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    Default Puck

    Isn't it about time that Puck got his own Marvel series?

    He could spend his time looking for Heather, teaming up with Alpha Flight heroes, teaming up with more mainstream Marvel heroes from the USA, hanging out with the X-Men, looking for the Brass Bishop (?), fighting Alpha villains in defense of Canada, drinking beer with Wolverine, and telling stories of his fabled past.

    Puck has gotten enough exposure lately; this could work.

    Plus, much easier to get an ongoing AF series when one of its members already has their own series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flightpath07 View Post
    looking for the Brass Bishop (?)
    Which one? There've been two, without even knowing what Byrne had in mind.

    A Puck series could work; I'd like to see it, if it were more classic in feel, less Uncanny X-Force.

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