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Yet another nod to Alpha Flight in Marvel Heroes
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Thread: Yet another nod to Alpha Flight in Marvel Heroes

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    Default Yet another nod to Alpha Flight in Marvel Heroes

    Okay, so Madison Jeffries and Northstar are some really obvious ones seeing as they're a part of the story. Turns out, there's at least one item that's Alpha Flight related. I'm not sure if this has been posted here before. Anyway, items in the game have different tiers. White, green, blue, purple, cosmic and unique. White items are the most common with every tier after it being more and more rare. The differences between items is how good and how many different bonuses they give to your character. Cosmic items also give +1 or +2 to all powers. Unique items are a neat nod to the comics. They can be specific to a character or they can just be used for any hero and give bonuses similar to that of cosmic items. Every item has a quote from a hero or villain that relates to the item. My friend, lucky jerk, found Guardians Battle Armour... He's Nightcrawler and I'm Superior Spider-Man. At the very bottom of the items stats is the quote. OF COURSE it's not tradeable and he's not as much of an Alpha Flight fan as me. He did promise me that he'd put it to good use though, so at least there's that. With all of that, I'm hopeful and a little optimistic that there will be some Alphans to play as.

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    Oh that's pretty cool, good find

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    That quote is cute.

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