• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #95

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 95
    Date: Apr-91
    Story: Life Lines (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Jeanne-Marie, Lil, Kara, Heather, Judd, Jean-Paul, Elizabeth, Madison Jeffries, Mac, Walter, Michael, Windshear, Witchfire; Snowbird, Marrina (flashbacks)

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Loki, Llan the Sorcerer (flashbacks)

    Other Characters: Windshear's mother Jacqueline, her father Martin Freeman, and husband Franklin (flashbacks)

    Synopsis: Aurora goes to confession and tells her history. She does not want to use her new power (to give peace of mind) in violent ways. She gives hope to a group of homeless people, and begins to believe that may be enough.
    Windshear visits his grandfather's grave and recalls when his mother got remarried to a rich white Brit whom her father hated. He never saw him again. He now wants to be a better man, and stops a mugging.
    Heather and Judd train Kara. Heather comes across Lil crying in the shower. She tells her she has a lump in her breast. Heather convinces her to get a mammogram.
    Heather announces the new roster: Alpha is Heather, Mac, Walter, Jean-Paul, Judd, Lil, Jeffries, and Windshear. Beta has Michael as instructor, with Witchfire and Kara in training. Gamma is support and research, including Aurora in the psychiatric unit (no, as a counselor).