• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #10

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 10
    Date: May-84
    Story 1: Blood Battle (17 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter, Mac, Jeanne-Marie

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Steven Rogers (Capt. America), Bernie; Spider-man, Ms. Marvel

    Villains: the Super Skrull, Galactus

    Other Characters: Kevin

    Synopsis: The Hudsons move to New York, since James has got a new job with Roxxon oil company.
    Walter battles the Super Skrull and nearly defeats him, but is hypnotized. The Super Skrull orders him to help return to his home world, and Walter plays possum long enough to beam him randomly into space.
    Returning home to Vancouver, Walter finds that Aurora has returned to him after leaving her brother (iss. 8).

    Story 2: Family Ties (5 pages)

    Feature Characters: Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Mac

    Regular Characters: Gary Cody

    Guest Stars:


    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Mac determines that Aurora has a twin brother, Jean-Paul Martin, and confronts him, telling him he knows he has mutant powers and has used them to become a champion skier (who is not a ladies' man). Aurora introduces herself and convinces him to join the team.