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    Default Alpha Flight #0

    Julia Carpenter, known as Arachne, storms into a room and plops herself down across from Walter Langkowski, known as Sasquatch. He looks up from his food but remains eating. Arachne impatiently interrupts him.

    Arachne: OK, if I'm going to stay in Canada, become Canadian, let my daughter grow up here, and be a part of the hero team that protects Canada, I need you to open up Pandora's Box.

    Sasquatch: Come again?

    Arachne: Rachel loves it here. The school, the city, the friends. She's even bugging me to get Leaf tickets. She watched the Argos get pummeled by the Stampeders last night and wasn't pleased. I like being the only spider gal in town. But if I'm going to stay there can't be any secrets. Whatever I agree to join, I need you to answer all of my questions; 'I don't know' is not an option.

    Sasquatch grins

    Arachne: 20-plus questions, no holds barred.

    Sasquatch leans back in his chair, still grinning. Fair enough. I want you to stay, I want you to be happy. No secrets it is.

    Arachne: Is Marrina still alive?

    Sasquatch: No, but rumours have been bandied about that the Master had Plodex clones. But Marrina is dead, any clone wouldn't have her memories, knowledge, or experience.

    Arachne: Fair enough. What's up with Snowbird, then, she's a clone after all.

    Sasquatch: Snowbird's body was a clone but the Northern gods put Narya's spirit into it, so she really is Snowbird.

    Arachne: What about those time-travelling teammates you had...

    Sasquatch: They disappeared soon after they appeared, once their usefulness ended.

    Arachne: How can you be sure they didn't just teleport or something?

    Sasquatch: If they still existed there'd be two sets of Beaubier twins running around, and a younger Heather Hudson taking care of her older self's daughter. No evidence of any of that.

    Arachne: Back to Snowbird. Will she be joining us?

    Sasquatch: Not likely. I believe she needs a mystic anchor to stay in a group. Shaman was it, Talisman or Earthmover could be it, if they'd join. But Talisman isn't here, and I really don't like knowing where Earthmover is.

    Arachne: Did James Hudson have anything to do with Weapon X, or Weapon Plus?

    Sasquatch: No, no. Mac was never a Weapon subject.

    Arachne: But he was Weapon Alpha...

    Sasquatch: A very poor choice of codename. He didn't like it and changed it very quickly. The whole reason he left Am-Can was to avoid military usage of his technology, calling himself Weapon Alpha seemed to go against that. Vindicator was OK but really, Guardian made a lot of sense.

    Arachne: What did he have to do with Logan, then?

    Sasquatch: He and Heather found him, helped him regain his humanity, his dignity, became two of his best friends after Weapon X.

    Arachne: So Hudson didn't create Weapon X, or work for it, or do the adamantium thing...

    Sasquatch: Rumours and conspiracies. Mac created Department H, Alpha Flight, became Guardian. He would've been 21 when Weapon X started up, do you think an engineering student would have time to learn about Weapon Plus, branch off Weapon X, and do all the genetics needed to...

    Arachne: OK, OK, you made your point. Next question: Why was Puck in jail, before he joined Alpha Flight?

    Sasquatch: Judd had an awfully interesting life. At that time he had been out of SHIELD for almost three years, with CSIS all that time. He was sent to check up on a Chinese diplomat, the Ambassador's adjutant, and funny thing, the Ambassador worked for HYDRA, the adjutant got killed, Judd was blamed for the foul-up. He was a good soldier and took his lumps.

    Arachne: What are the Legacies?

    Sasquatch: Whew. Well, back before Department H, when mutants were still a myth, the government brought together a few mutants to study them. The building where they were staying in was destroyed, most of them were killed. 11 kids were orphans, the government put them in Hull House. Turned out 8 were mutants too. Hence the usage of 'Legacies' to describe them.

    Arachne: What did the H stand for in Department H?

    Sasquatch: laughing Hudson. Or Human. Take your pick.

    Arachne: What was Department H for?

    Sasquatch: Initially it was to create, train, and support levels of 'Flight' teams. But it grew into an organization doing genetic experiments, playing with Weapon X, a tangled mess by the time the government shut it down.

    Arachne: I know he's gone but do you think Pointer is a bad person?

    Sasquatch: Michael Pointer is not evil, or bad. He's quiet, unassuming, non-confrontational. But since his mutant powers manifested he's become evil, a loose cannon, a danger to all around him. I think Pointer doesn't really exist anymore, his powers have changed who and what he is so much. If he lost his powers he could regain some of his milquetoast personality but I think the true Pointer is gone forever.

    Arachne: Do you ever see your son?

    Sasquatch: Over the 'net. He and his mother still live in South Africa. I try and talk to him every month.

    Arachne: Are you really the only survivor of Pointer's rampage? What about Puck, I know....

    Sasquatch: Looking serious for a change Thankfully, I don't have that survivor's guilt. Eugene Milton Judd didn't have Raazer in him for so long and not gain any anything for it. The mystic energy that permeated Judd for so long has kept him alive. You've seen him trained with him, trust me, there is no grave. Puck is one of us. The real deal. I know the man.

    Arachne: So how long have you been planning the return of Alpha Flight, Department H?

    Sasquatch: Since before Omega Flight. I've had my plans in motion before I even knew Omega Flight was to be created.

    Arachne: How did you get Department H back?

    Sasquatch: It wasn't just me. CSIS was never capable of running Flight, they don't have the ability or mandate to do superhuman affairs justice, try as they might. A lot of people knew that. Unless we wanted foreigners running the show, we needed Department H back.

    Arachne: I know it'll still be secret, but why?

    Sasquatch: To be effective it has to be out of the public's eye. Alpha Flight can be public.

    Arachne: So who'd the director, who's in charge?

    Sasquatch: You know Brown wanted it, so did Oculus, but they'll have to settle for being department heads. The Cabinet and DND agreed on Director Gentry, over them and Beatrice DeLasalle.

    Arachne: Standing up OK. I"m convinced, I'm staying. I've seen enough and learned enough.

    Just then, warning siren sounds. "The Weapon Hold", says Sasquatch. They rush past others and get to the Hold first. The door is still locked up. Sasquatch rips it off. The room is basically undisturbed at first glance, but both heroes notice what's wrong.

    Arachne: The new Guardian suit, and the Nemesis sword and uniform.

    They race outside but find no trace of the thieves, or the missing items. Sasquatch looks at Arachne grimly.

    Sasquatch: Agent Crosson, Arachne and I need to go to Department H. Tell Puck and Director Gentry we're coming.

    Arachne: Why Department H? Shouldn't we look for clues?

    Sasquatch: No. Trust me, I can't explain it but I think I know what just happened. Our CSIS days are over, by the way.

    Racing along in full costume, they come to the new Department H. Puck is waiting outside with two guards. He motions for the other two to follow him inside

    Puck: I got your message. I guess the spit hit the fan early,eh?

    Sasquatch: What have you got?

    Oculus: Activity in the Dreamqueen spectrum showed up first, then a teleport north of Kelowna. We captured this image.

    Sasquatch: The Master, Earthmover, a new Tech-Noir and Box-like Forearm, Brain Drain, Delphine Courtney, Weapon Omega. So the cat came out to play, finally. The fog has lifted.

    Arachne: But the Master's dead!

    Puck: We always doubted that Danvers actually killed him. He's too paranoid to be killed that easily. He's lost a lot of clout but he's still the Master. And he has pretty potent friends now, he got to Weapon Omega quickly. Tech-Noir looks udapted and Forearm sure bulked up.

    Sasquatch: What connection do they have to the Dreamqueen Realm spike?

    Puck: Hard to tell. They may have come from there, went there, or maybe their movement caught the Deamqueen's attention is all.

    Arachne: What does this have to do with the CSIS thefts, then?

    Sasquatch: I told you I'd been working on Department H and Alpha Flight since before Omega Flight. I could choose new recruits, but train them?

    Arachne: Talisman. She's been training them. She's behind the theft.

    Puck: Bingo. She had to have picked up on either the Dreamqueen spike or maybe the Master somehow. So she used her powers to get into CSIS, arm our new recruits, and get out.

    Arachne: So the Hudsons aren't dead?

    Sasquatch: Mac and Heather yes, but that doesn't mean we didn't have other options.

    Arachne: The Legacies? Persuasion? Manikin?

    Sasquatch: Not quite. But experienced agents two of them are. We need to shake a leg. Get Talisman to come here with them.

    They head off to the airplane hangar where a small but recognizable craft remains. As they approach the craft Talisman appears with Guardian, Nemesis, and someone Arachne doesn't have a clue about, a young Inuit girl.

    Arachne: Introduce me, I'd like to know who I'm working with.

    Puck: Arachne, Julia, I'd like to introduce, Mitchell Hudson, once known as Tygerstryke, the only survivor of Weapon PRIME. Mac's younger brother...

    Arachne: I didn't even know he had brothers!

    Sasquatch: They vary in age a lot, Victor Hudson was 12 years older than James, Mitchell here is 9 years younger.

    Arachne: Their poor mother!

    Puck: Usually Nemesis is a mystery to us, but not this time. We got to choose, and we hoped to get Witchfire but we got lucky. Meet Willow Dancer!

    Sasquatch: And our newest member has no battle experience. She lived a nomadic life but with her powers her parents thought she needed to live with her own kind. She agreed, and joined us last year. Her real name is Beth Aglukaark, but she is called Angukkuq. Her powers appear telekinetic but she's no mutant, she has a strong sense for the environment around her and can move things thusly, not with her mind. Sure looks telekinetic, though.

    Arachne: Pleased to meet you all! What are....

    Guardian: Sorry, we'll have to trade stories later. We need to head to the place where the Master was scanned. Pick up his trail. Get in.

    Sasquatch: We'll meet Talisman there. Let's be clear, everyone; we're Alpha Flight. We have a legacy like no other. Some of us would love to put the hurt on Pointer but remain objective, we need to find out what's going on. Once we land I want Guardian, Nemesis and Angukkuq to go up and scout around. We'll scan the site below. Once there, Guardian is in charge.

    And so we leave them. What is going on? Can Alpha Flight figure it out in time? What connection do the Dreamqueen and Master have, if any? Is anyone else involved? Wow.
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    Default Alpha Flight#1, in part

    How it all started....

    In the Prime Minister's office, we see the Prime Minister sitting at her desk. Across from her is Norman Osborne, Director of HAMMER.

    Osborne: ...the increasing level of threats from across your border into the States gives us more than enough cause for concern. We have well over one hundred times the resources you have to combat super powered terrorism in all its forms. I will personally oversee any activities that may cause HAMMER forces, including the Avengers, to go into Canadian territory. That is simply the reality we all face.

    PM: Thank you for your time, Director Osborne. I will bring your concerns to the Cabinet.

    Osborne: I hope we can come to an accommodation. I wouldn't want to have to play cowboy. Good day, Madame Prime Minister.

    PM: Good day to you, sir.

    After Osborne leaves the PM sighs. She doesn't look around when she says...

    PM: So, did you get all that?

    Agent Brown: Yes, Madame. I don't think he has any intention of holding back.

    PM: SHIELD and Fury made the same arguments. 'Think of it as a super power NORAD', he'd say. Even though I was only a junior minister I got the word. Fury didn't always respect sovereignty but at least he had the decency to try and broker a deal ahead of time.

    Brown: Yes, Department H was almost joined at the hip with SHIELD at the end.

    PM: We can't allow this. We have to get a true fighting force up and running now, before Osborne has a fait accompli.

    Brown: CSIS will need time to get a fully-prepped team in the field, but....

    PM: No! That is out of the question. CSIS is not equipped to deal with this, that's been proven. You couldn't maintain a viable team or gather new recruits.

    Brown: Our mandate was....

    PM: No and no again! Agent Brown, we can't waste time. I'm getting the Cabinet together tonight. I'm going to reinstate Department H, and Alpha Flight with it. Too many in the Commons would be willing to negotiate with Osborne, we have to cut out that option.

    Brown: Begging your pardon, ma'am, but how will reinstating Department H speed things up? The logistics of hiring alone....

    PM: Give me some credit. The Department of National Defence has been organizing Department H since USAgent left our shores. All they need is a green light and it's ready to roll.

    Brown: Operating from where? Department H was dismantled as a biohazard over a year ago.

    PM: The new Hazmat center in Oshawa will do fine. Department H will operate as an autonomous cell withing the DND, the building itself will be perfect.

    Brown: But what about administration, agents....

    PM: All I really can't do is appoint the Director, the rest of the administration is in place. As far as agents, I've had Dr. Langkowski on speed dial for months. He assures me he can get Alpha Flight off the ground in under two weeks if needed.

    Brown: So what can I do?

    PM: Glad you asked. I need your most recent evaluation of what super powered threats we face, or could face, a threat assessment. I need it by 7 o'clock, an hour before Cabinet meets.

    Brown: Even the Master rumours?

    PM: Everything.

    Brown: Won't that make fence sitters believe Osborne is right?

    PM: It'll make them see we need to take care of our own problems, not give away our sovereignty. Let Canadians solve Canadian problems, no matter the cost.

    Brown salutes and leaves, wondering about his chances at the Directorship. The Prime Minister calls up Langkowski to ask about his status and how the team is shaping up. And to ask if Carpenter can be trusted. The PM makes it very clear to Brown and the Cabinet, as she did to Langkowski months ago: whoever is allowed to join AF has to be committed to it, no agents who'll quit and take their football home because they don't want to follow orders, no one leaving for a better offer. Only agents committed to the demands and risks of Alpha Flight were to be brought in from the cold. Any sign of weakness about their role, send them home. Soon she will meet Guardian, Angukkuq, Nemesis, Talisman, Arachne, and Sasquatch, to officially give them command and set them loose. Alpha Flight.
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    Default Alpha Flight #2

    Guardian silently glided over the forest in the bright sunshine. 'Not the best time for reconnaissance', he thought. Off to his left he could still see Nemesis, hovering in position. Angukkuq had joined Sasquatch, Talsiman, Puck, and Arachne on the ground.

    Puck: We'd better stay together. If the Hardliners appear we need to get our act together quickly.

    Arachne: I'm going to get into the trees, I need some hang time.

    Talisman: They are near.

    Angukkuq: No, they are here.

    Suddenly, a series of bodies appear out of teleport paths. Weapon Omega immediately heads skyward to engage Guardian. Earthmover lines up Talisman.

    Puck: They've got a plan, mess them up!

    Forearm, Tech-Noir, and Courtney go after the team on the ground, with Brain Drain holding back. Arachne maneuvers with Puck to go after Courtney, Sasquatch engages Forearm, while Nemesis takes on Tech-Noir. Angukkuq drinks in the scene.

    Sasquatch: Testing out your new tech, hey Forearm?

    Forearm: Tests are for children!

    Forearm's new tech is formidable, his strength is twice what it was. Earthmover is giving Talisman all she can handle as their fight rages above the treeline. He clearly wants to keep her in the sky. Guardian and Weapon Omega are likewise having an intense conflict. Tech-Noir is doing all she can to keep Nemesis at bay, her speed is making it difficult to target her weapons. Puck can't get close to the android Courtney and Arachne's psi-webs aren't having much effect.

    Guardian: Puck, Arachne, close ranks! Be available to aid someone else!

    The Master is not in evidence. Weapon Omega and Guardian are unleashing a lot of energy. Several bolts from Guardian fly past Weapon Omega.

    Weapon Omega: You clearly are a novice at this!

    Guardian: So you say.

    Weapon Omega looks down. Forearm is smoking, having been hit by Guardian's 'misses'. Weapon Omega goes for higher ground to prevent Guardian from such a maneuver again.

    Brain Drain finally takes action. He goes after Puck and Arachne first, driving them to the ground. But as he does so, Angukkuq moves too; Brain Drain finds himself pushed across the forest and slammed into a tree. In the meantime, the energy released by Talisman and Earthmover becomes more intense and is changing the landscape they are fighting on.

    Sasquatch: We've got to wrap this up. The harder those two go at it, the more dangerous it is for everything in the area.

    Courtney is doing her best to engage Puck, Arachne, and Angukkuq but his being pushed around by Angukkuq and having trouble compensating. Brain Drain stays down. Forearm seems to be giving Sasquatch an even fight when Sasquatch leaps up. Confused, Forearm watches him go.

    Guardian: Heads up people! We're not alone!

    Armoured Hardliners start appearing. They fire at each of the Alpha Flight team, though the Guardian, Talisman, and Angukkuq ignore them easily. When Sasquatch comes back down he thunders into Forearm, trying to disable him. Failing that he keeps up the pressure, forcing Forearm back. The Hardliners move to support him.

    Guardian: Close up ranks, multiple targets, start taking them out!

    Forearm unleashes a cannon blast at Sasquatch but Sasquatch handles it, barely. Brain Drain starts to get up but is once again flung to and fro from tree to tree by Angukkuk.

    Forearm: Hardliners, get your heads in the game, concentrate on one target for Master's sake!

    Suddenly, Forearm finds being pulled through the air.

    Forearm: Hey!!

    Sasquatch flattens the airborne Forearm with one punch. The Hardliners then start firing an him and Angukkuq. Tech-Noir and Courtney also increase their fire rate. Suddenly, a smoking body falls in their midst. Weapon Omega

    Guardian: I"m going to help Talisman, Angukkuq, you too!

    Talisman switches to help Arachne with Courtney. Sasquatch goes after Tech-Noir. Puck deals with the rest of the Hardliners.

    Courtney: Hit them hard! Show the Master you deserve to be with him! No mercy!

    Her words fall on deaf ears. Even with the intense fire and energy flying around, Nemesis hits Tech-Noir, who is visibly hurt. Arachne gets her webbed up. Some Hardliners move to support Tech-Noir but that exposes them; Arachne, Nemesis and Puck start to make short work of them

    Guardian and Angukkuq's efforts are denting Earthmover's attacks, he has to fall back into more of a defensive mode.

    Brain Drain and Forearm try to help but neither is in any shape to interfere. Weapon Omega tries to get up only to find himself pounded by Puck.

    Earthmover sees what's happening and turns everything he can on fire. In the blaze he moves to collect his allies. Talisman uses her spells to put out the flames as the Hardliners 'port to safety. Angukkuq and Guardian help smother the flames.

    Puck: We hurt them, but they live to fight another day. Too bad.

    Guardian: Yes. They got to test us, got a measure of us, now get to lick their wounds. But we got their measure, too. We know we can take them.

    Talisman: Don't get cocky.

    Arachne: So that's all this was? Just a random brawl?

    Sasquatch: No, they hoped to kill and/or capture us. They didn't show up to just get a fight in before sunset.

    Nemesis: It's worse than we think. Talisman should've been able to match Moss. She was losing. As powerful a shaman as he is, she should be able to match him.

    Talisman: He had help.

    Nemesis: Yes, but from where? I had no sense of any other beings.

    Talisman: I could clearly feel he was getting a boost, but I had no time to sense it.

    Angukkuq: Not here.

    Puck: Eh?

    Angukkuq: Not here. Not here.

    Nemesis: His help wasn't here. The Master?

    Puck: How would he give a mystic a boost?

    Talisman: The Dreamqueen.

    Sasquatch: You're sure?

    Talisman: I can feel what he left behind now. I'm sure. That's why Angukkuq said the help didn't come from here. Not even our universe.

    Guardian: (grimacing: Just great. The Master has struck a deal with the Dreamqueen. We have our work cut out for us.

    Sasquatch: We have to inform HAMMER and others, unfortunately. We can't assume the Master will only operate in Canada.

    Arachne: I'm guessing Alpha Flight just rose up to Avenger status.

    Puck: We've got our work cut out for us. The Master and the Dreamqueen on one side, HAMMER on another, and more to come. I'd say the Master isn't going to be subtle anymore. Sledgehammer tactics.

    Guardian: We'll do what it takes to stop them. Canadian problems, Canadian solutions.

    Puck: Amen to that.
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    then a teleport north of Kelowna
    As somebody a mere 50 kilometres North of Kelowna, I got chills...

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