• Amazing X-Men #11 Preview

    Marvel have released a 4 page preview of next week's Amazing X-Men #11, Part 4 of World War Wendigo, guest-starring Alpha Flight.

    Part 4 (of 5) of World War Wendigo!
    • As the Wendigo threat spreads across Canada, the X-Men take the battle to a new front—the Spirit Realm!
    • Guest staring Alpha Flight!
    32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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    1. rplass's Avatar
      rplass -
      Ha! I'm liking this so far! I'm still pissed about Diamond Lil but this is a glimmer of redemption. Also I'm loving the pointy ears.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Well.... I didn't think that the villain at the end of #10 was who it actually is... Slightly confused by the difference in artistic portrayal between the two issues...

      REALLY enjoyed the issue. Lots of Great Beast action!
    1. -K-M-'s Avatar
      -K-M- -
      Yeah I was way off. So happy to see some of the great beasts and one we haven't seen in decades
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      I think we were all way off because of the way 'they' were drawn.

      it kinda makes sense though.
    1. Sypes's Avatar
      Sypes -
      Just like issue #10, I can't find these in two comic stores in Toronto. What the hell? Does the serie get filed under "A" for Amazing, or "X" for X-men? I looked under both... even under "T" for The.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Pre-ordering is the way to go.
      It's sad but unfortunately it's a product of this day and age.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sypes View Post
      Does the serie get filed under "A" for Amazing, or "X" for X-men? I looked under both... even under "T" for The.
      That's between you and your LCS. (Have asked the friendly clerks? Have you found a friendly one?)
      Some do one way, some do another. Sometimes the X-Men all get lumped together with no rhyme or reason (that's usually not the store's fault, though).

      What bugs me is when they sort by publisher. It's fine if you've been collecting long enough to know X-Men is Marvel and Doom Patrol is DC, (but not if you haven't) but what about Star Trek or Wars? Everybody's published them. Or the many small indie comics who you don't always know? Or imprints? Is Vertigo under DC? Why would you store your comics undah da sea? Wouldn't the salt water ruin them?
      Also, as somebody who's looking for characters, I don't care who the publisher is when I'm looking.

      ~ Le Messor
      "Never try to teach a pig to sing. You'll only waste your time, and annoy the pig."
      ~ Mark Twain
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      I think my only issue with the err... issue... is the way Jeanne-Marie is written. Specifically her dynamic/relationship with Northstar.
      If it's a new personality, fair enough but the dialogue between the two of them just isn't representative of their history.

      Also unsure about the way Thor digs up the whole Mutant/Elf thing:

      "They claim not to be of Alfheim but I sense it within them. That, and the arrogance."

      That's probably my least favourite AF storyline ever.
    1. Mokole's Avatar
      Mokole -
      Not liking Aurora's new personality, it seems they think since she's got split personalities they can do anything to her. Removing Puck and Talisman from the story and ignoring Vindicator? One issue left, see if they make Snowbird the villain at the end.