• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #65

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 65
    Date: Dec-88
    Story: When Robots Dream! (28 pages)

    Feature Characters: Madison Jeffries, Heather, Laura, Kara, Goblyn, Knapp, Walter/Wanda, Elizabeth; Roger, Mac, Michael (flashback)

    Regular Characters: Dei Guan (the Jade Dragon)

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Lionel Jeffries (Omega) (flashback)

    Other Characters: Ramsey and Claire MacNeil, Brad

    Synopsis: Madison has nightmares that Roger and Lionel return to reclaim Box. Heather's parents worry about her marrying another superhero. She gets fitted for her bridal gown, and they learn that Madison's dreams are real, and Box is somehow causing destruction. They are going to a priest for counseling, when Madison goes mad, transforms the car into a Box, and attacks Heather, and then a passenger jet. Madison comes to his senses and phases out of Box, which continues under Lionel and Roger's control. He creates yet another Box from a railroad car and does battle, but is quickly defeated.
    But not killed. Madison realizes that Lionel and Roger are not really there, and all this has been the work of his subconscious, guilty over having killed (see iss. 49).