• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #67

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 67
    Date: Feb-89
    Story: The Ties That Bind (24 pages)

    Feature Characters: Elizabeth, Snowbird, Heather, Madison Jeffries, Kara, Goblyn, Laura, Walter/Wanda; Knapp, Judd (flashbacks)

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: The High Lama (flashback)

    Villains: Zhilla Char, Zebediah Killgrave (the Purple Man), Tundra, Somon (flashbacks); the Dreamqueen, Nightmare

    Other Characters: Brad; Nanquato and the Chickaqua, Melanie Killgrave (flashbacks)

    Synopsis: NOTE: This iss. is The Wrath of the Dreamqueen part 1.
    Elizabeth and Brad find the skeleton of a shaman. Snowbird appears, explaining: Nightmare raped Zhilla Char and banished her to Liveworld. She died giving birth to the Dreamqueen, who took control of Liveworld, but realized it was a prison.
    Nanquato was a shaman seeking the gods to end a drought. Instead he found the Dreamqueen, who fooled him, giving him a totem that let her manipulate his tribe's minds, killing them with fear. But a warrior killed Nanquato, so the Dreamqueen was still trapped. Eventually Goblyn arrived, and she studied her, trying to find a way out. Alpha Flight arrived, and a portal was opened (iss. 58,59,60), but the Dreamqueen was stopped by Judd. She planted seeds of nightmare in Alpha Flight, which caused strange illusions (iss. 62, 64,65,66) and gave her links to their world. Meanwhile, she abuses and tortures Judd.
    Snowbird tells Elizabeth to become Talisman again, which she does, and runs off to warn Alpha Flight.
    Heather has already assembled the team (minus Knapp) to warn them, but just then the Dreamqueen uses all of them to break through to this world.