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Thread: Alpha Flight in DC Universe Online ?

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    Default Alpha Flight in DC Universe Online ?

    Does anyone here play DC Universe ? I made Guardian recently in game and thought it might be cool to team up with some other Alpha/Omega Flight characters.... anyone interested in starting a league ? The game has all we need to make some great looking characters...Aurora n Northstar would be easy builds... so would Puck and Sasquatch....even USAgent and Beta Ray Bill. Feel free to message me here or add my PSN ID and find me in game.

    PSN ID = MikeyX_72
    Character name = JamesMacHudson

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    Welcome, and no, I'm not a gamer. Glad to have you here.
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    I don't game, but speaking of Guardian in the DCU I remember years ago, before I collected, reading about a ground-based character in Batman and the OUtsiders, and thinking he was probably Guardian.

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