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AlphaFlight.net - Alex Alonso's Non-Response to the Alpha Flight Flip-Flop with BONUS!!! Preview art from Alpha Flight #6
  • Axel Alonso's Non-Response to the Alpha Flight Flip-Flop with BONUS!!! Preview art from Alpha Flight #6

    Over at comicbookresources, Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor-In-Chief responds cagily to a question about the Alpha Flight flip-flop. Here is the Q&A excerpted:

    We've also seen a number of books cancelled this week including the news that "Alpha Flight" won't make it past its original eight-issue mini series commitment and that "All Winners Squad" will end before its planned mini series run. What can readers take away from this? Is it that much harder to launch and sell a title successfully at Marvel Comics today?

    Alonso: It's challenging, sure, but remember, for every title that's cancelled, there's another that's still going strong -- like "Venom" or "Journey Into Mystery" -- or poised to launch -- like "Scarlet Spider" or "Defenders." And it's not just Marvel Universe, either. "DeadpoolMAX" just launched a second season and details of Garth Ennis' upcoming "FuryMAX" series will be revealed very soon. We've got plenty of Icon books, including REDACTED and [Mark] Bagley's "Brilliant" and [Mark] Millar and JRJR's "Kick-Ass 2." And our licensed line is going strong; "Dexter" is just the beginning. So yes, the current market is tough, but there's still plenty of room to launch new series -- we just have to be extra-canny about how we play our cards. Accelerating the shipping schedule of our key monthly titles -- books that retailers know they can sell -- provides a foundation upon which to build. And our coming event -- which spans the entire Marvel Universe -- will present us with more opportunities to get new series, and characters, in play. We have lots coming. And remember, folks, "It's coming."
    The question was framed to provoke a general commentary on the state of new title launches at Marvel in general, and Axel did answer the question. Unfortunately, he ought to have seen that the questioner was hoping for a specific answer regarding the behind-the-scenes reasoning for the Alpha Flight and All Winners Squad title adjustments. Perhaps by ignoring that subtlety, he gave fans of those series a break by not revealing the whole ugly truth, opting instead for an optimistic spin on other titles.

    He also failed to understand that canceling a title, or in the case of Alpha Flight, wildly revoking ongoing status imminently after its announcement, serves to alienate readers from the rest of the line as well. For instance, some members of alphaflight.net have vowed never to buy another Marvel comic again in response to the flip-flop, which certainly won't help any titles launch.

    Fortunately, the interview also included some preview art from issue #6 and a full lip on lip kiss between Kirk and Uhura. (??) Oh wait, no, that's not right, that's the first interracial kiss shown on network TV from the Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren", no that's not what I meant... I meant Northstar and Kyle:

    click link to CBR above to see full-sized previews
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    1. Sypes's Avatar
      Sypes -
      The new pages are amazing! And what a kiss!? Look at that lip lock!
    1. EccentricSage's Avatar
      EccentricSage -
      Optimistic spin on other titles? That's not a mercy, that's politician level double talk! lol

      Those other titles could just as easily get cut if they had a sales drop at a bad time. And he seems to be operating on the ill informed assumption that most people give a flying **** about ALL of Marvel's titles based on the fact they followed any one title. It's like he actually EXPECTS us to go, 'Alpha Flight is canceled? That's great! I can go read Scarlet Spider now! ' I don't give a **** about Scarlet Spider!

      Personally, I think he dodged the question more than answered it. Yes, Marvel still makes comic books, Alex, we do not need your reassurance that comic books do in fact still exist.

      Those pages look great though. That kiss is good to see.

      You know, I really have been tempted to get caught up on the new X-Factor since Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, and Strong Guy are all on the team like the old days apparently. But Marvel frankly just pisses me off too much for me to put my money into their books anymore. They'll just cancel it as soon as I start reading again, and will probably then do unspeakable things to the characters in some new books that won't even sell well and will in turn get canceled, because in my experience, that's how Marvel operates, and it's not worth the rage they inspire.
    1. Sypes's Avatar
      Sypes -
      When is #6 on sale??? I need a dose of AF stats!
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      It should be a week Wednesday, so the 23rd.
      Previews should be up this Thursday evening.