• Alpha Flight #3 Sales Position AND Figures *UPDATED*

    Diamond Comics have released the Top 100 Comics for August 2011 including Alpha Flight (Vol.4) #3:

    90 96 48.05 JUN110590-M ALPHA FLIGHT #3 $2.99 MAR

    So, we're looking at 90th place, a slip from #2's 72.
    However, the important thing to look at is the index share, dropping to 48.05 from 52.28 which isn't too bad.
    In a month dominated by the new Justice League 1 and the final issues of Flashpoint and every other DC title, the sales position was expected to go down.
    #4's place will be lower even still and may not break the top 100, again due to DC's 52 new #1's.

    As long as sales for #3 haven't dropped dramatically from #2's 26,862 then the title shouldn't be in too much danger.
    Sales figures should be out within the next week.

    News of the series becoming ongoing may see a slight increase around #5's numbers, especially with Marvel's recent teaser ad's up to #9.

    However, if the sales continue to drop and the book leaves the Top 100 on a regular basis the ongoing series may not make it past #12.
    If you're not already subscribed to the series or advance ordering then now's the time to do so.
    We need to get sales climbing in order to keep this series going.
    Spread the word, recommend to you friends and, again, pre-order.


    ICv2 have released the actual sales figures, with Alpha Flight #3 selling 24,872 copies, so despite the 18 place drop it's only lost 2,000 sales from #2 which is due to the DC titles, as mentioned above.

    As a comparison Herc #6 came in at 139th place, selling 16,730 copies.
    As this has recently been announced as being cancelled we can assume that Alpha Flight can carry on as long as it stays above the 20,000 mark.
    #4's figures should indicate a more settled level, with #5's figures coming off the back of the ongoing announcement and teaser campaign.
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    1. varo's Avatar
      varo -
      yikes! i always figured it would sell around the 30k mark or so anyways. the thing i keep seeing is that it is still ahead of x-factor which has been around that spot for as long as i can remember, and that book never seems to on the verge of being canceled.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Yeah, but X-Factor has levelled out and found it's home at the bottom of the Top 100 and stayed there for the best part of 5 years.
      If AF continues to drop at the rate it has been and slides out of the Top 100...
    1. varo's Avatar
      varo -
      well, hopefully alpha has leveled out as well. jeez, i can't imagine that readership for this book is so low.
    1. batman_von_gein's Avatar
      batman_von_gein -
      where can you subscribe to this. marvel.com doesnt offer it
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      Ugh. I can't do any more than i am already doing. And Marvel seems to be very much behind this. We've got a world-class artist, and practically-legendary writers.

      If it fails, it fails, and it is meant to be.

      Hopefully it'll get at least a two-year run. Be nice to look at the figures after one year, and after two years; that'd give a better reading than the first three issues. Especially with DC flooding the market right now.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      It's not all doom & gloom at all.
      For all we know sales may have increased slightly from #2 or hardly dropped.

      The drop in place is due to all the DC titles which is going to continue for at least the next few months.
      I personally wouldn't be surprised if #4 isn't in the top 125 next month, because of all the DC titles.

      As long as the actual figures are relatively steady the index number is irrelevant.
    1. Alphan East's Avatar
      Alphan East -
      I've been picking up both the Fear Itself cover and the Variant cover versions since the start. There seems to be so much hype on this series right now, hopefully word of mouth will spread and increase the sales.
    1. CMatt78's Avatar
      CMatt78 -
      Has anyone compared the rankings for just Marvel books? If it's still in, say, the top 50 of Marvel alone, maybe everything's cool.
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Alphan East View Post
      I've been picking up both the Fear Itself cover and the Variant cover versions since the start. There seems to be so much hype on this series right now, hopefully word of mouth will spread and increase the sales.
      Unfortunately, where I order from does not seem to get any of the variant covers...so i will have to go back later and pick them up from elsewhere. Expensive, but necessary.
    1. DelBubs's Avatar
      DelBubs -
      Alpha Flight at #90 in Top 300


      Estimated Sales = 24,872
      Previous Issue Sales = 27,803
      Drop = 2,931
      Percentage Drop = 10.54%

      Would have copied and pasted actually segment of list, but it was being a noob.
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      On another note entirely (not meaning to derail anything though), I just (literally, JUST) finished reading issue 3 for the first time (and issue 2 just before it!); looking forward to reading them again, then doing reviews of them both later tonight sometime (hopefully) at my Alpha Flight blogsite.