• November 2013 Sales Figures

    ICV2 have published the estimated sales figures for the month of November 2013
    of physical comic sales via Diamond to the North American Direct Market, which includes the placement of the new Amazing X-Men title featuring Northstar & Uncanny X-Force which features Puck.

    Amazing X-Men

    3 89.44 AMAZING X-MEN #1 $3.99 MAR 112,337
    A very decent figure, even taking into account the 8 covers (including 2 store exclusives) but the return of Nightcrawler was always going to be a big seller. Around 30,000 more than Uncanny X-Force #1 and almost three times the amount of Alpha Flight (Vol.4) #1
    It's doubtful the title will continue to hit anywhere near this regularly, but it should still do well and hopefully should continue to feature Northstar.
    #2 only had one variant cover, with none for #3 (both of which are strange compared to a lot of other recent Marvel launches) so we should get a clearer figure soon.

    Uncanny X-Force

    76 23.00 UNCANNY X-FORCE #14 $3.99 MAR 28,885
    Uncanny X-Force continues it's decline, especially considering orders for this issue would have been made before the end of the title was announced. You can see why Marvel felt the need to revitalise the title. Puck's whereabouts after the last issue have yet to be confirmed.

    #13: 30,567
    #12: 32,559

    #11: 36,186
    #10: 35,329
    #9: 36,978
    #8: 37,781

    #7: 40,380
    #6: 42,496

    #5: 45,674

    #4: 47,727
    #3: 51,721

    #2: 56,713
    #1: 86,817

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    1. -K-M-'s Avatar
      -K-M- -
      Yeah I don't blame Marvel, that's one large decline. Wowza.

      Amazing X-Men is great fun though.
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      King Mungi, I blame Marvel just as much as the consumer. It's THEIR product, after all; failure to sell well, or retain earlier and higher sales figures, would definitely fall into the laps of the company who put together, drew, wrote, edited, produced, licensed, marketed, and sold the product. Even as much as i despise Marvel right about now, i would hope that they are eventually able to look at which titles sold well, and which titles did not sell well, and figure out how to thus change their business model so as to either only put out well-selling titles or to find ways to make all their products successful. That is what a good business does. And I would like to think that one day Marvel may be able to get back to being a good business.

      Hey, that was positively me being almost optimistic.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Cancelling a declining product is good business.
      Making a profit is good business.

      They can't go round to people's houses and put a gun to their heads forcing them to buy copies.

      They have to take a chance on titles else they're just not trying creatively. Not all those chances will pay off.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
      They can't go round to people's houses and put a gun to their heads forcing them to buy copies.
      Wait, so it's not Marvel doing that?
      So who IS that guy?