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Thread: Alpha Flight may appear in new Wolverine series

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    Default Alpha Flight may appear in new Wolverine series

    Hey guys! Long time no post.

    Anyways, this is from an interview that went up today with Jason Aaron at CBR:

    1) Can you give any hints about who we'll meet when Wolverine goes to Hell later this year? Might we see Mort the Dead Teenager?

    Ha! Nice Mort reference. Bravo. No, we won't see Mort. We will see plenty of other notable characters, though, some of whom you'll be expecting to find in Hell and others who might come as a surprise. Logan is sure to encounter lots of folks in Hell that he helped put there, but he'll also run into a few folks he can call allies. You want a hint? I'm a big fan of the original Alpha Flight series. There's your hint.

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    Yup, he mentioned something similar when his 'Wolverine in Hell' plot was first announced, definitely looking forward to this! I still say Puck's the most likely one to be involved.

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