Taken from his recent Reddit Q&A:

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Morning Fred
I'm a long time Alpha Flight fan and was very sad to so your and Dale Eaglesham's run on it come to an untimely (and unfair) end.

  1. Are there any rumblings at Marvel at all of some sort of return in a limited series or one shot? (I ask only because of the the current pattern where the run of each series gets shorter and shorter, V1-130 issues, V2-20 issues, V3-12 issues, V4-8 issues)
  2. How may more story arcs did you have prepared if it was going to continue past issue 8?

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  1. I'd say that's unlikely. Alpha Flight was a rough go for us from the very beginning, lots of editorial turf wars. The Powers-That-Be wouldn't let us have Madison Jeffries, first we didn't have Puck then we had him, and they kept wanting Northstar back to get married in X-Men after not being able to make up their minds about whether or not he could kiss his boyfriend on-screen (fortunately they reneged on that one).

I'd guess Alpha Flight is going to be more or less permanently absorbed into the X-Verse at this point. But what do I know? I'm glad you dug our series, Fremore.

  1. The Master stuff was going to be much longer. We were going to introduce The Commonwealth, a kind of super-super-team of heroes from the larger British Empire that began in World War II that would've included MI:13, the Australian heroes, the Kenyan heroes ... and more! Vindicator would have persuaded them to come to Canada to try and hunt down Alpha Flight and it would have been amazeballs awesome. But not to be, alas.
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Tell us about your creative process. A few specific questions:

  • Have you ever felt yourself censored?

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I've been censored. Or at least, asked to change things. Marvel, for example, doesn't want a lot of political statements in their books. To continue my ALPHA FLIGHT tales of woe from the previous thread (waaa waaa I know), they made us change Aurora's abuser from when she was a kid from a nun to a social worker so as to not to "offend people." I argued until I was blue in the face it wasn't what Byrne had set up, but there are things you could get away with in the 80s you can't now, believe it or not.
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How did an idea like Action Philosophers come about? Are you into philosophy yourself? What was it like transforming your comic into a stage production?
If Alpha Flight had continued, would Namor and Marina have any interaction?

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    It's possible, but we were trying to redefine Marrina as someone which a much more youthful outlook on life... The idea was her alien lifecycle was much slower than ours. Previously she was a child and now she had entered a rebellious adolescent phase. So she probably would avoid Namor like the plague, as she'd find it icky she was married to somebody so OLD. And who ripped her head off. And is a member of the X-men for reasons I will never understand.
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In retrospect, tying both AF and Herc into FEAR ITSELF for four issues was something of a mistake. Nothing against FI specifically, but it just didn't give those titles time to breathe on their own.