• Alpha Flight #5 Sales Figures

    .Diamond and ICv2 have launched their sales figures for the month of October 2011, including the placement of Alpha Flight (Vol.4) #5, the last issue to have been released to the public before the cancellation announcement.

    ICv2 have the issue listed at #115:

    12.02 ALPHA FLIGHT #5

    So, thats:

    #5 - 20,731
    #4 - 23,242
    #3 - 24,872
    #2 - 26,862
    #1 - 46,851
    #.1 - 25,775

    That's a massive drop of around 3,000 readers which could be attributed to the loss of the Fear Itself attachment.

    Marvel would have had roughs of these figures before going to print, giving them an idea before #5 was even on shelves, which makes the cancellation announcement less of a surprise and general business sense as there doesn't seem to be a stabilisation in sales.
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    1. DIGGER's Avatar
      DIGGER -
      The latest rumour I heard is that Marvel is going to try Alpha one more time. They will make guest appearances in each of Marvels top 10 comics! (Of course they will be off panel appearances and their names won't be mentioned at all )DIGGER
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      And all of these "top ten comics" will all have audiences smaller than that of Alpha Flight.