• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #50

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 50
    Date: Sep-87
    Story: This Mortal Coil! (40 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter/Wanda, Judd, Heather, Madison Jeffries, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Knapp; Michael, Snowbird, Mac (in flashback)

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: They Who Sit Above in Shadow

    Villains: Dr. Lionel Jeffries and Roger Bochs (Omega, in flashback); Loki, Raazer (Razer in iss. 32)

    Other Characters: Madelyne Pryor (Anodyne), Jean-Claude Baptiste, Danae, all in flashback

    Synopsis: Alpha Flight returns to Ungava Bay (see X-Men/Alpha Flight miniseries) to find magical cures for the twins.
    Knapp joins Beta Flight and begins dating Kara. (She is 13; he is a doctor. Hmm.)
    The firefountain is not active, but Aurora finds a gate at its bottom, which the team enters. The twins stay behind, while the rest find a black firefountain. They are in Svartelfheim, home of the dark elves, who attack. Judd is pushed into the firefountain, which releases Raazer and cures his dwarfism.
    Loki gives the twins a vision of their father finding and marrying the elf Danae. When the elves came to take her back, they fled and crashed their car, killing both. This explains the twins' powers, pointed ears, and maladies, since elves cannot live long on Midgard.
    Aurora uses her light to heal Northstar, sacrificing herself, and dark elves carry her off. Northstar, shining bright, attacks Raazer, but the team still has to retreat. They close the gate behind them, abandoning Aurora and Judd. Northstar leaves the team, and a gate opens to receive him to Alfheim.
    They Who Sit Above in Shadow question Loki, who says he has had a now completely mortal Aurora taken to shelter, and Judd to Tibet. Not satisfied, they trick him into Svartelfheim, where the dark elves and Raazer attack him.