• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #66

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 66
    Date: Jan-89
    Story: Killing Me Softly with His Word Processor! (28 pages)

    Feature Characters: Knapp, Heather, Madison Jeffries, Kara, Laura, Goblyn; Michael, Marrina, Judd, Mac, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Snowbird, Walter, Roger (all as flashbacks)

    Regular Characters: Dei Guan (the Jade Dragon); Veronica Langkowski (flashback)

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Bill Mantlo, the writer of the book; Attuma, Flashback, Courtney Delphine, Sentinels, the Purple Man, the Super-Skrull, Lionel Jeffries, the Dreamqueen, Bedlam, Tundra, Somon, Kariooq, Tolomaq (all as flashbacks); China Force

    Other Characters: Claire and Ramsey MacNeil

    Synopsis: Knapp tells Mantlo he knows he is a character, manipulated at the writer's sadistic whim. He learns his own death has been planned (Heather's suit goes bad; Proto tries to dissolve it, killing him and thereby Knapp), and declares his independence and will to live.
    Heather, Kara, Jeffries, and Walter each begin to feel their lives and troubles aren't real. Walter, angry at Veronica and rampaging in the wilderness, finds gold. China Force attacks Dei's guard, wanting to return him to China.
    Heather's suit bonds to her, and she goes to Knapp for help. He hides to avoid the plot-line. Mantlo says since he promised the readers a death, Knapp has to choose either himself or one of his teammates. Heather's suit attacks Jeffries and herself, so Knapp sends Apeman and Highbrow to rescue them, while he and Proto hide. But Mantlo is not satisfied. He has the suit drive Heather mad, and she corners Knapp. Proto eats the suit off her. Knapp is surprised to find the suit deactivated and nobody dead. Mantlo lied, and Knapp forgets all about him.