• Summary - X-Men/Alpha Flight 1

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    Issue: X-Men/Alpha Flight 1
    Date: Dec-85
    Story: The Gift: Part I (48 pages)

    Feature Characters: Scott Summers (Cyclops); New Mutants Douglas Ramsey (Cypher), Illyana Rasputin (Magik); X-Men Katherine "Kitty" Pryde (Shadowcat) and Lockheed the dragon,
    Piotr/Peter Rasputin (Colossus), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), Rogue, Rachel Summers (Phoenix II), Logan (Wolverine), Prof. Charles Xavier;

    Alpha Flight: Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen (Shaman), Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (Talisman), Dr. Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch), Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (Aurora), Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar), Heather McNeil Hudson, Narya (Snowbird), Eugene Milton Judd (Puck)

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Madelyn Pryor Summers (Anodyne); They Who Sit Above in Shadow

    Villains: Sentinels, Loki

    Other Characters: Paul Domenic (Master Builder), Dr. Jeanne Chretien (Rockshaper/Earthmover), Phil Descard, Carla Ballenger (Cornucopia), Jacques Moreau (Brawler), Dr. Boyd Wilson (Beastmaster), Rodriguez (Pathfinder), Sam Ross (Living Library); local kids including Larry

    Synopsis: NOTE: This story takes place before iss. 25.
    Scott and Madelyn are flying a geological survey team across Alaska, when they run into a mysterious storm similar to Shaman's attack in Uncanny X-Men 120), and a bright flash of light. They crash-land.
    Illyana helps Doug avoid getting beat up by Larry.
    In the Danger Room, Rachel has a psi-flash and recreates her own apocalyptic future. Xavier calms her mentally and learns she was shocked by her father's pain. Blaming Alpha Flight, she flies to Canada and attacks Shaman and forces Aurora to her Jeanne-Marie personality. The rest of the X-Men follow to restrain her, Northstar attacks Rogue and has his personality absorbed by her, and Xavier pulls her into the astral plane, lecturing her on not tampering with people's minds, regardless of the provocation. Then he switches Jeanne-Marie to her Aurora personality.
    Snowbird is ill and says an evil lurks in Ungava Bay. The two teams ally to investigate.
    Loki is trying to make a deal with They Who Sit Above in Shadow. He has to do a good deed for humans and prove himself worthy of favor.
    Rogue and Northstar locate a grassy field in the middle of the snow, and a wondrous city, from which Scott emerges and greets them, his eyes cured. He says the city is a paradise, and the humans there has been transformed and given great power, like mutants. Madelyne heals Puck, Sasquatch, Aurora, and Rogue of dwarfism, mad rages, split personality, and uncontrollable power.
    Shaman realizes Snowbird is missing, and Wolverine, Rodriguez, and Wilson go to track her. Xavier scans Scott and Madelyn's minds to ensure they are not being controlled, and learns that Madelyn is expecting a baby boy. Since in Rachel's timeline, she was the firstborn, she believes this means she will never exist, and runs off in a huff.
    Ross shows them the Magic Fountain/Firefountain that is the source of all these miracles, and Heather (the only human present) is drawn into the light and is transformed into another Guardian. Once all humans are so transformed, there will be no need to fear or hate mutants, but Xavier has his doubts.
    Shaman is attacked by monsters out of his own medicine bag, and Madelyn announces that he is dying.