• Summary - Alpha Flight v.2 #11

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    Volume 2 Issue 11Issue: Alpha Flight II: 11
    Date: Jun-98
    Story: Microcosm (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Guardian, Vindicator II, Puck, Flex, Radius, Murmur, Manbot

    Regular Characters: Lilli

    Guest Stars: (The Micronauts Cmdr. Arcturus Rann, Dexam, Mari, Bug; Diamond Lil

    Villains: Dept. H personnel including Gen. Clarke, Director X; Baron Zebek and his dog soldiers, Gasha

    Other Characters:

    Writer: Steve Seagle
    Pencils: Ariel Olivetti
    Inks: Pier Brito
    Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/Lis Agraphiotis
    Colors: Lee Ann Garner
    Editor: Jaye Gardner
    Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

    Synopsis: The Micronauts declare themelves opposed to Zebek, and Heather agrees just as he shows up with dog soldiers and attacks. Rann calls for his ship Endeavor and retreats before they are overwhelmed.
    Director X lets Clarke know who's boss; Mac lets Heather know that he doesn't love Murmur (see kiss, iss. 7). Diamond Lil is being experimented on in the Beta Flight wing; so is Lilli.
    Disguised, Alpha Flight and the Micronauts get into the body tanks, free Manbot, inspire a prison riot, and attack Zebek in his palace. Mac uses an E-M pulse to break Zebek's body parts apart, and Gasha refuses to explode the quarkarion bomb, instead planning to take Zebek to the body tanks and turn him into a draught horse.
    Manbot's warns that Dept. H is being destroyed, as his retrieval system takes the Flight home.