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Thread: A little blatant self-promotion

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    I've mentioned it before elsewhere, but I am currently writing Alpha Flight at the fanfic site "Marvel 2000", which can be found at The site diverges from the "real" Marvel after the events of The Magneto War in the X-titles back in 1999. Essentially that translates to shortly after the end of Vol. 2 of Alpha Flight.

    I began with Annual 2010, and issue #'s 76 and 77 have been posted. The annual sorta threw the pieces I plan on using onto the board, then #76 focused on Shaman, with #77 spotlighting Guardian and Vindicator. I am currently working on #78, which is a Puck story.

    Obviously, the characters and stories at M2k have taken different pathways than what you are used to, but I am trying to bring back a very familiar iteration of the Flight (with a twist or two).

    So read, don't read, I don't care I DON'T NEED YOUR VALIDATION!!


    Sorry...don't know where that came from.

    Seriously...feel free to read if you're hankerin' for some new Alpha Flight stories. Tell me how it was the greatest thing you've ever read and you plan on having my run tattooed on your left buttocks, or how it was so awful that you stabbed a dull butter knife into the memory center of your brain in attempt to remove it from your consciousness...or anywhere in between.

    ~Jason E.
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    Ooo...ANY chance to tattoo my buttocks is a good chance in my books!

    Seriously, i think I will read what you have been doing. Soon. Maybe

    Hm...I like issues 1 and 2 so far! But, I can see it is going to be quite awhile until i get to the issues you wrote. Get there, however, I will!
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