• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #36

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 36
    Date: Jul-86
    Story: Labor Pains (23 pages)

    Feature Characters: Snowbird, Heather, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Michael, Madison Jeffries, Roger, Marrina, Mac (flashback)

    Regular Characters: Sgt. Douglas Thompson (here demoted to Cpl.); Nelvanna, Hodiak, Turoq the Shaper

    Guest Stars: Avengers Dane Whitman (the Black Knight), Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hercules, Monica Rambeau (Capt. Marvel), Steve Rogers (Capt. America); Dr. Stephen Strange

    Villains: High Priest Shakkoth, Vashti, Attuma, Capt. F.R. Crozier (Pestilence)

    Other Characters: Byrrah, Richard Easton

    Synopsis: Snowbird hunts a rabbit, but is unable to eat it. Michael explains that she is expecting a baby.
    Byrrah breaks into Avengers' mansion to find Namor and tell him that Attuma has seized Atlantis. Namor resigns from the Avengers and returns to the sea.
    Judd tells Thompson how Snowbird was born (see iss. 7), and he cries out that he doesn't want a baby, just his wife back. He tries to take her to a regular hospital, but the team stops him.
    Michael examines Snowbird and realizes her son must be born in a place of power. Neither the house spirits nor the gods will help him find a suitable spot, but Dr. Strange does. However, this place of power actually houses Pestilence.