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My SDCC Stash-age (Jpeg heavy)
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Thread: My SDCC Stash-age (Jpeg heavy)

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    Default My SDCC Stash-age (Jpeg heavy)

    I got a few issues signed by Jim Califiore (Exiles) and was going to get a sketch of Sas, but it was pretty much the same price as some original art, so I bought a page featuring Tanaraq.
    Jim said that he enjoyed drawing the 'evil version' and had a lot of fun with it.

    I also got a Paradise X page featuring the(/a) future Sas and Mac, from Bill Reinhold (the inker, pencils by Dougie Braithwaite.

    To my suprise (he wasn't listed on the site previously) Sean Chen was present, so I bought a new copy of THE Alpha Flight issue of his Wolvie run and got a siggy on it, and commisioned a sketch from him;
    which I'm still drooling over a week later.

    I briefly spoke to Seagle and Roleau about Vol.2, and got a few siggy's from them, the #12 was particularly noteworthy with Steve crossing out Sas's head from the cross-hair shot and apologising to me for the spoiler ( ) and Duncan's signing of "What was I thinking?"

    I managed to get Sas sketches (It wasn't a set theme, it just happened to be) from Skottie Young (Vol.3 cover) and Paolo Rivera (Sabretooth LS covers);
    which I was pretty chuffed about.

    I got my hands on a Vindicator bust(# 0644), for half what it would have cost me back home which was cool, I also got Wildheart and Puck heroclix, so the three are now sat on my shelf.
    The Puck one didn't fair too well to the journey though, so he's a bit limp wristed now.
    I also saw a baseless Northstar one, and a figureless Snowbird base which I passed on for obvious reasons.
    I also saw a Vindicator(Heather) one, but it was a silver one (if that means anything to anyone) so was $20 and I passed.

    Anyways, that's about it, not meaning to boast or anything so sorry if it seems that way, just wanting to share.

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    wow what a score! Good on ya buddy! Needless to say I'm jealous a billion times over!


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    Now thats a nice bunch of stuff. Congrats on your take.

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