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Thread: The Alpha Flight RPG Thread

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    The Beta Chronicles already exists... so, I'm posting there.

    Everyone, let's keep AF alive at least in RP form.

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    I'm already playing Northstar on a RPG in yahoo group, but would totally love to play more / other characters if someone wants to start a new yahoo group one. Let me know on here and Im in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raja View Post
    Nice to see this thread inching toward an RPG. Some interest is better than none and I'd love to see it get off to a running start.

    I'm claiming Wildchild - a character biography will come soon.
    Aaaagh! You beat me to it! Damn website being down so long and all... I almost want to be mad at you, but I love fellow Wildchild fans too much.

    I'll claim Diamond Lil then.
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