• Interview - Michael Avon Oeming - Omega Flight- A Five Issue Mini

    Originally published 01/19/07.
    Michael Avon Oeming discusses Marvel's decision to alter Omega Flight from a regular series to a 5 issue mini-series.

    AlphaFlight.net: Hello Mike, thanks for joining me once again.

    With the solicitation out for Omega Flight #1, Marvel has announced it as being a 5 issue Mini series, instead of the regular length series it was initially supposed to be. What explanation were you given for the reasoning behind this decision? Might this mini still lead to a regular series?

    Oeming: Andy Schmidt, Omega Flight editor explained in best when he said Marvel was simply afraid of flooding the post Civil War Market with spin-offs. Its simple, should the book do well, we'll see more of it. If not, Omega Flight/Alpha Flight will rise again in time.

    AlphaFlight.net: What was you first reaction to the news that you wouldn't be getting a full length series after all?

    Oeming: Well, I'm crazy overloaded with work and life right now so it was bad and good at the same time. Hard to say. I've been though rougher things, for as much as I love it, this is just comics. Get disappointed and thenmove on. Its a good way to survive life in general.

    AlphaFlight.net: Now that it's had some time to sink in, how are you feeling about it?

    Oeming: Good. It means I had to tighten up the story lots, and while cutting material is always hard to to, its almost always for the best- makes for a more direct concise story.

    AlphaFlight.net: You stated once that Omega Flight might be the last chance for a Flight book for a very long time. Do you feel that the decision to make this book a mini has hurt the The Flight's chances for the future?

    Oeming: No, just for now. I said that because it sounded good I learned that from Bendis, who did after all, crack the Internet.

    AlphaFlight.net: I asked Andy Schmidt this same question, but I'm curious to see your answer: Fans have already begun to express their desire for a regular series. The Fight For The Flight campaign was put together for a way for fans to organize and rally behind Omega Flight, and fans on message boards all over the net are making noise. Were you expecting such a sudden, vocal reaction to the solicitation's announcement?

    Oeming: Not at all! It feels great, but also we have to be realistic. Flight fans are a hard-core, but relatively small group. I hate seeing fans disappointed. Even when someone tells me they didn't like my writing, I don't get upset from a personal viewpoint, I feel bummed that I disappointed a fan who just wanted to read their favorite characters and see them do cool stuff. I think most of the Thor and Flight fans know I feel responsible for delivering them good stories, and I have a good relationship with them because of that. Its good too, because when someone dumps on me, a few guys will immediately come to my defense. That rocks.

    AlphaFlight.net: Since Marvel told you to change the series to a mini, how have your plans for the story changed? How does it effect the character development you had planned?

    Oeming: I don't want to say too much, but a lot of the Beta Ray Bill stuff had to go. My ties to his human side. There was a story-line about his earth mother and Bill finding her. She was kind of based on my own mother, who's blind love for me would let me get away with anything. I really wanted to write that character. Just enough to touch the reader, but not bore them, you know?

    AlphaFlight.net: Flight fans have felt jerked around by the "powers that be" at Marvel in the past. Is there any way in you opinion that fans can convince Marvel that they deserve an ongoing series, and that it would be viable?

    Oeming: Sales. Look, this is a business, and there are departments at marvel who have to answer to the budget and all that. I can tell you this and I swear on my drawing hand this is true- Joe Q, Dan Buckly and the uppy-ups at Marvel love their comics and respect the readers. I can hear the eye balls turning like windmills right now, but I swear to god its true. Joe Q is a grown up fanboy, and I mean that in the best way. They love comics, but they also need to make money to keep doing those comics. They spend more time with their job getting these books out and dedicating their lives to the craft that your average over worked business man. I know it might be hard to see that from the outside, but I'm telling I've been on the inside and this is what I see.

    AlphaFlight.net: Should sales prove worthy, and Marvel decides to proceed with a full-length Omega Flight, would you still be interest in writing it?

    Oeming: Sure thing, I have stuff I want to do! Plus I love writing these guys. I really think there is amazing chemistry with these personalities.

    AlphaFlight.net: Do you know to what extent Marvel plans on promoting Omega Flight?

    Oeming: I don't know. I kind of keep my head down and draw and write all day. But the fans are going crazy, in a good way and really getting the word out. Grass roots is what could save the book. But hey, if it doesn't, there's no nail in the coffin, no one even stays dead at Marvel, books can always come back.

    AlphaFlight.net: Is there anything else you would like to say to fans at this point?

    Oeming: Hmm, just to shamelessly self promote my up coming series that I'm drawing through Image called the MICE TEMPLAR. People can keep track of that through my email newsletter joined by mailing me at oeming@aol.com

    AlphaFlight.net: Hey, mice with swords? I'm sold! Thanks Mike, may the Flight be with you.