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Thread: Alpha Flight Vs. The Liberty Legion

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    Default Alpha Flight Vs. The Liberty Legion

    Quote Originally Posted by MAJOR MAPPLE LOB
    Quote Originally Posted by Major Mapleleaf Jr

    2.) Since this is sort of an oddball team, would you consider a cameo or outright full appearance by the Great Lakes Avengers? Imagine the fun they could have!
    I don't really find them all that oddball. I think GLA was always just a joke -- whereas I think ALPHA FLIGHT is a great new team with tons of potential to mix it up with the big guys. If I had my choice of teaming them up with anyone, it would be the FANTASTIC FOUR! Woo hoo! The First Family of American Super Heroes and the First Canadian Super Team!

    (That said, I have a tentative time travell story arc planned that will pit them against THE LIBERTY LEGION -- and allow YOUR FAVORITE ALPHA FLIGHT member to team up with his father!)
    This sounds awesome! I really hope this tentatively planned arc gets to see print someday! A year ago, fans of Marvel's Golden Age had to settle for sporadic Red Raven cameos in CAPTAIN MARVEL and DEFENDERS -- but now there's going to be both an ongoing INVADERS series by Allan Jacobsen and perhaps an "Alpha Flight Vs. Liberty Legion" arc in ALPHA FLIGHT! Cool!

    I can see it now . . .

    Sasquatch Vs. Blue Diamond

    Puck Vs. Miss America

    Centennial Vs. Thin Man

    Nemesis Vs. Red Raven

    Yukon Jack Vs. Jack Frost

    . . . and then there's Louis Sadler Sr. and Louis Sadler Jr. -- trying desperately to convince their teammates to stop fighting each other and join forces so that they can stop the real threat!

    And, of course, there has to be one of those "Back to the Future Part II Doc Brown moments" where the 96 year old Rutherford Princeton drops by to check up on his counterpart -- the 37 year old Rutherford Princeton! But be careful . . . it may destroy the space-time continuum!


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    Default And Don't Forget the Outcasts!

    Come to think of it, weren't Puck (Eugene Milton Judd) and his Outcasts (from ALPHA FLIGHT (vol. I) #122-123) active during this period? Perhaps they were just forming in the late 1940s.

    Picture this: the Liberty Legion (the homefront heroes of World War II) are sent by the government to arrest the Outcasts (a group of mercenaries viewed as outlaws by the government).

    Puck Vs. Patriot!

    Cleft Vs. Blue Diamond!

    Depthcharge Vs. Jack Frost!

    Flagstone Vs. Red Raven!

    And then the time-displaced Alphans materialize right in the middle of everything. I could see Major Mapleleaf II siding with his father's Liberty Legion allies while Sasquatch sides with Puck (and Nemesis would side with the Outcasts, but just becuase she doesn't trust the government-sponsored team!) -- that would lead to some interesting conflicts within the team!

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    I thought I was the only one who remembered the Outcasts!! I really enjoyed their appearance in Vol. 1. I really want to see them appear again in the pages of Alpha, maybe a scene where Cleft, Flagstone and Depth Charge come back to settle the score with Puck. That, or, show a flashback where Puck was still with the group. Just a thought.

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