• Alpha Flight Premiere HC Vol.1 Details

    Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool has details of the Hatchett bookstore distribution catalogue featuring Marvel's products shipping to non Direct Market bookstores January - April 2012 and listed within is details for 'Alpha Flight by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente Vol.1 Premier HC' containing Issues 0.1 to 4 of the current volume with a release date of January and a price of $19.99 (US)

    This could mean a Direct Market solicitation for December which would be published in the next set of solicitations in around a months time, in the same month as #7.

    Following this pattern a 2nd Volume containing Issues 5-8 could be released to the direct market in April or May.

    Whether or not a collection of the entire Maxi will be published remains to be seen.
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    1. SmurfInABlender's Avatar
      SmurfInABlender -
      Why would they do that? I mean if it WAS to be an ongoing it would make sense to keep readership interested and get new readers on board, but with the sales figures I sadly don't think it will, which makes me ask, why not wait to publish it all as one book, one complete story?
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Releasing it as separate arcs makes more sense for an ongoing and follows the formula of other ongoings trade schedule, rather than a maxi in one go...
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      Makes sense that they are bundling together the issues that have "Fear Itself" on the cover, tho.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Also, the word 'Premiere' might put it under the Marvel Premiere Classics line, and they tend to go by storylines where they can. Though publishing an entire 8-issue maxi isn't beyond their scope (I've got a 9-issue run of West Coast Avengers in MPC format sitting right behing me as we speak.)

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