• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #64

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 64
    Date: Nov-88
    Story: Where There's a Will There's a Way (28 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter/Wanda, Kara, Laura, Goblyn, Knapp, Madison Jeffries, Heather, Snowbird, Jeanne-Marie, Elizabeth; Mac, Jean-Paul, Michael, Judd, Roger (flashback)

    Regular Characters: Dei Guan (the Jade Dragon); Nelvanna, Hodiak, Turoq the Shaper, Veronica Langkowski

    Guest Stars: the Hulk (flashback)

    Villains: Alec Thorne (Smart Alec), Capt. F.R. Crozier (Pestilence) (flashbacks); the remaining great beasts: Somon the Artificer, Tundra, Kariooq the Corrupter, Tolomaq the fire beast; the Dreamqueen, China Force (see iss. 69)

    Other Characters: Cavendish, Melanie Killgrave, Johnny Burns, Nurse Chapel, Ramsey, Claire, and Becky MacNeil

    Synopsis: Walter tries to prove his is himself in court, and get his money back. He becomes Sasquatch, smashes a desk, but then submits to a scan by a machine he himself devised, which shows him to be an amalgam of male human with female immortal, and a polygraph test, under which he tells his whole story. The judge is told by Canadian National Security not to award the fortune to Walter, since the government doesn't want Alpha Flight to be independently funded.
    The team is getting on with their lives.
    Dei is interrogated by Canadian officials and observed by China Force.
    Walter has an attack in court. The gods and great beasts burst out from him and battle. He is forced to aid the gods as Sasquatch and drives the beasts away. He rejects the gods, too, and his money, which goes to Veronica. Aurora had shown up to help dispel some of his suffering. She is a nun, now.
    Elizabeth notices a rock formation for the first time. It houses the Dreamqueen.