• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #43

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 43
    Date: Feb-87
    Story: Strike Across the Border! (24 pages)+
    Feature Characters: Heather, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Roger, Judd, Madison Jeffries, Kara

    Regular Characters: Dr. Lionel Jeffries (Scramble)

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Mesmero, Mark VI Stealth Sentinels, Sebastian Shaw

    Other Characters: Dr. Muramoto, FBI agent Billings, Ms. Kelly, Carmody Whyte

    Synopsis: Mesmero (in prison since Amazing Spider-man 207), pretends to be in pain and collapses, fooling his doctor into removing his negator helmet. He uses his ability to control minds to break prison.
    Billings gets Kelly to use Interdefence's Sentinels to chase him across the border into Canada. Whyte calls the owner, Shaw, warning him of this misuse.
    Roger goes on a rampage, trapped inside Box and taunted by Aurora, who won't love him as a robot, and then announces she doesn't love him at all.
    Jeffries uses his metal-morphing abilities to make Box a straight-jacket, and transforms the Omnijet into a Monopede to avoid crashing on a highway. They take Roger to Lionel's research lab, New Life, to cure him of the bends.
    The Sentinels locate Mesmero at Expo '86 in Vancouver, but he takes hostages. Alpha Flight arrives and attacks the Sentinels and Mesmero. Northstar is ill (presumably of AIDS, see iss. 106), coughing, and is not identified by the Sentinels as a mutant. Jeffries is very effective in defeating the robots, and Kara's mind control overrides Mesmero's.
    Heather realizes she has feelings for Jeffries, and Puck has been seriously injured.