• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #69

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 69
    Date: Apr-89
    Story: And All That We Seem... (25 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter, Elizabeth, Madison Jeffries, Michael, Laura, Goblyn, Kara

    Regular Characters: Dei Guan (the Jade Dragon)

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: the Dreamqueen; China Force; Ox, Snake, Rat, Rabbit; Zebediah Killgrave (the Purple Man, in a vision)

    Other Characters: Larry, Arnold Wilcox, Ed Jones, Annie Turner

    Synopsis: NOTE: This iss. is The Wrath of the Dreamqueen part 3.
    China Force captures Dei in Ottawa (see iss. 66) and returns him to China for trial. But the Dreamqueen has manipulated their minds, and they actually land in the West Edmonton Mall. She wants to use them to kill Alpha Flight. She manipulates Jeffries into landing in the mall, where China Force attacks. Laura opens a portal to China, and Michael calls wind to blow China Force through, sending them home. Dei goes through as well, to clear his name.
    The team heads to downtown Edmonton, to confront the Dreamqueen herself.