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Thread: Alpha Flight Colouring Book

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    Default Alpha Flight Colouring Book

    Hey all, For a while now I've been thinking of puting up a new Alpha Flight colouring book. I used to have one on Alpha Zone, and was considering putting one up again. What has made me consider the thought more seriously was seeing what JohnnyCanuck did turinging THIS into THIS! (Great job!)

    Digital colouring is something that I've been enjoying doing for years, and I'm sure there are others that like doing it, or would at the very least enjoy giving it a try. I could have a section of uncoloured images, either ones that are like that already, or ones that I "de-colour". And there could be a section of coloured pieces people submit.

    Sound like fun? Is there enough interest for me to go ahead with this?


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    Default Colouring in

    Wow - I am impressed with JC's colourful rendition of the AF team. For my part, I'd be interested in people colouring in fan art... if only because I can sorta draw, but find colouring using Photoshop (or similar) very tiresome and would like to see some of my drawings in colour.


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    I'm interested. Never really did anything like this but I'd love to give it a shot.

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