• Amazing X-Men #9 Sales Figures

    ICV2 have published the estimated sales figures for the month of July 2014, for Comic sales via Diamond to the North American Direct Market, which includes the placement of Amazing X-Men #9, the second part of World War Wendigo, guest-starring Alpha Flight.

    [table] [TR] [TD]63[/TD] [TD]34.38[/TD] [TD]AMAZING X-MEN #9[/TD] [TD]$3.99[/TD] [TD]MAR[/TD] [TD] 40,562[/TD] [/TR] [/table]

    Following on from:

    AMAZING X-MEN #8 41,613
    AMAZING X-MEN #7 42,512
    AMAZING X-MEN #6 45,095
    AMAZING X-MEN #5 46,242
    AMAZING X-MEN #4 48,161
    AMAZING X-MEN #3 51,431

    The Title seems to be finding it's level, dropping only 1051 copies since the last issue, and beating many Marvel mainstays such as Thor, Daredevil and Captain Marvel, however there was a Variant for the issue.