• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #102

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 102
    Date: Nov-91
    Story: ...I Want to Live (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Heather, Judd, Windshear, Madison Jeffries, Walter, Lil, Jean-Paul; Weapon Omega (Kyle Gibney/Wild Child, see iss. 104)

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: USAgent

    Villains: Esteban Diablo, the Whirlwind, Arthur Goddard (Headlock)

    Other Characters: Gunther, Bryce

    Synopsis: Diablo has taken over a Central American country and killed all the former junta. Alpha Flight is sent in covertly to stop him. Heather learns an unknown person is helping her. Northstar defeats Whirlwind, who was hired by Diablo. Jeffries as Box hits scramblers and crash lands. He lies wounded with Lil, while Diablo's fire elemental approaches.
    Diablo captures Heather with vines he has alchemically altered to steel, and then to acid. Kyle tries to rescue her and introduces himself as a new Dept. H operative, just before being captured himself. Diablo has done all this for an international audience, who want to trade with him for vibranium.
    We learn Aurora (her hair darker again) is being held in a cell with Headlock.
    Walter, trying to blow up Diablo's communication towers, is stopped by USAgent.