor was not a natural part of his body. However, they created a synthesis of technological and organic systems, rendering Hudson a cyborg. He was then placed in suspended animation, until it was the right time to "send him home."

    However, the Qu'wrlln had an unparalleled fear of Galactus, the World Eater. They had modified Hudson so that if they ever had need of him, they could instantly summon him to their side to fight Galactus.

    When Hudson was returned to Earth in suspended animation, he had crashed into the Earth's oceans and did not awake. Instead he was found by a Roxxon drilling platform and shipped to a Roxxon Research facility.

    There, the Roxxon-built robot, Delphine Courtney, used the information to impersonate Hudson and led Omega Flight on another battle against Alpha Flight.

    Roxxon had called in Madison Jeffries to battle Hudson's mind, who had been cybernetically taking over the computer network at Roxxon. When Madison realized there had been a living mind, Roxxon decided to "pull the plug" on Hudson's life support.

    He returned to Alpha Flight, with Madison's help, and came to learn that Heather had donned on a duplicate outfit, and adopted the name Guardian, so once more he took up the name Vindicator.

    Unfortunately, there were several emotional problems that surfaced. The tampering the Qu'wrlln had done had made it so his cybernetic self often dominated over his organic half.

    Galactus had eventually come to attack the Qu'wrlln, and they indeed summon Alpha Flight, and the Avengers to aid them. A bargain was struck, that Galactus would use his technology to bring the mother ship of an alien group called The Consortium to him; however in his weakened state, he was unable to power up the device that would have done so, thus sending the heroes home.

    The only suitable power sources were Heather and himself. He had rendered his wife unconscious, and sent her through the rigt back home as he "died" a second time.

    However, he was thrust and trapped into a dimension of Null Space. There he was found and recovered by Master of the World, who claimed to have "improved" Hudson's intellect in many ways.

    Hudson, under Master's control, took up the name Anti-Guard and battled Alpha Flight, along side Master's version of Omega Flight, until Heather was able to break through Master's conditioning.

    They had managed to defeat Master and Omega Flight, only to return home and find that Department H had closed down yet again.

    His hands touched the red and white armor.

    His life had not been an easy one.

    He slid his legs over the edge of the bed and slowly pulled himself out, making sure not to awaken his beautiful, amber haired wife. She had always made him smile; even when she slept, even if she never said a word.

    He stretched as he stood and made his way through the darkness. His cybernetic eye quickly adjusted to the light needed, allowing him to easily and quickly, navigate through the darkness.

    The mechanical door slid open, and before he could say a word, Shaman spoke. "Couldn't sleep, James?"

    "No," Hudson replied, scratching the back of his head. "Got a lot on my mind, Michael."

    Michael turned around, "Is it anything you'd like to talk about?"

    "No," James smiled, reassuringly. "It's just the news you mentioned. About Heather. I'm going to be a father." He paused for a long moment. "I am not sure that's yet sunk in. Or maybe it has, and I am scared that I will fail like I did with Alpha Flight."

    Shaman frowned. "James, if you think you have failed with Alpha Flight," he turned his head back towards the monitor. "I think they would disagree."

    The monitors reflected tests being run on both Sasquatch and Marinna.

    "I've done nothing to help their lives," James protested. "If anything, I have helped ruin them."

    "You believe that?" Shaman replied. "Self pity isn't becoming of you, James. Without you, Walter would have gone on to become Tarnaq, and his soul would be forever lost."

    "It almost was forever lost, if it hadn't been for you," James replied, recalling Shaman capturing Walter's soul into his bag, even as Walter's stone form crumbled to dust.

    "And I would not have been there to help if you had not brought us together," Shaman replied. "And Marinna would have gone on to become what the Phlodex are by nature. As you know, thousands of years ago,
    the colony ship of the alien Plodex race crash landed on Earth. Standard for their kind is to find the dominant life form of the plant, imprint the thousands of eggs in the colony ship's hold with the genetic data, and then send the new Plodex out to breed and conquer."

    "And?" James looked at Shaman. "Marinna did just that. In the process almost killed Puck. She also caused the destruction of untold hundreds when she made her `nest' for breeding."

    "She would have continued to breed with the other Plodex that Master introduced," Shaman replied. "But, again, because of you; Alpha Flight knew what she was and how to deal with her. We thought the only way to `free' her was to kill her, so that's what we finally had to do with the aid of the Avengers. But as Llan had said to us, she slept a false sleep; and if it had not been for Alpha Flight, once again Master would have had her to manipulate her and wreak havoc and destruction upon the Earth."

    "Michael," James scratched the back of his head again, as if deep in thought.

    "Yes James?"

    "Sometimes I hate how logical you are," James smiled.

    Shaman laughed. "It's my pleasure, James."

    "So how are they doing?" James asked, pointing at the monitor.

    Shaman turned back to face the readings. "It's incredible. Walter continues to exceed his limits. Every time I think he's reached his peak strength and endurance, it continues to double itself. And Marinna seems to be doing just as well. She seems to be free of the Master's influence, back to her timid self. Like Sasquatch, her swimming speeds have nearly doubled since the last time she was a part of Alpha Flight."

    "How so?" James asked, his brows coming together in concern. "You don't think she's going to revert to her Plodex alien form do you?"

    "No," Shaman shook his head. "That all seems to be behind her. Her `false sleep' as Llan called it seems to have `cleansed' her DNA of the Plodex, or perhaps it was The Master's tinkering of DNA that has done so. Regardless, that `instinct' to `adapt' is no longer within her DNA."

    "As you know, she derived numerous super-human abilities from her amphibious and alien natures. She is capiable of indefinite survival on either land or in water, and does not suffer as, say Namor does, with oxygen deprivation or intoxication difficulties."

    "She is naturally well suited for underwater life. While submerged she gains incredibly enhanced senses that compensate for the lack of light at the lower depths. Her strength by far surpasses that above any peak human, such as Captain America, and may rival that of Spider Man himself. She's also capable of surviving the crushing depths of the ocean floor with no discomfort. As it is," he turned to James, "I can't even begin to test the limits. I have tagged her to go as far down as she can to the ocean floor, and I lose the signal to her before she reaches the bottom. The depth and density of the ocean floor is undoubtedly causing the signal loss – but if she's going as far down as I suspect," he paused, "James, she's an incredible creature. Her control exceeds what she once possessed as well. As we know, she could swim faster than the twins (1) could fly after her, and even at that speed, she - as the Americans say – can turn on a dime. Even before her `false sleep' she was faster than such swimmers as Namor, but now… it's amazing."

    He smiled. "And I have no doubt that she can repeat her trick of the water spout, and ability I still have yet to comprehend how she does it."

    James smiled, recalling when Marinna had used her ability to create a waterspout, stretching extreme distances from the source of water, up to five miles away, as she had once done in helping defeat Tundra.

    "I've also noticed that she's gained more control over the oil that she is able to secrete," he pointed to the monitor. "There you can see how she uses it on the dummy targets we have stationed. The oil, an ability from her Plodex heritage allows her to cause temporary blindness in her victims."

    "And yet you're certain that the Plodex DNA has been removed from her?"

    Shaman looked over his shoulder. "My medical tests tell me so. My magical tests confirm that. And the database readings further emphasize it."

    Sasquatch came through the door. "How's she doing?"

    Shaman smiled. "She seems to be doing incredibly well, just as you are, Walt."

    "Yeah, but I still can't figure out how to switch back to human," Sasquatch sighed. "With hands like these," he stared at his large, human hands, "it makes it difficult to do any science work. And believe it or not, I'd like to do that again."

    "We will find a way," Shaman replied, standing as Marinna came into the room, concluding her own tests. He placed a hand on Sasquatch's chest, "Whether it be medical or magical, we will find a way, Walt."

    "Thanks, Michael," Sasquatch replied, and sulked from the room, to return to the testing room.

    [Moments later, after running Sasquatch through further testing…]

    "It's strange," Vindicator said. "To see a man, turned into a powerful creature like Sasquatch; and yet, deep down inside, want to be nothing more than a simple man. His strength and endurance on the outside shelter a fragile heart inside."

    "Indeed," Shaman set his mystical pouch on the table as he leaned forward to speak into the microphone. "Walter, come on up."

    Unseen by both Vindicator and Shaman, the bag slowly opened, and a light mist seemed to swirl into the sky before apparently dissipating into nothingness.

    Sasquatch stepped into the room. "What's the verdict, Doc?"

    Shaman looked up at the massive form of Sasquatch. "Well, it seems your strength and agility continue to climb at an incredible rate."

    "But still no way for me to revert back to human?" Sasquatch asked.

    "Not that I have found," Shaman began. "Yet," he quickly amended.

    At that moment, the doors slid open and the form of Box entered the room. "Hey Madison – what are you doing in the armor? Thought you were giving up the whole hero biz now that you and Lil are married?"

    And without warning, Box's fist slammed into Sasquatch's chest, sending him flying across the room.

    "Madison! Have you gone insane?" Vindicator shouted.

    "He stole my body! He left me in the void!" Box shouted and charged Sasquatch again.

    "That's not Madison's voice!" Vindicator shouted. "But then who is it?"

    Box landed another punch on Sasquatch before he could recover his senses. The two toppled through the glass into the training room.

    "You were going to leave me there! Floating without ever coming back for me!" the angry voice within Box boomed.

    Sasquatch, now on his feet, easily dodged. "So, anyone want to tell me what's going on here? I am having a reverse flash back of when I fought Pestilence!" (2)

    "That's it!" Shaman replied. "It's Alec Thorne!"

    "Smart Alec?" Vindicator asked as he grabbed Shaman and flew into the room. "But how?"

    "He must have finally found his way out of the bag," Shaman explained. "And grabbed the first `body' he could find – Box's armor!" (3)

    Vindicator blasted at the Box armor.

    Box turned, "You! How are you alive?"

    "Same could be asked about you," Vindicator replied. "Calm down, Alec and we can work this out!"

    "Work this out?" Alec shouted. "Do you know what it's like to wander inside Shaman's bag? To be lost without a body?"

    "I can only imagine," Vindicator replied. "But if you knew what we've all gone through you'd understand. I've died and come back, Walter is trapped within Tarnaq's body and can't revert to human – we've all suffered, Alec."

    "When I found your body, Alec, it was an empty husk," Sasquatch explained. "Your consciousness had been ripped from it. During a battle against Pestilence, your body was badly damaged. Shaman has been hard at work trying to help me, as well, as you."

    Box's eyes lit up. "And how am I supposed to believe you?"

    "Because none of us want to fight you, Alec," Shaman replied. "All we want to do is help."

    Box swiveled his head to look around. "But I was a part of the team that tried to destroy you, Hudson."

    "As was Diamond Lil," Vindicator replied. "But she's now married to Madison. And we're now in Madison's sub-basement. And Wildchild was a part of that team, he has since joined us, and helped us on a number of occasions."

    "So I can never return to my own body?" Alec asked, his mechanical voice almost haunting in nature.

    "Given time," Shaman replied. "I may be able to find a way."

    "No," Smart Alec replied. "I rather enjoy the idea of being the next Box."

    "What do you mean?" Sasquatch asked. All he had wanted was to find a way to revert back to his human form; someone not wanting that – baffled him. "Why wouldn't you want to return to your human body?"

    "Because," Alec lifted the mechanical hands. "Within here, I can not age. I am essentially, immortal. The human body is weak. Flesh is weak. Within the Box armor, my thought process calculates thirteen- thousand times faster. I know it seems like an instant to you, when you think – but within the Box armor I can actually notice the difference. This… isn't so bad."

    "So then, you would like to be a part of Beta Flight then?" Vindicator asked.

    "If you'd have me," Box replied.

    "I think it's the least we could do," Vindicator answered. "Welcome to Beta Flight, Alec."

    1. By "the twins" – he is referring to Northstar and Aurora of Alpha Flight.

    2. See Marvel's Alpha Flight Volume One, issue #45.

    3. Smart Alec was lost into the Shaman's bag when he foolishly looked inside in Marvel's Alpha Flight Volume One, issue #12.

    Special thanks to DMK's Alpha Flight website for giving me the resources I needed when I was tired of flipping through my endless pages of notes! Please feel free to visit DMK's website at:

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    Alpha Flight #2: "Heart to Heart." Tue Jun 1, 2004
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    Sasquatch looked at his enormous, orange, muscular and furry hands. "I can't stand being stuck in this body."

    "I do not know what to tell you," Aurora replied, her accent still quite thick.

    Sasquatch looked over at her, her small, shapely frame, beautiful to behold, while his own was large, muscular and out of proportion. "I don't seem to have much luck in the way of bodies. I go from my own, to Tarnaq's, then to Box, then to Snowbird's, then to a woman's form, then shifted to my original form, still with Snowbird's body; then kicked out of that, and back into Tarnaq's."

    "In time," Aurora tried to assure him, "you may learn to shift back to a human form. Michael says that in the readings, he sees that it's possible; but the body is unaware of how to do it."

    "I know," Sasquatch nodded, placing his head into his gigantic hands. "The thing is, the hero thing isn't what I always wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a scientist. I sort of fell into this hero thing when Hudson found out about me. But first and foremost, I wanted to be a scientist; I wanted to unlock the secrets of the world." He looked once more at his hands, "And with these… hands of mine… there's no way I can handle fragile chemicals or glass vials."

    "Hey, you two," another voice whispered. "I ain't disturbing nothing am I?"

    Aurora turned around, "Kyle! No, no, nothing at all. We were just talking."

    She stood up and brushed herself off.

    Wildchild looked to Sasquatch. "Mind if I borrow her for a moment? There's a few things I needed to tell her, if you don't mind?"

    Sasquatch waved his hand. "No, no problem at all, Kyle. What we were talking about can wait. Trust me."

    Wildchild and Aurora walked along the shore…

    "What is it you wanted to talk to me about, Kyle?" Aurora asked, her arm entwined within his.

    "About us," Wildchild replied. "About our past… relationship."

    Aurora paled. "I am sorry for my reaction. I did not mean to attack you back then."

    Wildchild shook his head. "Don't worry about it, JM. You may not have been within your own, right mind."

    Aurora looked at Wildchild, aghast. "Are you suggesting one of my personalities surfaced and is to blame?"

    "No," Wildchild replied, matter-of-factly. "As a matter of fact, neither of us are to blame. The feelings we felt back then were not our own. They were… forced on us."

    "What do you mean?" Aurora asked, pausing.

    "Well, from my time with The Master, I learned from Mesmero and his daughter, Murmur, that they had manipulated our minds," Wildchild explained. "Seems that Mesmero learned of his daughter, Murmur, and found out she was a mutant, with the same powers as himself, though much more limited."

    He looked at the distant sky, then back to Aurora, "So he sought out some weaker minds to train her on."

    "What?" Aurora shouted. "Are you saying what I think you are?"

    Wildchild nodded. "Yes. They were in Canada, because Murmur's mother is from here. They knew of our history… with less than stable minds… and used us… to train Murmur to advance her powers."

    Aurora began to glow brightly. "I will kill them!" she shouted. "I will kill them all!"

    Wildchild shook his head. "Don't. It's done. They used us, they paid when we fought them and beat them to the ground."

    "That is not enough!" Aurora barked back.

    "Perhaps it's not," Wildchild shook his head. "But that's not up to us anymore. They are in the hands of the law."

    "Then we shall become the new law," Aurora sneered. "We shall judge them and execute what we see fit!"

    "And the moment you do," Wildchild remained remarkably calm, a sharp contrast to Aurora. "The moment you do, you're no better than them."

    The light faded and she shook her fists. "It's not right."

    "You're right," Wildchild agreed. "It's not. But then again, we will probably see them again."

    [Beneath Madison's home… ]

    Vindicator stood over Shaman's shoulder. "Have you managed to get any information about her?"

    Shaman shook his head. "I managed to retrieve some information from the Department H files that we were able to save. A lot of the data is corrupt or damaged beyond repair. But it looks here that there's not much known about our new guest, other than she goes by the name Lilli – and that's only because that's the name Department H gave her. Seems that she was some kind of transfer from Department M, but that data and information is lost."

    "It seems during her time with Department H, her superhuman powers caused a number of difficulties for her handlers. It's difficult to keep someone locked up when she can become intangible," Shaman said, looking over at Vindicator. Both of them looked at the girl who called herself "Ghost Girl" as she sat, cradling herself.

    "And apparently she ran away several times," Shaman continued. "During her unauthorized excursions, she had actually met Diamond Lil and Madison."

    "Right," Vindicator nodded. "And Diamond Lil said there's something familiar about her, but she couldn't place it."

    "There's a lot of mystery behind her origin," Shaman pressed a button on the keyboard. "And her ability to turn completely intangible and pass through solid objects, will make it difficult for us to keep her here if she wants to leave. Something interesting here," Shaman pointed at the screen, "it seems she's developed her powers somewhat during her time with Department H. She was able to use her own body, to create, what they describe as a `doorway' to allow others to pass through solid objects."

    Vindicator shook his head. "I just hope we can help her."

    "The best we can do is try," Shaman looked up. "The best we can do is try."

    [ Somewhere not too far… ]

    A female stood on a roof top, looking through a mask that covered her entire face. She looked from left to right, then jumped down, gliding almost upon the air.

    Landing on a flag pole, she spun around, and landed on the ground. She put her sword to her face, and smiled. "Alpha Flight, ready or not, here I come."

    NEXT ISSUE: Alpha Flight's returning Nemesis!

    Special thanks to DMK's Alpha Flight website for giving me the resources I needed when I was tired of flipping through my endless pages of notes! Please feel free to visit DMK's website at:

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    ALPHA FLIGHT #3: "The Nemesis Reborn." Tue Jun 1, 2004
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    "You!" Vindicator's fists glowed as he hovered just outside Madison's home. The trees swayed and a shadowed figure stepped forward.

    Nemesis smiled beneath her mask, though none could see it. She drew her sword and pointed the tip towards Vindicator. "Hello James," the cold voice beneath the mask welcomed hauntingly.

    Vindicator landed next to her. "What is you want?"

    Diamond Lil stepped out into the front yard. "Well, it looks like our Jane Doe has come back around?"

    Nemesis walked passed Vindicator, her shoulder purposely bumping into Vindicator's.

    As she approached Diamond Lil, she pointed her sword, "You know how I hate when you call me that, Lil." (1)

    "Wait," Vindicator turned around. "So you're the same Nemesis? I thought you died?" (2)

    "What? You, of all people, Hudson, are questioning someone's ability to return from the dead?" Nemesis looked over her shoulder. She shook her head, "It seems coming back from the dead is Alpha Flight's specialty. How many times have you come back? Or that orange lug, Sasquatch?"

    "Why does my resurrection always have to be the butt of every joke," Vindicator grumbled as he stepped into the house, behind Lil and Nemesis.

    [ Inside the home of Madison… ]

    "So you want to give us some back story?" Vindicator asked, leaning against the fireplace.

    "Not that I feel like I owe you any," Nemesis replied. "But, sure." Nemesis shook her head. "My father was a soldier in World War I, trapped in mustard gas filled trenches… his unusually strong power of will had allowed him to somehow deny the very doors of death itself… but not without a price."

    "As you know," she continued, "I was the daughter of Ernest St. Ives. I was fortunate enough to watch as my own father accidentally killed my mother, simply by touching her."

    "He came to terms with his touch of death," Nemesis explained, a deep distain emanating from her voice. "He was immortal and lived for decades, accumulating great power. Oddly enough, I could not die as well. I had grown old and fragile, while he had remained young and youthful."

    "Then it came to me," she whispered, her voice now barely above a whisper. "In a dream… a vision. A blade that was an atom in thickness… as impossible as that may sound. Having lived so long, I had researched on how to be young, for I continued to age, but I could not die. My research on cellular structure and atoms, helped me in the right direction. That's when I turned to magic to complete my research. With that knowledge, I formed my blade."

    "I started seeing through the eyes of all the people my father had killed using his power," Nemesis continued. "Suddenly it became clear to me what my mission in life was."

    She looked through her mask, and let her gaze go every member that had gathered around. "I was to kill my father."

    "And I did," her gaze had now gone to Northstar and Aurora, who had been there for the incident. "My sword should have put an end to his miserable life."

    Her voice grew hard. "But he had somehow been reassembled at the Montreal hospital where Scramble had been. My knowledge of magic was the only thing that had kept any of you alive, after he had touched you. I could feel him tugging at each of your souls, desiring their power."

    "It was Puck that took his life this time," Nemesis concluded. "Again, that should have been the end to my curse. And as I had assumed, with his death, I thought myself free of the curse, and crumbled to dust. Then it happened. What had been the dust of my body, spun around, and reformed; dust to flesh. The pain is an experience I cannot explain. And it did not stop there. Every night, every time I closed my eyes, even for a second, I could see the past horrors my father committed with his powers. So many victims over the years."

    "And now," she took a deep breath, "I see what my curse is. I am to redeem all the sins of my father, and make things right."

    "I approached the government, to research the people my father had been in contact with all these years, to get names and places, and took up leadership of Gamma Flight, in hopes of making amends for all of my father's sins, and hopefully free me of the curse that does not allow me the peace of death."

    "I had managed to find many of the siblings of the victims of my father, and spoke with them. I called them the Children of the Night. I wanted to make sure they could make peace with what my father had done, so that their souls could find peace. So that I could begin making amends. Not only for my own soul, but for theirs as well – so that they could find peace in death when their time came."

    As if cued from some stage, Shaman entered the room. "James, it would seem I have found something very interesting."

    He held a printout in each hand. "Here, we have Lilli's DNA readings. And ironically, when I ran it through the database to find a match – to possibly locate her parents… this printed out."

    Vindicator crossed the room and took the second print out into his hand. His brows came together in silent confusion, then looked up at Shaman. "Are you sure these are right?"

    "I ran several tests," Shaman answered. "They all came back the same."

    "And yet," Vindicator shook his head. "It makes sense."

    "It does," Shaman nodded. "Often times, the most obvious answer is the one most difficult to see."

    "What are you two babbling on about?" Diamond Lil asked.

    "Lillian Crawley," Shaman gestured towards Ghost Girl, "I want you to meet Lilli."

    "I met her before, earlier," Diamond Lil shrugged. "What's the scoop?"

    "It would seem her DNA read out is nearly exactly like yours," Shaman explained. "And yet some are drastically, and it appears, purposely, reversed."

    "What are you saying?" Madison asked, taking a step forward.

    "I am saying that it appears Department H took blood and DNA samples from us," Shaman went on to say, "to create their own super army."

    "Are you saying she's some kind of clone?" Diamond Lil asked.

    "In short, yes," Shaman nodded. "It would seem that they reversed the DNA that centers around your mutant power of being diamond hard."

    "And made her able to pass through solid objects," Diamond Lil finished Shaman's sentence.

    "And that is why she goes by the name Lilli," Shaman continued. "It's the name she knows as hers, from a variation of your own name."

    Diamond Lil embraced Ghost Girl. "You're like a sister!"

    Ghost Girl wept tears of sorrow and joy. She had known there was something wrong. Her childhood hardly seemed to be her own; and now she knew, it was not her life she had led up to this point. They had
    been the memories of Diamond Lil.

    But today she also found out who she was.

    More importantly she found a "sister" and "family."

    1. Diamond Lil had called Nemesis "Jane" once in MARVEL's Alpha Flight #76, Volume One.

    2. The original Nemesis appeared in MARVEL's Alpha Flight #8 and apparently died in Alpha Flight #32, only to have another, with her same outfit, and sword, and name appearing in Alpha Flight #76. Confused? No surprise. This is my attempt to fix that! So keep reading true believer!


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    Alpha Flight #4: "In The Limbo Once Again, For The First Time." Tue Aug 10, 2004
    By: Tawmis

    In a time of darkness, heroes stood up and fought for their country that they loved so much. Hated by their own government, questioned by the people of Canada – Alpha Flight never stops to ask why they do what they do. They are heroes. It is their duty. Welcome – Vindicator! Guardian! Sasquatch! Northstar! Aurora! Shaman! Puck! Snowbird! Welcome to – Alpha Flight!

    Shaman hovered several inches from the floor, his hands closed and resting on his knees. With his eyes closed and head tilted back, he reached outward with his magic.

    Something had seemed off balance for quite some time, and like a festering wound, it seemed to only become further infected.

    As his mind reached into the astral realm of magic, he took the time to reflect on all that had happened.

    Snowbird had returned and claimed Walter's body. Walter's soul had been placed within Tarnaq. Marinna had been found alive, and Master and Llan had both been defeated once again. Smart Alec had managed to free himself of Shaman's bag and resumed control over the Box armor and became, after a brief fight, a member of Alpha Flight. It had been revealed that the strange, young, girl known as "Ghost Girl" with the name of "Lilli" had actually been an experimental clone of Diamond Lil, with Department H, attempting to alter her genetics by reversing Diamond Lil's own DNA, and had done so successfully. Another member drafted into Alpha Flight to be trained beneath Lil and Madison's home.

    Change had seemed to be something that Alpha Flight had grown all too familiar with, or be swept under her cruel heels.

    Beads of sweat formed on Shaman's forehead. His brows came together as he fought what felt like an unseen hand of flame, wrapping its searing fingers around his body.

    He thrust his arms outwards, as if to break the hold of the unseen hand and rapidly stood to his feet.

    "Something's off balance," Shaman looked around. "That wasn't an attack, but someone reaching out for help."

    [ In the new Alpha Base Meeting Room ]

    "So you think this was someone seeking mystical help?" Vindicator stepped forwards, hands on his hips.

    "Yes," Shaman nodded. "And it was strangely… somehow, familiar."

    "Will you be able to trace it?" Guardian asked her voice soft with concern. "I mean to find out where it originated from?"

    "I've already done that," Shaman replied, laying down a parchment on the floor. "It took some time, as it seems to be out of time and space. But this is where it came from."

    "Where's that?" Sasquatch looked.

    "It is called, The Limbo. A realm ruled once by Colossus' young sister, Illyana Rasputin. From the records I was able to attain, it seems that Nightcrawler witnessed Amanda, who had taken on the new name of Magik, kill Belasco. Amanda, however, was believed to be dead as well. However, she has since emerged, which stands to reason that somehow Belasco has also survived the experience."

    "Yet you mentioned something familiar," Snowbird sat across the room, her arms folded across her chest, looking onward, guarded.

    "The magical signature that seemed to be reaching out was not that of Belasco's, but that of Witchfire."

    "Witchfire?" Guardian sat up. She winced as her broken leg reminded her of the wound she had suffered from the latest battle with Omega Flight.

    "Indeed," Shaman nodded. "It would seem that when she left us here (1), she headed for the X-Men, seeking out Amanda's help."

    "Amanda?" Sasquatch asked. "Kurt's old girlfriend, the magic user one?"

    "That would be her," Shaman nodded. "But, the last records I had of Amanda was that she had perished in a battle with Belasco, during Devil's Night. (2) It would seem however, from the files I was able to get from our American friends, the X-Men, that Amanda survived her fight with Belasco. The two of them had apparently merged. Amanda housed Belasco's soul, but over time became tainted by his power. It would seem Witchfire recruited Nightcrawler, and the two of them fought this merged being; and in the end, Witchfire took Amanda's place, and freed Amanda, but damned herself." (3)

    "So it's Ananym who is reaching out then?" Sasquatch asked.

    "It would appear so," Shaman agreed, with a slight nod. "I suspect she too is now feeling the influence of Belasco's dark power, and is in dire need of being saved."

    "Well then what are we waiting for?" Vindicator stood. He looked to his wife, "You stay here, Heather. I've heard about the Limbo, read the files. It's not a nice place." He looked around, "Going in will be Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman, Snowbird and myself. The rest of you stay here."

    He closed his eyes. "In case we don't make it back."

    [ Inside the Limbo ]

    The shimmering light vanished with a wave of Shaman's hand. Eyes quickly attempted to adjust to the ill lit caverns that made up the limbo. "Beware of the light disks that appear on the floor," Shaman warned, as several appeared and disappeared in a matter of seconds. "They're capable of teleporting you through time and space, for here, such laws do not exist."

    "Sensors are picking up something strange," Vindicator looked around. "Get the twins and tell them to begin checking out the halls for anyone."

    Suddenly, before he could react, a twisted version of what had once been Nightcrawler appeared before him. Missing an eye, and fangs more animalistic than James had remembered, hissed at him, as its blue, furred face emerged from the crimson brimstone.

    Claws, razor sharp on the end of each of this Nightcrawler's hand, raked at Vindicator's armor. Sparks flew from the armor as Vindicator stared in disbelief. "Kurt, what are you doing here? What's your business here?"

    Vindicator tapped the communicator to summon the twins, Aurora and Northstar, back. "Vindicator in! I have found him! Take him down!"

    It was clear this was not the Kurt Wagner that Vindicator had come to know as a member of the X-Men. This … Nightcrawler had been twisted and turned by foul magic.

    The pair of fists from Aurora and Northstar struck the disfigured Nightcrawler with incredible force. Unable to retain consciousness, the mangled Nightcrawler collapsed.

    "Should we wait till he regains consciousness and ask him some questions," Sasquatch leaned over to examine `Nightcrawler.'

    "We could," Vindicator looked the body over. "But I don't think there's anything left of his mind. Whatever we know, probably does not hold true, as Michael had said. That is probably a Nightcrawler of another time and place, twisted by Belasco."

    "You dare enter Belasco's Realm?" another voice boomed.

    Vindicator turned, a surprised look on his face. "The… The New Mutants?"

    Indeed, there, standing in flesh and blood was Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Mirage, apparently led by an aged Storm.

    "Boss ain't gonna be too happy having all these party crashes," another voice from the other side, casually commented.

    Vindicator turned to see a massive form, of pure, rippling, purple muscle step out of the shadows, wearing a small black vest. "The name's S'ym chum. Make a note of it, because pretty soon, that's gonna be the name you're screaming out, when you want mercy from me!"

    Before Vindicator could react, a blast of black energy struck him from the back. He turned to see Sunspot's fists lit up with black and yellow beams of light. Vindicator looked to the rest of Alpha Flight. "Those aren't the New Mutants we know! They're just like the `Nightcrawler' we ran into! Take them down!"

    Vindicator took to the air, surprised to see that Sunspot was capable of launching blasts of powerful, searing energy from his fists.

    The woman, who appeared to be Storm, now stepped into the light. Adorned with the white mohawk and leather straps, with small red horns and fangs; it was now clearer than ever, that who they faced was not the people they knew.

    Launching a spell of magic from her hands, Shaman barely managed a spell to deflect it at the last moment.

    "When did Storm learn magic?" Sasquatch asked, as he and S'ym became a tangled mess of flying orange and purple fists.

    "The records I obtained from the X-Men," Shaman began to explain, "say that when Storm was down here the first time, that she felt a strange bond to magic. And the reports of Illyana's time down here show that she encountered a version of Storm that was capable of powerful magic; and that there had even been one that had been turned by Belasco!" (4)

    "I am guessing that's where these versions of the New Mutants came along!" Vindicator commented.

    Several more plasma based blasts struck Vindicator's armor. "Incredible," he muttered to himself. "He's actually beginning to over heat my armor!" Vindicator blasted at Sunspot, who allowed the beams to pass through him. `If memory serves me right,' Vindicator thought to himself, `Sunspot gets all his powers directly from the sun… but there's no sun here… must be Belasco's doing… as well as being able to blast right through him!'

    Before Snowbird could react, what appeared to be a browned furred wolf had jumped on her. Shoving the vicious creature from her body, Snowbird took to the air to stare down at the beast. Fearsome to behold, the wolf bared its white fangs.

    Suddenly the wolf took form, of something between woman and wolf, and with amazing speed, agility and grace, sprung from the ground and was once again upon Snowbird. The two spiraled and crashed into the solid, cavern floor. Snowbird extended her arm outward, attempting to keep the werewolf from digging its fangs deep into her throat. This fearsome creature had once been the placid, shy, timid Rahne Sinclaire.

    Aurora flew at Sunspot, only to find herself struck by some force that slammed her against the wall. Aurora, through a hazy gaze, looked to see who her attacker had been. A young, blond boy – whose skin was pulled tight over his skeleton. Empty eyes looked down at her. Samuel Guthrie, formerly one of the leaders of the New Mutants.

    Northstar witness the attack and immediately reacted. However, at that moment, he saw his sister slain before his own eyes. There was an explosion after the car crash. Only he had been thrown from the car. He ran to the inferno of the car that held his parents and sister, and saw the flesh melt from their bodies, like burning candles. Northstar fell to his knees, hands in his hair as he screamed towards the heavens, where he could not see beyond the cavern. If he had only seen that it had been a twisted version of Mirage who had manipulated his mind.

    S'ym slammed Sasquatch against the wall. "Chum, I'd give it up if I were you. I have fought you and the rest of your `Alpha Flight' squad and killed all of you, repeatedly! Mind you, fight if you want! I certainly don't mind being mildly amused," S'ym brought his fist down on Sasquatch's bloody face. "But for your sake, it'd be best just to die, really."

    S'ym brought his fist upward and down one more time, however this time it did not connect to beaten face. Instead, Sasquatch's massive orange hand caught S'ym fist. "You know," Sasquatch replied, kicking S'ym feet from under him. "You talk entirely too much."

    Vindicator shouted, "Northstar! You need to get up man! She's messing with your mind!" Another blast struck Vindicator. His meter went critical.

    `I need Northstar and Aurora together,' Vindicator thought to himself. `If I am right about Sunspot and the signature readings my armor is generating from his blasts…'

    Vindicator blasted at Mirage, who had twisted versions of everyone's nightmares dancing around her in corporeal form.

    The second blast struck Mirage, sending her flying into a wall.

    The images melted away from Northstar's mind. Standing up, eyes locked forward, a vengeance burned in Northstar's eyes.

    "Get to Aurora! Clasp hands!" Vindicator shouted. "I need you two to do that beam of light!"

    Northstar flew to Aurora's side, and struck the unsuspecting Cannonball. Without him blasting, Cannonball rapidly fell victim to Northstar's fists. One hundred and thirty six blows to the head and jaw in two seconds, sent Cannonball crumbling like a severed puppet.

    Reaching out his hand to Aurora, the two clasped hands, sending a bright line through the cavern. The light reached Sunspot, who suddenly screamed at the pure energy of the light. When the light faded, Sunspot was no more.

    "Just as I thought," Vindicator noted. "Knowing the sun did not shine here in Limbo, Belasco reshaped Sunspot – made his powers derive themselves from the darkness… and he became, in essence, a living shadow. With the pure light, he could not last and he dissipated!"

    Sasquatch caught S'ym fist again and grinned. "Man, tell me this ain't the best you got?"

    S'ym growled. "How is it you still stand?"

    "Probably because you ain't fought me before," Sasquatch brought his fist slammed into S'ym's face, sending the purple demon stumbling backwards. "You see, you probably fought versions of me that were, technically, still `human.' But you see, this body? It's not human. I can't even shift to human." Sasquatch pounded his orange fist into S'ym's chest. "I have tried, but can't. Because, you see, there's no human form in me. It's my human soul inside this Great Beast's body." Another fist sent S'ym tumbling back again. "And that, my friend, is why my strength reaches above 100 tons, easily. I don't even break a sweat anymore. But let me tell you, I can break you."

    Sasquatch grabbed S'ym by the throat and held him at arm's length.

    "Now to snap that thick neck of yours," Sasquatch growled.

    S'ym kicked off from Sasquatch, using his powerful legs to launch off Sasquatch's chest. S'ym fell back into a light circle and teleported away.

    "Son of a," Sasquatch growled.

    He turned.

    Next to him, Snowbird still fought Wolfsbane. Sasquatch kneeled down, picked up Wolfsbane by the scruff of her neck. "Bad doggy," Sasquatch put Wolfsbane to his face. She snapped at him, trying to bite his face. "Time to teach this ***** some manners."

    Sasquatch slammed her against a wall, and broke her ribs and robbed her of her air.

    She yelped, and crashed to the ground when he released her, lapsing into unconsciousness.

    "My thanks," Snowbird nodded, as Sasquatch helped her up.

    Snowbird then took wolf form herself, and ran past Storm's magical barrier. Wolf fangs tore into Storm's throat and ripped her jugular from her neck.

    Storm gasped, holding her throat, she fell to her knees, dying quickly.

    Snowbird took human shape and looked down as Storm gasped, dying, drowning within her own blood.

    "There could have been another way," Vindicator landed next to Storm.

    Snowbird did not even turn around as she wiped the blood from her mouth. "As you said, these are not the people we know."

    "They're still people," Vindicator snapped back.

    "No," Snowbird shook her head, still not looking back as she walked on. "They ceased being human long, long ago. You do not have the benefit of sensing their evil within them."

    They stepped into the throne room, and there, upon the throne sat Witchfire. Her long red hair, flowing to the middle of her back. Small horns peered from the top of her head, yellow eyes peered forward. A tail swayed back and forth.

    Witchfire stood. "So you have finally come, have you?"

    "Ananym," Shaman stepped forward. "I sense Belaco's influence within you. You are stronger than he is. I've seen your true power potential. You can fight him. You can beat him."

    Witchfire's fists ignited. Her eyes flashed. Then she fell to her knees.

    Shaman reached into his pouch and rapidly threw dust onto Witchfire. A circle of pure white light formed around her.

    "Spirits of the North," Shaman raised his hands. "Purge that which lies within her! Give her light of hope, and drive the darkness of despair! Give her a chance to live as any person should live!"

    She tilted her head back and screamed, then slumped forward, caught by Shaman.

    Weary eyes looked up, "Michael?"

    "I am right here, Ananym," Shaman replied. "I am right here."

    Looking around, ensuring his team had gathered around him, Shaman then cast the spell to return to Earth.

    [ Alpha Flight's Medical Center – Three Basements Down in the Madison Home ]

    Ananym laid in bed, with Michael tending to her.

    "All the readings appear normal," Shaman concluded.

    Ananym sat up. "Thank you for everything," her voice was soft and compassionate.

    "It is the least we could do," Shaman answered. "I am glad to see that you are safe. So," he paused, "have you decided?" Though he asked the question, he could see it in her eyes.

    "Yes," Witchfire swung her legs over. "I am going to go and study under Stephen Strange."

    Shaman nodded, knowingly, and smiled. "I have already called him and made arrangements. They will pick you up at the New York airport."

    She slid off the medical bed and hugged Shaman. "Thank you again. Just for… everything."

    "Anytime," Shaman answered. "Anytime at all. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for."

    "Me too," Witchfire smiled. "Me too."

    [ In the Limbo ]

    S'ym brushed himself off and shook his head. "I can't believe I had to let that orange fuzz ball beat on me like that." S'ym turned his head towards the shadows. "I assume you're feeling better, boss?"

    Belasco stepped out of the shadows and sat upon his throne. "Yes. Yes. Much better. You did an excellent job, S'ym. I will reward you by sparing your life."

    Belasco stared at his hands and watched them glow. "I have managed to absorb power from both Amanda and Witchfire, my own daughter! Now, I am infinitely more powerful than ever!"

    Belasco tilted his head back and laughed.

    The eerie sound echoed throughout Limbo.

    Throughout space.

    Throughout time.

    And the shadows grew dark once more.

    1. Witchfire left Alpha Flight in Alternate Marvel's Alpha Flight #5: "Reborn."

    2. Amanda apparently died during the Devil's Night Crossover in Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #361: "The Devil Went Down To Manhattan."

    3. Sound insane? Well, it's true! Check out Alternate Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #367: "Into the Limbo."

    4. See Marvel's Most X-Cellent Limited Series, entitled MAGIK. What Shaman speaks of happens in Marvel's Magik #3.

    5. The New Mutants appeared briefly, in their car, into the Limbo in Marvel's Magik #3. Apparently these versions of the New Mutants did not manage to escape and became twisted versions of themselves!

    Well true believers! This is it for me and ALPHA FLIGHT – for now! It's time that I pass the reigns off to Ken, who you might know from the title he's doing for us here at ALTERNATE MARVEL called BLADE! If you have not checked out BLADE, I'd highly recommend taking a look over there!

    What does Ken have planned for the members of ALPHA FLIGHT? You're going to have to keep your eyes glued here! But I will give you a hint! Expect to see the IMPERIAL GUARD, from the pages of UNCANNY X-MEN! Expect some new characters to make their appearance here in the pages of ALPHA FLIGHT, as well as expect a roster shake up! If that isn't a hint that he's got some big plans that have not yet been seen here under my run – well, then I don't know what else to tell you! But look for nothing but good things here!

    And if you're wondering about WITCHFIRE – you can follow more of her adventures over in the pages of THE DEFENDERS, written by none other than me!

    Until next time, take care all of you!


    Special thanks to DMK's Alpha Flight website for giving me the resources I needed when I was tired of flipping through my endless pages of notes! Please feel free to visit DMK's website at:

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    Sadly Alternate Marvel isn't around. The site has been moved a few times now. Currently it resides on:

    I am not sure if anyone even attends to it anymore. I left somewhere in like 2005 or 2006.

    Anyway, figured I'd share my old (and reading it again, sometimes very bad Fanfic) with some other AF fans. Enjoy if you dare to read. Would love to hear feedback - even on these old, old, old stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tawmis View Post
    A little back story... Alternate Marvel was composed of a bunch of writers who wrote in a "shared universe" of Marvel. The time line for Alternate Marvel breaks off from regular Marvel in their battle against Onslaught. In Alternate Marvel, they defeat Onslaught in a big epic fight. There's casualties on all sides. The first issue of this fanfic I wrote for Alternate Marvel was all about "cleaning up and fixing" Alpha Flight, since it was left in a broken state by the time the series ended in RMU (Regular Marvel Universe, because at the time I don't think there was even a VOL2 yet for the series in RMU, I can't remember now)
    And to be clear, I meant V2 being released around the time of Onslaught. V2 was released by the time I started writing these stories, as the characters are referenced.

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    I wish I could use your help on my fanfic ALpha FLight series. Co-writer would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by mos_def View Post
    I wish I could use your help on my fanfic ALpha FLight series. Co-writer would be appreciated
    You read the above and still want my help? There's something seriously wrong with you! LOL

    Honestly though, if you want any help, I'd be more than happy to extend whatever help I could!

    I'd be honored actually.

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    If you are serious, I will take you up on that offer. I can send you links to the series or plots that have occured. what I got now is just idea plots that I have for the next few issues as I plan to just paste what I got and fill in from there

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