• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #105

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 105
    Date: Feb-92
    Story: The Bachelor Party! (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Jean-Paul, Walter, Judd, Madison Jeffries, Kyle, Windshear, Heather, Lil, Jeanne-Marie

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars:


    Other Characters: Corky, Tungsten Ravitch, Pearl Gross (Pink Pearl)

    Synopsis: In Corky's bar, the men have a bachelor party for Jeffries, who picks Kyle as his best man. A drunk Northstar makes his first joke and harasses some men who were harassing some homosexuals. Judd tells the bartender he is really Puck, but nobody believes him. Walter is about to make a confession to Kyle, but a man bursts in with a shotgun. He is quickly subdued, and pleads poverty and Christmas eve, so they buy his house for him, and Jeffries makes his kids toys from scrap metal.
    In Poughkeepsie, NY, a woman is buried in her wedding gown.
    The women have a bachelorette party for Lil at a male strip club. Jeanne-Marie is mortified, until Aurora takes over. She hops on stage and makes a spectacle. The boss, Pink Pearl, tries to bounce her, and Lil punches her out the window. The Alphans are arrested, and Jeanne-Marie calls her brother to bail them out. He thinks she's joking and rolls into bed.
    NOTE: a pin-up of the bachelorette party follows.