• Humphries Talks Uncanny X-Force At CBR

    Comic Book Resources have an interview with Uncanny X-Force writer Sam Humphries who has the following to say about Puck:

    "Although "Uncanny X-Force" has its fair share of troubled characters, there is one character who appears to be pretty happy go lucky: Puck. Is he as happy as he seems?
    Like Betsy, Puck is a survivor. He's a hundred years old, he's been through a lot, and he's seen it all. I think Puck is someone who's leaned over the years that a positive and happy go lucky attitude is something that serves him well, especially in times of danger. He's like the rest of them though. He's got emotions that plague him; things that keep him up in the dark of the night, things that have troubled him over the years.

    Puck came to Los Angeles to help Psylocke and Storm take down a drug dealer as a favor to Wolverine, but now that the favor has been accomplished why is he sticking around? Why hasn't he gone back to Canada?
    The mission and Wolverine is something we're addressing directly in issue #6. We're addressing that partially with an appearance by Wolverine. He's coming from the perspective of someone who used to run with X-Force. He ran this team that didn't ask for permission, played fast and loose, and worked in the moment.
    Now though Wolverine runs a school and there's so much trouble in the Marvel Universe right now. He's in a position to have an opposite reaction to the team. This is going to come to a head in issue #6 in a direct confrontation with Betsy.
    Going back to your question about Puck, I think there's something about a team like this that really appeals to a personality like Puck. This is a team that doesn't ask for permission. It's a team that doesn't necessarily marry itself to one high faluting ideology or the other. Although he certainly has loyalty to Wolverine, it doesn't mean he's going to follow in lock step with the choices that Wolverine makes."

    For the full interview and preview art from #7 visit CBR.
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    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      For anyone in/near LA Sam is signing at Phat Collectibles on July 6th:
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Hmm... He knows about the Raazer stuff! He has been doing his research.(
      (I get that from him calling Puck '100 years old').

      He seems to think Wolverine and Puck have much stronger ties than they do. They've seen a lot of the same action, sure, but they've barely met.
      (OTOH, how much has that been retconned?)

      ~ Le Messor
      "Learn to pause-or nothing worthwhile can catch up to you."
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      I think it's been retconned a lot.
    1. -K-M-'s Avatar
      -K-M- -
      Yeah must be retconned, which I'm ok with. Not the first time their first encounter has been retconned either. Puck didn't appear at all in the newest issue