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Thread: i haven't even gotten issue #1......

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    Default i haven't even gotten issue #1......

    and i'm already looking forward to issue #2's preview.

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    me too I keep checking all the preview sites, just hoping to see them! and I keep checking @, just to see if they have the march issues up, incase they give just a little bit more info on #1 We are a sick, sick bunch!

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    me too. damn marvel!!!

    although the clayton interview gave us some new info for now.

    should be out soon, they just released image, usually dc then marvel are next.

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    As I said elsewhere, I'm getting that tingle that only AF give me. Yup your right, we are pretty sad

    Driftwood: Well, I got about a foot and a half. Now, it says, uh, "The party of the second part shall be known in this contract as the party of the second part."
    Fiorello: Well, I don't know about that...
    Driftwood: Now what's the matter?
    Fiorello: I no like-a the second party, either.
    Driftwood: Well, you should've come to the first party. We didn't get home 'til around four in the morning... I was blind for three days!

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