• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #45

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 45
    Date: Apr-87
    Story: Resurrection (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Snowbird (deceased), Heather, Madison Jeffries, Michael, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Roger, Kara; Walter as Alec Thorne, as Box, and as Wanda

    Regular Characters: Sgt. Douglas Thompson and his son (both deceased); Nelvanna, Hodiak, Turoq the Shaper; Dr. Lionel Jeffries (Scramble), Dr. Whitman/William Knapp

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Capt. F.R. Crozier (Pestilence)

    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: At the Thompson family funeral, Heather leans on Jeffries for support, and Judd realizes he has no chance with her.
    Michael summons the gods, who after some consideration raise the Thompsons' spirits to go with them. Michael then resigns and leaves the mortal plane, as well.
    Returning to the mansion, they find Lionel and Roger, in shape and with legs, which he uses to carry Aurora off to bed.
    That night, Snowbird's body (still in sasquatch form) rises from the grave. It attacks the mansion, and Smart Alec goes into Box and battles it. Judd and Heather realize that it is Walter's mind in Alec's body in Box's armor, and the sasquatch announces himself as Pestilence.
    Heather has a crisis of conscience and fails to lead the team. But she comes to her senses, tells Walter to shock the sasquatch with Box's power pack, and uses Michael's medicine bag to capture his spirit. Walter, meanwhile, has possessed the sasquatch body, and Aurora attaches herself to him, until they realize that he is now female, since the body had been Snowbird.