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Thread: Justice League Canada!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    Yeah, but when it was first announced (see the start of the thread) the series was to be called Justice League Canada but DC flip-flopped on that decision, in much the same was Marvel flip-flopped on Volume 4 becoming an ongoing.

    I'm not Canadian so it didn't bother me but the variants wouldn't be enough in my eyes to make up for that, if I were.
    Well, I AM Canadian, and as a good Canadian I will take Something over Nothing...and say "thank you very much" ("thag you bery much") as I pay through the nose for it!

    Currently, most superhero comics are American, in that the heroes and villains reside in America. A little love thrown to Canada? I'm in.

    Besides, if Americans, for instance, distanced themselves to a Justice League Canada series, due to the word Canada in the title, and the book failed and folded early, that would suck. Whereas nobody is forcing anybody of any country of origin to buy the variant covers.

    Still, does it bother me? Hell yeah, it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flightpath07 View Post
    Currently, most superhero comics are American, in that the heroes and villains reside in America.
    Which is part of why Alpha was my series of choice in the first place!

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    I've always loved Alpha Flight for the characters and as underdogs...not because they're Canadian (even though I like Canadians in general) . It's pretty much why the only DC book I ever like to read is the Doom patrol, I love the characters and the sense of them being the underdog team. It's also why I used to to like the X-Men (in the 70s and 80s).

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    I attempted to read JLC over thanksgiving break. going to stop at the 1st issue. just didn't get into it. I may try to at least read the rest of the arc but not in a hurry to find the issues. I did however read The Black Knight. that was a good one.
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