• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #57

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 57
    Date: Apr-88
    Story: Life (23 pages)

    Feature Characters: Heather, Walter/Wanda, Madison Jeffries (still as Boxship), Kara, Knapp, Laura and Goblyn

    Regular Characters: Gary Cody (flashback)

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Bedlam, Tundra (flashback), the Dreamqueen

    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Boxship has to land on a planet to absorb more mass. Knapp and Goblyn fight, until Jeffries separates them. Heather asks Goblyn to return Laura and Kara, and so she swaps universes with them. In Liveworld, Goblyn is greeted by the Dreamqueen.
    Boxship bores into the gas-planet's surface, causing the planet to come alive. When it tries to blast off, it is restrained by crystals. Jeffries gives everyone environmental suits, and they battle the crystal that is now growing all around the ship. They soon realize the crystals are alive, and when Kara tries to control their mind, she is overwhelmed with their alienness. Goblyn attacks the crystal to save her, she merges minds with Goblyn to stop that, and Goblyn then understands the crystals, purrs at them, and gets them to stop attacking.
    Boxship blasts off, but Laura does not return. The Dreamqueen has decided to hold her captive.