• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #12

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 12
    Date: Jul-84
    Story: ...And One Shall Surely Die (38 pages)

    Feature Characters: Michael, Snowbird, Walter, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Jean-Paul, Marrina, Mac

    Regular Characters: Heather McNeil Hudson

    Guest Stars: Namor the Sub-Mariner

    Villains: Delphine Courtney, Jerome Jaxxon, August D'Angelo; Omega Flight: Box, Diamond Lil, Flashback, Smart Alec, Wild Child.

    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Heather realizes she has been kidnapped by Jaxxon, who wants revenge on Mac for betraying him and ruining his life (see iss. 2). She tries to escape Courtney, and discovers she is a robot.
    Alpha Flight (except for a romantically-engaged Marrina) assemble in response to Mac's distress call. Northstar and Walter fight over Aurora until Judd, Michael, and Snowbird stop them. Aurora snaps Walter out of his rage, and Michael ports all of them to Mac's side, where he is engaged with Omega Flight.
    Michael realizes that he has bound Anne's spirit to the land of Canada. Smart Alec looks into Michael's medicine bag and goes mad.
    Jaxxon takes over Box to have the privilege of killing Mac, but he tears out the circuitry, and the feedback kills Jaxxon. The power pack in Mac's suit explodes, burning him to cinders, just as Heather finds him.