|former_members=[[Auric]], [[Nemesis]], [[Silver]], [[Wild Child]], [[Witchfire]]
|debut=Alpha Flight #76 vol 1
|associates=[[Canadian Government]]
|status=disbanded, at least two members deceased

During the confrontation with [[Llan]], [[Alpha Flight]] was banished to wander multiple dimensions for three months. In their absence the Canadian Government implemented a new team of superhuman operatives. Desperate for members of this new team, the government released convicted felons [[Wild Child]] and [[Diamond Lil]] from prison to join. However, Diamond Lil vanished with Alpha Flight into the dimensions thanks to Llan. Having turned to former Department H members, the government also attempted to recruit [[Flashback]] (who had disappeared) and [[Smart Alec]], who had died in a confrontation with Alpha Flight. The final Gamma Flight team of this era consisted of [[Nemesis]] as team leader, [[Wild Child]], [[Witchfire]], and Chinese heroes [[Auric]] and [[Silver]].

Led by Nemesis, Gamma Flight arrived to Montreal first when Llan killed an entire neighborhood. Gamma Flight fell under attack by a horde of zombies until Alpha Flight arrived to lend aid. When the horde fell, Nemesis warned Alpha Flight they Alpha is to be arrested if they operate in Canada, as they are no longer sanctioned by the Government. That did not deter Alpha Flight?s efforts against Llan. Both teams confronted Llan several times. When Gamma Flight finally realized the threat Llan posed, they decided to work with Alpha Flight and was helpful in Llan?s defeat.

Afterwards on Parliament Hill, the Government convened to determine the future of both Alpha Flight and Gamma Flight. This hearing re-established Alpha Flight as Canada?s primary superhuman operatives, under Department H. The session recommended that Gamma Flight be reassigned to train under Alpha Flight?s supervision. This enraged Wild Child who proceeded to attack people and flee Parliament Hill. Gamma Flight and [[Vindicator II|Vindicator]] were ordered to bring him in. Wolverine, temporarily returned to Canada to reconnect with Vindicator, assisted in Wild Child?s capture. Vindicator?s urgency to capture Wild Child increased when she learned the reason for Wolverine?s visit. During this time Wolverine?s healing factor was faltering and Wolverine believed himself to be dying. Heather thought a blood transfusion from Wild Child would kick start Wolverine?s system. However, when Heather and Wolverine attempted to break Wild Child out of prison, they discovered they were too late: Gamma Flight had already enacted the escape/rescue of their teammate and fled. Heather and Wolverine tracked down Gamma Flight and defeated them. Subsequent to this Gamma Flight?s defeat, Auric and Silver returned to China and Witchfire joined Alpha Flight?s training program. Nemesis teleported herself and Wild Child to escape any responsibility of either association with Alpha Flight or incarceration.