• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #76

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 76
    Date: Nov-89
    Story: Bad News (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Madison Jeffries, Heather, Elizabeth, Walter, Michael, Lil, Judd

    Regular Characters: Gamma Flight: Nemesis (dead since iss. 31), Zhao Tang (Auric, see iss. 121 for surname), Jimon Tang (Silver), Kyle Gibney (Wild Child), Jane (Witchfire)

    Guest Stars:


    Other Characters: McGregor

    Synopsis: It is three months later on this world, and Gamma Flight is Canada's superhero team. They investigate a mystical mass murder in a suburban neighborhood in Montreal. They find a little girl possessed by a great evil, who uses hordes of living dead to attack them.
    Michael coughs up blood and is rushed to the hospital; Judd is also ill. They had healed themselves in the Dreamqueen's dimension, and it is wearing off in this world. The rest of the team goes to Montreal to help, even though the military try to wave them off.
    The child warns Elizabeth that her master will attack again, and dies. Gamma Flight warns Alpha Flight that they are no longer allowed to operate in Canada.