• Review - Alpha Flight - Volume 3 #1

    Issue: Alpha Flight - Volume 3 #1
    You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me! Part 1 of 6
    Writer: Scott Lobdell
    Artist: Clayton Henry
    Cover: Clayton Henry, Mark Morales
    Date Published:
    May 2004

    Before getting into the meat of the book, I want to start off by saying what I was honestly expecting from this book. I was going into it with a certain amount of trepidation. The last thing I wanted was to get my hopes up for naught. I have really mixed thoughts on the writing style of Lobdell, and was indifferent about his short stint on Alpha Flight v.1. That being said, here we go.


    The book starts off with "The New Alpha Flight" in what seems to be mid battle. With who? I dunno! When? some time in the very near future I guess....Why? You're guess is as good as mine.

    Now in a more present time, we meet a new character named Yukotujakzurjimosoata. He seems to be some immortal-god-type guy, who talks like Thor. He saves a deer from some hunters, just in time for Walter Langkowsky to pop our of the wood, to ask him to join his new Alpha Flight. His response to Walt's request was a vague "Why Should I" to which Walt had no real answer.

    Next we find ourselves in a Montreal Campus bar. The bartender is a young attractive Asian-Canadian woman. When a brawl breaks out, she leaps the bar, kicks the buts of the big rowdies, protecting her bar. The entire time Walt was sitting in the corner. He asks her to join his new Alpha Flight, using the old "world that hate's and fear's you line". Here response: "Thanks, but No".

    Now in a secret old Department H lab, Walt is speaking with Nemesis. He has injected her with Nano-Technology to keep her from attacking him, or other members of Alpha Flight. When he has explained this to her, she stumps him asking if this will protect them again her should she attack their secret identities. Since he doesn't know what would happen in this case...he moves on.

    Sat astride his horse, we meet the new Major Mapleleaf, the son of the original. He is speaking to some children in a school yard instructing them on how to safely cross the street. In the shadows of a nearby tree, Walter is watching, wondering if he could actually take this clown on as a member of his new Alpha Flight.

    Several hours later Walt is in a nursing home taking care of an old fellow named Rutherford Princeton, who seems to be comatose. Walt changes into Sasquatch form, scaring the old man awake, and thereby activating his latent super powers, that sends Sasquatch flying through the building, into a water tower. The two then go get a beer at a strip bar, and talk about Walt's plans. Once he's had the super hero scene explained to him (as he had been a coma for fifteen years) Mr. Princeton leaves with a couple of young women, saying he's not interested either.

    Walt puts his head down, to be started by Major Mapleleaf appearing to say he would like to join the team, Next Yukon Jack (Yukotujakzurjimosoata) arrives, saying that he's in, but that he thinks he should be the leader of the team. From no where, the young bartender Zuzha Yu, and Nemesis (both dressed as strippers) come down th stage saying they are also in...just then Walter wakes up. The entire acceptance scene was a dream, and Walter still has no team. When Walt leaves the bar, and go out to his jet, he finds a note, and inside the jet is the deer that had been saved by Yukon Jack


    The story it's self was fairly clear, though it seemed somewhat rushed, and a little hollow. Because of that you get very little feeling for the characters themselves. This however is understandable as prolonging this introduction to the new characters could have done more damage than good. We've seen how a storyline stretch out can do damage to a series (Alpha Flight v.2). Sasquatch being the main character in this story was fantastic. He is, and always has been my favorite member of Alpha Flight; I felt his character was well written.

    I came out of the story feeling like I knew just a little bit about each character. As long as there is good exploration into who they are, and what makes them tick in future issues, I'll be fine. Yukon Jack left me empty, perhaps if they had explain the nature of his immortality a little better. Major Maple leaf is hilarious. I don't feel at all offended by his boy-scout/Mountie portrayal, it reminded me of Benton Fraser, the Mountie on Due South. I like the character of Puck (Zuzha Yu) so far. There were some very clever moments. If anyone noticed, the two young ladies that left with Mr. Princeton were the same two nurses commenting on Walter in the nursing home. Walt's checklist was also quite clever. When the ladies appeared in the dream sequence, seeing Nemesis in a bikini, yet having her mask on, I laughed out loud.

    I really liked Clayton Henry's art. Though it is cartoonie, he tells a good story with his art. I definitely like his rendition of Sasquatch, and I'm very picky about poorly a drawn Sasquatch

    Overall, I don't feel at all disappointed, nor did I feel blown away (as I would have like to have, but did not expect)