• Interview - Mark Milliar - Possible Alpha Flight relaunch

    This Interview was originally published in 02/20/06, prior to the official announcement of Omega Flight's Launch.

    This a mini-interview took place shortly after Marvel Editor In Chief, Joe Quesada announced a possible Alpha Flight relaunch, only days after the events of New Avengers #16 (In which Alpha Flight was seemingly killed off).

    AlphaFlight.net: Hello Mark. Because of the news Joe Quesada just gave regarding the possibility of a new Alpha Flight series in the works, I'm curious if you might be involved. I know in your last interview with me you mentioned a possibility of you using the Alpha Flight characters down the road. Otherwise if you aren't connected to it, I'm curious if you've heard any buzz about it in the Marvel grapevine.

    Mark Millar: Nice to hear from you again, mate. Yes, I'm really using Marvel Civil War as a means of re-establishing some of the greatest, sadly missing characters from the MU. I'm very old school, despite being only thirty-six, and put this down to reading Marvel UK reprints as a kid instead of the books you guys were reading in the 80s and 90s. Thus, the period I have the biggest affection for really runs from Stan and Jack up to classic John Byrne. I'm reading all the Byrne FFs right now and loving them to pieces. I just love the Alpha Flight stuff I'm reading too and plan to end MCW with the possibility of a very good, very high profile Alpha Flight book spinning out of the series. These are great characters and it's a great concept and I want it to be treated seriously or not at all. It's in Marvel's hands what happens after MCW, but they're very keen to bring back some of the old school magic we've been missing for a while and AF is right there on my list with several other characters.

    AlphaFlight.net: Is doing an Alpha Flight series something that you are hoping to do yourself, or do you just want to set them up to be available for someone else?

    Mark Millar: Like all the other things I'm setting up in this book, there's just not enough hours in the day for me to write it myself, Ben. I've been finishing Civil War in my six months off and then, after that, I'm jumping into my new creator-owned books for a while.

    AlphaFlight.net: I'm curious if you had anything to do with the events in New Avengers #16?

    Mark Millar: No, but me, Brian, JMS and all the other writers have been in touch to make sure we're all marching in the same direction. All these events are very important to Civil War.

    AlphaFlight.net: Thanks once more Mark.

    Mark Millar: A pleasure Mate.
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    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Interesting... I'd have liked to see the series he described; high-profile, good old-school (read: Byrne style).

      I wouldn't want Mark Millar himself near it, though. I'd need a shower after every issue.

      - Le Messor
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