• Captain Marvel #1 Sales Figures

    ICV2 have published the estimated sales figures for the month of January 2016 for physical comic sales via Diamond to the North American Direct Market, which includes the placement of #1 of the new Captain Marvel title, which features members of Alpha Flight in space.

    22 Captain Marvel (2016) #1 $3.99 MAR 52,972
    In a month full of new #1's the title came in at #22, however the sales figures don't take into account direct postal subscription copies, or digital sales which now account for a lot of Marvel sales, so there will be significantly more copies sold.
    Collected Trade editions also have a long shelf life which help a monthly title.

    For comparison:

    44 Captain Marvel and Carol Corps (2015) #1 $3.99 MAR 47,302
    32 Captain Marvel (2014) #1 $3.99 MAR 44,248
    42 Captain Marvel (2012) #1 $2.99 MAR 41,582
    29 Alpha Flight (2011) # 1 $3.99 MAR 46,851

    The figures are pretty similar to previous relaunches of Captain Marvel, but with a slight increase that could be attributed to the variants, the All-New All-Different Marvel push, or even to Alpha Flight's involvement itself.

    With a film in the works Marvel are likely to push the title frequently, and we know that Danvers will be playing a major part in the Civil War 2 event, so hopefully the Alphans will continue to appear in the title.

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      Strong number, hopefully they keep the momentum going.
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      How much have they pushed titles when films have come out?

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