• Summary - Alpha Flight v.2 #6

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    Volume 2 Issue 6Issue: Alpha Flight II: 6
    Date: Jan-98
    Story: Wildlife (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Vindicator II, Puck, false Sasquatch, Murmur, Radius

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars:Diamond Lil, Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar)

    Villains: Dept. H personnel including Gen. Clarke, Dr. Horatio Huxley, Myra Haddock, Kenyon

    Other Characters: Willy, Jacques Vienneau, Gus, Jacqueline Starr of CNB, Jerry, Dan Ron and his wife

    Writer: Steve Seagle
    Pencils: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    Inks: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary
    Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
    Colors: Lee Ann Garner
    Editor: Jaye Gardner
    Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

    Synopsis: Clarke sends Puck after Sasquatch, who has "escaped" and gone by rail to Regina; Puck knows it's a set-up. He takes Dept. H's modified Green Goblin platform and goes anyway, but he destroys the homing device hidden in his shorts.
    Huxley is doing medical "tests" on Lil.
    Sasquatch has scared the natives all the way to Coventry, Alberta, and breaks into the house of a woman who has just left her husband Dan.
    NorthstarVolume 2 Issue 6 Detail falls from the sky into the nets of a ship near New Brunswick.
    Murmur tries to get close to Radius, but he repels her with his force field.
    Puck tracks Sasquatch for days, and finally finds him, far in the west of Canada, where he has met up with his family. Turns out that it never was Walter, but a real sasquatch, who had been misidentified by Dept. H and kidnapped. Puck realizes this, but Dept. H goons drop in, having tracked Puck's flyer. They tranquilize the sasquatch and Puck, to Clarke's satisfaction.