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Thread: An Alphan in Fearless Defenders?

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    I could put Heather under almost all of those ('cept Healer and Counsellor).

    • Leader – Heather
    • Warrior – Diamond Lil
    • Counselor – Persuasion
    • Protector – Arachne
    • Huntress – Nemesis
    • Queen – Snowbird
    • Healer - Aurora (sometimes)
    • Muse – DreamQueen

    ... okay, some of those were a stretch...

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    So, looking at Cullen's original planning for the series, it looks like he considered Nemesis and Puck II for the team. Though both were dead at the time...

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    Really? They seem like such an odd choice, as their pretty obscure

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    I see what you are saying Phil. Some may view your comment, and not read the article, and be misinformed, so....

    It says "some possibilities for representatives of these aspects might include", which is to say that there were (at one point in Cullen's pre-writing of the series) 8 different categories that were wanted to be represented in the series, and different lists of possible heroes were pencilled in underneath each category for possible use; one character would have been chosen from each category, and both Nemesis and Puck II were listed under the Warrior category; had the story stayed on this path when written, chances were that we might have had one of these two former Alphans on the team.

    On a side note, I can tell the writers were informed that the series was being cancelled a few issues back; you get that sense of "toss out character development and interaction, and just hurry up and wrap up the loose plot ends as quickly as possible", which i really really hate. Seems like all cancelled series get that way in the end. Instead of being 12 excellent issues, you get 8 excellent issues and 4 issues that are decreasingly worse and worse. And i don't blame the writers, when they are suddenly told that all their long-term plans have to be scrapped and they have to come up with a quick ending for the book, what are they to do?
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