• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #74

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 74
    Date: Sep-89
    Story: Dark Reflections (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Madison Jeffries, Heather, Elizabeth, Walter, Michael, Lil

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Peter Parker (Spider-man), Tony Stark (Iron Man),
    Vision, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Simon Williams (Wonder Man), Steve Rogers (Capt. America), Brian Braddock (Capt. Britain), Rogue, Thor, Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), Ben Grimm (the Thing), Bruce Banner (the Hulk), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Peter Rasputin (Colossus), Logan (Wolverine)

    Villains: Llan the Sorcerer; Dr. Victor von Doom, Fisk (Kingpin)

    Other Characters: Kathy

    Synopsis: Lil has killed Spider-man. Flashback:
    Having arrived in New York, the team grabs a bite to eat before returning to Canada. They learn that this reality is different: Mac is the Canadian Prime Minister and married to Aurora.
    Jeffries realizes this is not really New York, hits a barrier when flying to high, and is attacked by Iron Man. Other Avengers arrest Alpha Flight, since they are unregistered parahumans. Capt. America interrogates them, and tells them that since Doom took over the eastern bloc, superheroes have been elected to run the west and have gone fascist. He demands they either help the west or be killed, but all they want is to go home. They fight and beat four Avengers, only to be attacked by more heroes.
    Spider-man attacks Lil, and she accidentally kills him. She runs off, only to be cornered by Colossus and Wolverine.